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Did he murder his wife or did he not? Apparently most of the ton believes he did and it makes it quite difficult for the man to find a new wife. His prerequisite for the woman in question is she be a biddable and easy going female, who stays in the background and doesn't attract any undue attention. The only issue for Noble Britton  is that he  meets the half- American Gillian Leigh and his prerequisites sort of fly out the window when she piques an interest in him like no other can.

Gillian Leigh is not your usual female. The pretty lady is quite a calamity Jane with a extremely outspoken personality.  One of Gillian's attributes definitely is her honesty. When Noble and Gillian, who have two totally different meanings for marriage, finally end up together, their union is nothing like each expected at all.
Noble insists that Gillian learn to be the type of wife he has in mind, always obedient and attentive. His over-handedness is driving her to distraction. On their wedding day, when she finds she is now stepmother to a young boy she didn't even know existed, she throws herself into being a  mother the boy never really had, confusing Noble to no end. The more Gillian does, the more the wall Noble has built around his heart begins to crumble with each day in the unconventional Gillian's presence. Even his running off to London to gird his loins, so to speak, against his beguiling wife is no protection from her sheer determination to break down his resistance and open him up to her good intentions and the love she so easily gives those around her.

Mishap and mayhem seem to follow Gillian and Noble in their quest for a peaceful marriage, not all of the mishap the fault of the quirky Gillian. When Gillian sets out to get to the root of Noble's issues, she puts herself in danger, awakening Noble's feelings as well as the protective side that was all but hidden.

NOBLE INTENTIONS by Katie MacAlister is a stupendous read. I simply love when two so different characters with such strong-willed personalities come to the realization that they are so meant for one another. Noble comes to terms that he can't mold Gillian into that perfect little package that he set out to achieve, and he truly wouldn't want to, because with all of her surprising and odd behavior, she is perfect as she is, even if she burns the house down around them. Gillian was from the get-go so accepting of everything  Noble threw at her.. She was grab it, own it and fix it like she only Gillian knows how, with humor, caring and a touch of insanity. This is my very first read by Katie MacAlister and I yearn for more. What a talent!
Grab NOBLE INTENTIONS by Katie MacAlister as soon as you can, and enjoy the ride.


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The Bull Rider's Keeper by Lynn Cahoon ~ Review and Spotlight~

Wow, this was something new for me and I really enjoyed this take on a cowboy!

Jesse Sullivan is a champion bull rider, but he is also a very talented art student  at a nearby college. Taylor DeMarco is the privileged daughter of a wealthy family who have dabbled in the arts for generations. Taylor has proudly worked at the family gallery for years, and has high hopes of taking over and continuing the legacy her grandfather left for her.

When a gorgeous model appears in Jesse's art class as the subject for their art lesson, Jesse gets more than he bargains for in an attraction to the beauty, who just happens to be his art teacher's daughter. Is she off limits? Hmmmm.... Taylor finds something very interesting about the cowboy who loves art, but she can't figure out whether to open up to him, or remain wary of the all too handsome Jesse. She has after-all been burned by her fiance in the worst possible way, and a repeat of that just will not do for Taylor.

Without her knowledge, Taylor's parents decide to sell the gallery leaving her shocked and betrayed when she finds out that the buyer is none other than bull rider/artist, Jesse Sullivan. What can she do to stop this sale? What can Jesse do to prove to Taylor he's not just some conniving man ready to steal her dreams? Oh boy does Jesse have some work to do, especially when he brings in his unconventional mother and his manager into the mix, who create their fair share of drama.

I loved the stories that show the reader that there is so much more than meets the eye when you come face to face with the characters. Their unpredictability makes the read all the more enjoyable, as is the case in THE BULL RIDER'S KEEPER by Lynn Cahoon. Jesse's relationship with his mother is very interesting considering their lackluster past and it gives so much depth to the tale at hand. As so many point out to Jesse, he could have any woman he wants, but Jesse is over that and he shows it in how he treats Taylor. I love that. Taylor may may have had a privileged upbringing, but she is no snob, and the devil on her shoulder may be the one to prevail in this story. This is the first book I have read of Lynn Cahoon's and it will not be the last. I gave already added her previous Western Romances to my Kindle and they are raring to go. 


Welcome to Book Obsessed Chicks and thank you for answering my questions.

    Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m an author of small town romance and mysteries. Living in a small tourist town myself, I get the best of all worlds. I’m an air sign that loves the water.  My favorite color was blue but now is moving darker into purple. I love deep and hard, so don’t cross me or those I love. J I’ve been married six years to my own hero, a reformed bad boy who shaved his head when I lost my hair to cancer treatments.  I’m a native Idahoan, so The Bull Rider’s series is set in my old stomping grounds.

   When and how did you know you wanted to be a writer?
I toyed with writing during and after my divorce.  I took MFA classes and worked on the literary journal where I found a love of reading the slush pile.  Then I put away my dream until I had time. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I realized time isn’t promised anyone. So I started writing again in 2007 and made the time.

   Tell us about your upcoming work?
The book after THE BULL RIDER’S KEEPER returns my fans to South Cove California and THE TOURIST TRAP MYSTERY series.  MISSION TO MURDER will release July 31st.
Here’s a tease…
In the California coastal town of South Cove, history is one of its many tourist attractions—until it becomes deadly…
Jill Gardner, proprietor of Coffee, Books, and More, has discovered that the old stone wall on her property might be a centuries-old mission worthy of being declared a landmark. But Craig Thomas, the obnoxious owner of South Cove’s most popular tourist spot, The Castle, makes it his business to contest her claim. When Thomas is found murdered at The Castle shortly after a heated argument with Jill, even her detective boyfriend has to ask her for an alibi. Jill decides she must find the real murderer to clear her name. But when the killer comes for her, she’ll need to jump from historic preservation to self-preservation …

    Do you have any mentors? Heroes?
I’m blessed to have a writing mentor who writes romance and mystery. Laura Bradford  aka Elizabeth Lynn Casey has been my rock during the ups and downs of getting published and staying that way. 

   Can you tell us your favorite character from your books so far and why?
From The Bull Rider series it has to be Jesse. The little brother who’s always in trouble and getting everyone else in the same boat.  But he’s more than just a bull rider. I love that he has doubts and concerns even if he doesn’t express them. And when he found his dream, I almost cried.

    Was it difficult for you to get published?
Define difficult?(lol) A large publisher had the first book in The Bull Rider series for two years and had expressed interest in publishing if I could get the edits right.  Well, after all that time, I didn’t get the edits right. I still target for this publisher and maybe someday.
After getting my final rejection, I sent the book to Crimson Romance which was my first e-publisher I chose. They were part of the Writer’s Digest family, so I knew I could trust them with my book. A week later, I had an offer.  And the same week, I got an offer from Lyrical to publish A MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL, my paranormal witchcraft novella. In 2012 I released three books and sold six. 
Now I’m working on the next step, a Big 6 (or 5) publisher.

  Who are your favorite authors/reads?
Sometimes it’s whoever I’m reading.  I’m into King again after devouring his DOCTOR SLEEP during my Christmas vacation. Now I’m listening to his 11/22/63 as I commute to the day job. I love Nora’s latest, THE DARK WITCH. And I’m drawn to small town stories like Robyn Carr’s THUNDER POINT series.  And Heather Graham.  Love her.  If we’re talking mysteries….I’ll stop there.

I love visiting our local antique shops and flea markets. It’s my finished- a-project treat on weekends. I love finding a unique piece that I could add to my collection. Last month my husband (who collects cars) got a 1974 issued penny bank in the shape of a car.

  What is your dream job?
Working at a university and talking books and training all day.

 Do you have any favorite TV shows?
Anything Project based. Project Runway (and the spinoffs), Top Chef (and the spin offs), The Next Food Network Star, American Idol, and on and on…. My guilty pleasure is Drop Dead Diva.  No redeeming value at all in that show… just fun.

  What’s next for you?
I’m finishing a Nashville based modern western contemporary while my agent shops my recently finished new cozy series a culinary paranormal mystery set in Idaho.
Then it’s back to South Cove to write the next three books.

  Where can we find you?

Links –

  What would you like readers to know about you?
I’m smart, sassy, and a bit of a wild card. My characters can make me cry and I hope have the same affect (in a good way) on my readers.  I love writing and enjoy talking writing to anyone I meet.  

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Seeing her necklace around the neck of Anabel Charming, dubbed "The Freak of Park Avenue" by the tabloids,, Chase Singleton's Grandmother sends him on a quest to get it back.

Chase's Grandmother had many eccentricities, including an antique crystal ball, the ability to predict the future and belief she is a witch. After seeing the necklace in the paper, Gram explains to him that fifty years ago she had given her heart to her one true love, Maxwell Charming, Anabel's father. Gram tells Chase that he must get the necklace back from Anabel or she is going to die on Halloween, two days away. "How will I do that?" Chase asks. Since Chase worked for his father's security firm, Gram suggested that he barter a security system for the necklace because Anabel was having issues with the paparazzi. Chase arrives at Anabel's penthouse. He believes that this will be a quick deal and then he could leave. When Anabel opens the door, he is surprised by her appearance. She is hunchbacked, has a short leg and covers her face with a black veil. Anabel feels like he is like all of the others and mocking her appearance.
Chase offers a security system for the necklace. She refuses. He then explains that the necklace belonged to his Grandmother and that she gave it to her one true love and needs it back to heal. Anabel tells him that she doesn't need an alarm system, she needs sex to break her curse and doesn't have much time left, only until Halloween and would give him the necklace if he had sex with her. Since Chase didn't believe in magic, he thought she was joking. Needing the necklace to save his grandmother, Chase agrees to the deal.
After Chase agrees to have sex with her Anabel is unclear what to do next. She asks advice from her pet, a fire breathing Dragon, Jinxy what to do. Jinxy is a Grease fanatic and uses movie references to help Anabel try to seduce Chase. The first few attempts fail until Jinxy suggests dancing to put Chase into the mood. This works. All of a sudden Chase starts to begin feeling something towards Anabel. They talk, and he finds out that they have a lot in common, including a love for art that Chase gave up after going to work for his father. As they talk more, Anabel finds out that Chase didn't like his job and that his passion was actually doing physical therapy and he was getting his Master's so that he could eventually open up his own practice. Anabel tells him the story of her mother's jealousy towards her and that she cursed her to become uglier as she grew older, this way no one would love her, not even her father. Chase tells Anabel that she is brave like his grandmother because she won't compromise herself for what she believes. Chase begins to develop feelings for Anabel. After having some wine, Anabel passes out. Chase realizes that he wants to show Anabel tenderness in bed and wants to go slow. He doesn't have time, he needs to get the necklace to his grandmother. He plans on leaving a note for Anabel telling her he will be back after he gives his grandmother the necklace. As he goes to take the necklace, he meets Jinxy and realizes that she actually has a fire breathing dragon and magic does exist. Chase and Jinxy bond. Eventually Anabel and Chase make love. When Anabel wakes up, she sees a portrait that Chase had painted of her. she was beautiful. When she looked at herself, she was the same. Anabel is furious about the portrait thinking he is mocking her and blames him for the curse not being broken. Chase tries to explain to her that this is how he sees her, " the artist paints the beauty he sees". Anabel doesn't believe him, words are exchanged and she gives him the necklace and tells him to leave.

Chase leaves and returns the necklace to his grandmother who puts it on and becomes healed. Believing this could help Anabel, Chase grabs the necklace and heads back to Anabel. No woman understands him like she does. She is surprised that he returned. He gives her the necklace to try and break the spell like it did for his grandmother. Anabel explains to him that it is too late and her mother never taught her any magic any way so she wouldn't know how to use it. Chase tells her that he doesn't care if the spell is broken, that he wants to be with her because he loves her. All of a sudden the necklace glows and the spell is broken. Five years later we find Anabel and Chase married with a little girl. Grams has moved in with them and Chase has become a physical therapist.
Ms Fawcett and Ms Tully have written a love story that focuses on the ideal that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anabel is physically handicapped due to a curse and Chase is handicapped by his inability to follow his true passion because of his parent's expectations.. Over a weekend, they both find the strength to overcome their handicaps through love. I enjoyed this story because I liked the way Chase slowly came to realization that he loved Anabel despite how she looked on the outside because of what she was on the inside. She gave him the strength to pursue his dream to become a physical therapist with his own practice. If you are looking for a feel good story, I recommend you read Beauty and the Curse. I give it a 4 because of the message it leaves with the reader, "true beauty is found in the heart".


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Margaret Flemming returns to the only place she truly ever felt was a home to her, following the death of her mother. Texas bound from Boston, where she lived under the ruling thumb of her disagreeable, uptight and insulting aunt, Maggie hopes her "father" will be happy to see her after so many years. Not able to live comfortably in the West, Maggie's mother retreats to the comforts of Boston society, taking her daughter away from the kindest man she could ever call father and her best friend, a young Garret Shaw.

Now years later, Maggie is back, but her happiness is short-lived when she comes across a much altered Garret Shaw, who is cynical and angry, he doesn't even recognize Maggie, which cuts her in two. Tragedy strikes when an accident takes Maggie's beloved father away from her almost as soon as she arrives and she is left alone. 

When the cold Garret informs Maggie that they will immediately be married,  he gives her orders on which dress to wear for the wedding ceremony which takes place the day after Maggie's father dies. In defiance, Maggie wears a red dress, because no one is going to tell her what to do, especially after she ran from Boston to get away for that over-bearing aunt. Deep down inside, marriage to Garret is all she ever wanted since she was a little girl. She compared every man she ever came across to him, but when faced with the extremely bossy and ornery Garret, she is taken aback and doesn't know what to do. 

Garret is sure than when the going gets tough, Maggie will get going, much like she did back when they were childhood friends. His mistrust of her intentions causes such a rift, but Maggie is determined to prove Garret wrong, and with the help of her new Indian girlfriend Lenny, who takes Maggie under her wing and shows her what it takes to get Garret to respect her.

AN UNWILLING HUSBAND by Tera Shanley had me rooting for the underdog named Maggie from the first. Garret put the blame on her for leaving him high and dry, like she didn't have a mother who put her on a train back to Boston. Maggie Shaw shows her husband a lesson or two that make him take notice, and when the male townsfolk take even more notice of the saucy redhead, steam starts to flow from Garret. I really enjoyed this story, it was nothing I ever expected with it's twists and turns. This is the first book I have had the pleasure of reading by author, Tera Shanley and it won't be the last.


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Tarah Scott is one of those authors that constantly has you thinking about what could possibly happen next. She did not disappoint with TO TAME A HIGHLAND EARL. 

Miss Eve Crenshaw awakens to find a rather bulky body on top of her in her bed. Before he knows it, Lord Erroll Rushton has a pistol firmly sticking into his ribs thanks to Eve. When her family burst into the room to find Eve in a compromising position with Rushton, her father insists upon a wedding. Eve's younger sister, Grace Crenshaw cries foul because she wants him for her husband, going so far as to concoct a story that she was compromised by the Earl. Oh boy. 

Neither Erroll nor Eve wants to marry anyone, but Erroll especially doesn't want to marry Grace who is just a little too eager. Eve devises a plan to get Erroll to Gretna Green and married to her younger sister all the while ignoring the little voice in her head telling her to open her eyes to the attraction she has for him. Of course her harebrained plan backfires and places her in an odd spot. 

Two stubborn people constitute one very exciting tale by Tarah Scott with TO TAME A HIGHLAND EARL. I have to say I so wanted to hit Eve over the head a few times to say nothing of the persistent sister, Grace. I loved Erroll from the first. Rogue that he is, I found him quite honorable and committed once he realizes what has to be done. This tale is like no other. I love that about Tarah Scott, she always brings something fresh to whatever subject she writes about. 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


As someone who reads a lot, I am always on the lookout for something different and exciting.  Ms. Fawcett gave me just what I have been looking for in the second book of her The Survival Race series, FEARLESS.   Not only is FEARLESS a compelling romance, Ms. Fawcett has magically weaved in many of the sub-genres of the romance world in this exciting tale.

FEARLESS is a unique blending of romantic suspense, fantasy and science fiction with a very historical feel.    I know what you are thinking right now.  HOW?  I honestly don’t know how she was able to do what seemed like to me, brings the past, the present and the future all in one place and time. I love world building.  Ms. Fawcett’s world of the Survival Series is unlike anything I have read before and thoroughly enjoyed get caught up in all the craziness!

Our star couple of this story are very much alike but yet so different at the same time.  Kedric is sexy, strong and determined.  Lord of the escaped humans, he is truly trying to make life better for all humans.  Kedric has very good intentions but in the eyes of some is going about it the wrong way.  Myia is still finding her place as a shaman.  She’s a sweet woman with a huge heart.  She too wants nothing more than the good of her people.  Myia makes it her mission to heal the Lords soul so he will stop taking her people.  Both of these characters have an amazing depth and wonderful personalities to them.  Kedric and Myia both are willing to go the lengths for what they believe is the right thing to do.  As the attraction and sexual tension begins to develop, Ms. Fawcett shows the readers that opposites really do attract.

Hands down FEARLESS by K.M. Fawcett is an adventure of a read.  Believe me you will be staying up past your bed time reading this one.  From the first page I was sucked in like a vortex and could not put the kindle down.  The mixing of so many aspects of the romance has created a compelling world that is described with vivid detail that I happily got lost in.  Myia and Kedric made me fall in love with them before they were a couple and even more so after.  I will say this FEARLESS is a romance read like no other.  If you are looking for a different kind of read that still has all the heat and passion this is your book.  I highly recommend this books to anyone who likes the follow: paranormal, historical, suspense and sci-fi!


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After being snubbed at a ball six months prior, Miss Pippa Wellby awakens to find the object of her public snubbing with her tradesman father in his library. When Pippa is told by the arrogant Duke of Arlington that he is there with the intent on being married to Pippa, she is taken aback. Surely he must be jesting, for all those months ago when she was so eager to meet Lucas Alexander, instead of engaging her in conversation, he turned and walked away from her, leaving Pippa to deal with the public aftermath.

Lucas Alexander was intrigued with Pippa Welby from the get-go, but she is also the offspring of a wealthy tradesman father who will be willing his daughter a very coveted coal mine. So which is the impetus for this marriage? Lucas wants her, and he believes that just because he wants her, he deserves to have her. So determined is he, that when Pippa throws up her arms in  disgust at the situation, he hands her an invitation to her own engagement ball. Oh I truly love his cockiness.

Pippa thought she was able to push her initial feelings aside for the handsome Duke, but when faced with him again all of those feelings of want flood right back and she fights an inner battle with whether to give in or resist. His kisses throw her off balance, they instill a need in Pippa that she never knew could exist. The Duke's stubborn and arrogant attitude, however, could be his downfall if he doesn't open his eyes and see what's before him.

HOW TO LOSE A DUKE IN TEN DAYS by Kate McKinley is a thrillingly exasperating tale. I loved both Pippa's and Lucas' characters. They both had endearing as well as infuriating qualities. As a huge fan of the alpha male, Lucas is a delight to me, especially when this man takes over in the bedroom. Kate McKinley's intimate scenes sizzle with the ingenue and the alpha and as a new reader to her work, I am adding Ms. McKinley to my TBR pile now. Have a peek at the short and sizzling HOW TO LOSE A DUKE IN TEN DAYS by Kate McKinley, you won't be sorry!


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One Night with an Earl (House of Trent #2.5) by Jennifer Haymore

I begin by saying that I truly love the House of Trent series by the brilliant, Jennifer Haymore. Miss Haymore changes the game completely when writing romance and I for one am happy to be along for the ride.

Widowed for sometime now Beatrice Reece has been shunned bu the ton and accused of having to do with the murder of her abusive husband, the Marquis of Fenwicke. Two years after his death, she exists away from society in solitude. Her dear friend Jessica, insists she attend Madame Lussier's masquerade ball as the Greek goddess Persephone, to if only a while let down the wall of loneliness that Beatrice has been secured behind since her terrible marriage. There is complete anonymity, Beatrice can pretend to be free of all the societal misconceptions  that have her all but in a noose since her husband's demise.

Andrew Sinclair, now the Earl of Weston dislikes mixing with the ton, preferring to be ensconced away with his love of botany. When Madame Lussier herself, insists that Andrew make an appearance at the masquerade ball, he begrudgingly agrees only to appease her. Making his masked appearance at the ball breathes new life into Drew when he sees the Greek goddess and knows exactly who it it under her mask. He had always been in love with Beatrice Reece and even had a notion to ask for her hand in marriage before he found her betrothed to the Marquis of Fenwicke. Now years later and after seeing her from across the crowded room, she has once again piqued his interest and stirred feelings he had forgotten he had  for the lady who he knew had been terribly misused by her husband before his death

Behind their masks they both lower the shields and bask in the romance that anonymity has provided. He knows who she is, but she has no clue who is behind his mask, only knowing that she is attracted to him like she has never been to any other in her life and wants to immerse herself into the moment for as long as she can, for once he finds out her identity, he will toss her aside like the rest of society has.... or will he?

ONE NIGHT WITH AN EARL by Jennifer Haymore is teeming with romance and excitement. I fell in love with Drew from the get-go. Such intensity his feelings for Beatrice that I was wishing I could be in her place. Jennifer Haymore has such an innate talent for writing such depth and feeling, even in a novella. I am consistently in awe of Miss Haymore and crave the next dose of her medicine in the form of her written word.


Thursday, April 10, 2014


Carrick Gordon believes no woman would willingly be with him because of his scarred face and the widowed Analise Macgregor believes no one would be interested in her as she feels less than attractive. Throw this pair into an arranged marriage and you get a very interesting tale of yearning for acceptance and love.

Spurned by his father, the Laird Angus Gordon insists on him marrying a widow from another clan to improve relations between the clans. Carrick will do as his father wants, but he doesn't have to like it. When he finally sees the beauty who is to be his wife, he has hope until she suggests they live apart after the wedding. What he doesn't know is that Analise only suggests that to spare the handsome man from having to endure her unwanted presence. Even with the misconceptions about one another, the pair sizzle in bed, the only place where they seem to be compatible. 

When Carrick is summoned to his father's stronghold because the Laird is deathly ill, Analise accompanies her husband only to discover that the Laird is being poisoned. Almost immediately the pair who have been almost estranged from one another, begin to work as one to attempt to save the Laird's life and ascertain the culprit in the crime. Will Carrick and Analise put aside their miscalculations of one another to see the truth beneath their self inadequacies? Will they forgive the wrongs they have done to one another and become the couple that each has dreamed of being? 

BEAUTY AND THE HIGHLANDER by Hildie McQueen is touching and passionate. A quick but complete read with an abundance of feeling. I highly recommend this story by Ms. McQueen, who is such a great writer. Her characters are real and want what every single one of us wants, a happy ending. 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Determined to shake off her past, Sydney Alexander plans to seize the day when it comes to handling PR for Lightnin’ the blazing star rising on the rock scene. Rick Trajean, Lightnin’s lead, torches her all business all the time mantra when the sizzling chemistry between them ignites brighter than the band’s popularity.

As Lightnin’ scorches the charts, Rick and Sydney burn up the sheets. But can their passion handle the pressure of the music business? Not everyone is happy with Lightnin’s success and when the vindictiveness so common in the business threatens to destroy the band, their tour, and the love Rick and Sydney found in each other, their powerhouse may come crashing down. What’s left when it does? #Aftershock2

I loved Desiree Holt's book, Joy Ride.  As a matter of fact, I can honestly say that Joy Ride turned me into a Rock Band Romance Junky.  With that in mind, I'm here to tell you that Aftershock, the sequel to Joy Ride, has more than satisfied my appetite for this sub-genre of romance.
Aftershock is a truly amazing read.  In my opinion this story is even better than Joy Ride.  You do get to catch up on what's happening with the hero and heroine of Joy Ride, Marc and Emma, as well as getting to know the other members of the band Lightnin' a bit better.  But you also get to meet Sydney Alexander, newly named promotions agent for the happening, new-on-the-scene band Lightnin' who is hot, sexy yet somewhat troubled by some past life experiences and the nasty, bitter aunt who raised her after the death of her parents.  You get to learn more about Rick Trajean, leader of the band, Lightnin' while savoring all the sweet, sexy details of how Syd and Rick fall for each other.  Then hold on to your hats because things get a little wild when the nasty villain enters the picture.  Let me tell you.  Desiree Holt writes THE BEST villains and she sure doesn't disappoint in this story.  You are going to love hating this villain.

Desiree Holt is one of my absolute favorite authors.  I love her writing style.  Her characters are always so real.  The story line is always sure, succinct and sure to grab your attention.  All this is true in Aftershock but she goes beyond the usual.  I felt like I was really backstage listening to Lightnin' perform during the concert and interacting with everyone after the concert while reading this book. I highly recommend this book for your reading pleasure.  Aftershock is most definitely an Off-the-Charts #1 winner!


Our awesome Desiree Holt has offered up a copy of Joyride and Aftershock to 2 lucky readers. Just leave Desiree a question she can answer! Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter! 


Laura Foster left the desolation of her life and moved to Alder Gulch, where she finally felt a glimmer of hope that she had people that cared for her. She and her toddler son have wormed their way into the hearts and lives of her adoptive townspeople and she even has a protector in the form of Josiah McClintock, who has his own secrets and crosses to bear. Laura has not had it easy. Her young life has so much tragedy it's amazing how this woman can take it and not want to just lie down and cease living.

Josiah McClintock has been watching out for Laura since she came to Alder Gulch.There's just  something about her that make him constantly have her in mind. Laura cannot understand they whys of Josiah's interest. She's nobody, broken and alone but for her precious boy. Josiah has never told the occupants of Alder Gulch and it's surroundings the true facts of his life. He wonders if they knew, would they still accept him. He thrives on the day to day. He isn't afraid of hard work and there's just a peaceful quality about him that is attractive. Josiah watches his friends marry and have children and is torn about whether he wants the same for himself. Josiah knows that Laura still has nightmares of her life with Frank, who she is sure is dead. What if he isn't dead? What if Laura's leaving his home and seeking refuge with her sister and her family leads to more anguish? These things are never far from either Laura's, or Josiah's mind for that matter. 

When her nightmares become reality how will Laura survive losing all that she holds precious? It takes Josiah's staunch determination and his willingness to open his heart for Laura to realize she is better in this world instead of the next.

BLUE HORIZON by Hildie McQueen in the fourth novella in the Shades of Blue series or Western Romantic stories and it not for the faint of heart. BLUE HORIZON is a tear-jerker with so much feeling. There is tragedy and there is hope and understanding. Josiah and Laura are fabulous additions to the cast of characters in the Shades of Blue series. They stand on their own and are as unforgettable as is BLUE HORIZON.  I truly enjoyed this story and highly recommend it to all. Be prepared for some tears or sadness and then some of joy, something Hildie McQueen is so great at writing.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DANCING WITH A DEVIL (Whisper of Scandal Novel #3) by JULIE JOHNSTONE

Coming into this series at the present book and I will admit that there is much in the past I would like to have known better. Nonetheless, I was entirely engrossed in this tale.

Audrey Cringlewood wants to be loved and be in love when it comes time to marry. Her parents did not have the loving relationship that Audrey dreams of and her father is aloof to her and her gambling drunkard of a brother. Audrey's had a few seasons, but the only man who has sparked her interest is  the handsome Lord Trent Runtherford. Trent may find Audrey attractive and appealing, but deception in his past has turned him off the idea of marriage. Even after a passionate kiss and Audrey's complete sensual awakening, Trent let's her down with his telling her they can be friends, but that is all.

Lord Trent Rutherford spent some time in France helping the English crown with information. While there, he fell in love with a local beauty, married her and was betrayed by her. After her death, he returns to his homeland a changed man. No longer can he be trusting and caring. He needs to keep all at bay. When he returns to England, he throws himself into a full on bachelor lifestyle of loose women and gaming, until his meets the innocent beauty named Audrey, who turns his insides out and makes him want to run for the hills.
When other suitors begin taking interest in Audrey and one of them Trent seems unsavory, he sets out to protect Audrey from the rogue, only to fall hook. line and sinker for her whilst in full denial all the way.

When an inkling of acceptance makes Trent want to male an offer for Audrey's hand, a letter arrives from France changing the game and when Audrey is faced with not only her ruination, but her heart breaking, she is left with making decisions that go against all she ever stood for. Once Trent finally realizes Audrey is absolutely the one for him, he now has to set out to convince her of his sincerity, because in all honesty, the man has completely made a mess of things.

DANCING WITH A DEVIL by Julie Johnstone is intrigue, passion and excitement. When characters make me want to throttle them with a cane then hug them to pieces, the author's job has been expertly done. Now that I have come in on the third tale, I am excited about going back and seeing where it all began and eagerly await anything else that the ever so talented Miss Johnstone has to say. DANCING WITH A DEVIL  had me up until the birds began chirping and I read the last word. Now that's  good book!


Monday, April 7, 2014


Stone McNair has just found out his beloved grandmother is seriously ill, but she wants no tears. The McNair family matriarch wants her CEO grandson to perform a task which may decide if he is a good choice to run the family businesses. Who gets to oversee Stone on the task Gran sets for him? Why his ex-fiancee Johanna of course. Stone's task is to find Gran's much loved dogs new homes because she knows while she is in treatment for her illness, she won't have time to shower them with the very much needed affection she is used to giving them, and because her doctor  told her to put her affairs in order.

The handsome, hard-working Stone, devastated by the possible loss of the one consistent human being in his life now has to deal with being in close proximity to the one woman who sets him on fire, Johanna, who publicly dumped him seven months prior. Johanna Fletcher has been in love with Stone for what seems like forever and gladly accepted his proposal, but when Stone insists that the couple never have children, a heartbroken Johanna realizes that the possibility of her never being a mother is a deal-breaker. Only problem is, even seven months later, Johanna still has feelings for Stone.

How will it be possible for these two who still have a spark for one another to spend a week flying around the country interviewing families for doggie adoption? Oh it's intense, to say the least. Stone fights his inner demons when Johanna is around, convinced that even though he's not good enough for her, he still wants her. Coming to terms with secrets he has never told a soul eat at him whenever he sees Johanna. Would she understand his motivation for not wanting to be a father? Do they love each other enough to make concessions? This and much more comes to light in ONE GOOD COWBOY by Catherine Mann.

ONE GOOD COWBOY by Catherine Mann, is an enjoyable read with a lot of feeling. Catherine Mann shows the reader that two seemingly different people from such seemingly different worlds can fit together with total and mutual understanding and without judgement. Gran knows that Stone and Johanna are meant to be together and ONE GOOD COWBOY is their discovery of that journey. Very enjoyable read. 


One Good Cowboy banner
Today is my blog tour stop during the blog tour for One Good Cowboy by Catherine Mann. This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The blog tour runs the whole month April on weekdays only, you can view the whole tour schedule here.

OneGoodCowboyOne Good Cowboy (Diamonds in the Rough #1)
by Catherine Mann

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: Adult
From Ex to Eternity?

To inherit his family's empire, Texas cowboy-turned-CEO Stone McNair must prove he has a heart beneath his ruthlessly suave exterior. His trial? Finding homes for his grandmother's rescue dogs. His judge? Johanna Fletcher, the woman whose heart he broke.

Sure, Johanna can handle a week traveling the country with her ex-fiancé to fulfilll his dying grandmother's request. She and Stone want different things—plain and simple. But there's nothing plain about Stone, or simple about the heat that still flares between them. One week may not be long enough.

You can find One Good Cowboy on Goodreads

You can buy One Good Cowboy here:
- B&N
- Kobo

Do you like books with an animal rescue theme? Keep an eye out for Shelter Me by Catherine Mann, it’s being released on August 5, 2014. It’s a heartwarming novel about a returning soldier, the daughter of his fallen commander, and a very special dog with a mission.

ShelterMeCoverShelter Me (Second Chance Range #1)
By Catherine Mann

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Category: Adult
Release Date: August 5, 2014


Staff Sergeant Mike Kowalski wants only one thing after he gets home from Iraq: to sleep in a king-sized bed with clean sheets. But first, he has to hand off his fallen commander’s dog, Trooper, to his family without handing off his heart to Sierra…

Sierra McDaniel needs a break. Her family life is crazy, and when she’s not mucking out kennels, she’s slogging through grad school. Sierra certainly doesn’t want another dog, especially one that reminds her of her father. And she definitely doesn’t want to see Mike with that charming smile of his…

But Trooper has a mission of his own. Before too long Mike is moving to the ranch to lend a hand—and hoping for his own second chance with Sierra.

You can find Shelter Me on Goodreads.

You can view the book trailer for Shelter Me on Youtube.

About the Author:CatherineMannHeadshotB2014
USA Today bestseller Catherine Mann and RITA Award winner, Catherine writes contemporary romance for Berkley, Harlequin, and Sourcebooks, With over two million books in print in more than twenty countries, she has also celebrated five RITA finals, three Maggie Award of Excellence finals and a Bookseller’s Best win. A former theater school director and university instructor, she holds a Master’s degree in Theater from UNC-Greensboro and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts: Theater (with minors in both English and Education) from the College of Charleston. Catherine and her flyboy husband live on the Florida coast where they brought up their 4 children – and still have 5 four-legged, furry “children” (aka pets). Catherine is an active volunteer with her local Humane Society, serving on their Board of Directors and fostering puppies and special needs dogs (she stopped counting at a hundred). She recently checked off a major item on her “bucket list” by completing the hands-on training for the Florida State Animal Rescue Coalition. Catherine enjoys hearing from her readers and can be found online daily. To receive an autographed bookmark, send a SASE to: P.O. Box 6065, Navarre, FL 32566

You can find and contact Catherine here:
- Blog

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My dear friend, ELLE BOON, has her debut novel out now!!!
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, F/M/F elements not involving the main characters, paranormal elements, gods, spanking, HEA]

Max and Malcolm King had been part of an Elite group of twelve men created by Zeus, called the Ravens of War. When they were no longer needed they were sent to Earth in hopes they’d find happiness. After hundreds of years, they‘d given up hope of finding their Fated, until they met Selena Ramos.

But the Gods aren’t done with them. Zeus needs them to find his lost daughter and time is running out for all of them. As the three lovers are consumed with passion, they find themselves thrust in a fight for their lives.

Cronus the dethroned King of the Gods has found the missing Goddess and plans to use her as the ultimate weapon for revenge. He’ll use her to regain the throne on Mount Olympus, killing his son Zeus at the same time. Max and Malcolm are willing to do anything, even share Selena, but they will die before they give her up.


The change in the atmosphere was a palpable thing to Selena. One minute she’d been watching her employees go through the different routines on the bar, and the next she was on top the glossy surface and showing them it was okay to do a little improvisation.

With her favorite jean skirt and tank top with the bar’s logo bedazzled across the front and a pair of well-worn, fire-engine red cowgirl boots, she started stomping to the beat. By the time the chorus began, she’d shuffled across the bar with her arms up, and the straw hat on her head bobbed along with the words. She stopped abruptly and did an exaggerated hip swivel, facing her bartenders, and smiled. It wasn’t a sweet, “aww look how cute I am” lift of her lips. No, as Tamara was fond of saying it was her “girl’s gonna do something crazy” look.

Selena raised her left arm in the air and brought her right arm out, swooshing her hand through the air as if she were slapping something. The tempo increased, and with each slap of her hand she moved her ass back and forth, increasing the pace as the beat to the music became faster and faster.

When the last note blared out she stomped first one booted foot then the other, the sound echoing around the now silent bar. She shrugged her shoulders, looked over at Tamara and winked. Not stopping to think, she jumped, flipping off the mahogany surface, landing in a crouch onto the matching floor.

The stunned silence that met her little show was a bit disarming, but Selena was anything but shy.

All eyes had turned toward the entryway and the two men who filled the space with their presence. Both men’s eyes glittered with a feral light that sent a shiver of fear down her spine. With their hands fisted at their sides, they looked like warriors who were barely holding themselves in check.

Light and dark filtered through her befuddled brain. Although they were clearly identical outside with dark hair and the bluest eyes she’d ever seen in real life, there was a difference inside.

The vague sense that she knew these two men intimately gave her a start, but she lifted a shoulder and dismissed the crazy images flashing in her mind. Selena couldn’t very well meet the two men while having dirty daydreams.

Making her way to where they stood frozen to the spot, she tried to control the full-body shake that ran through her. With her heart threatening to burst out of her chest, she put on a brave face.

All her being wanted to make everyone in the club disappear so she could lay claim to the men whose sole focus was pointed straight at her.

“Howdy, boys,” Selena said in her best southern drawl. With her hand extended and smile firmly in place, she reached out to greet the one she believed was Max first.

The first to recover grasped her hand, and with the same ability she’d always had she knew it was Malcolm who gripped her fingers in a gentle embrace. For such a large man he was surprisingly gentle, just like Max had been earlier.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Selena,” Malcolm said.

“You must be Malcolm?”

He looked at his brother, then turned a wide grin back to her. “Yep…That’s me. I’m the better-looking, smarter and all-around best twin.”

A muscle ticked in the other’s jaw before he took a deep breath and reached for the hand still enclosed within Malcolm’s.

“It’s very nice to see you again Selena, you look amazing,” Max murmured. “Do you usually get up there and um…dance like that?”

Selena wasn’t sure if he sounded angry or jealous, like he wanted to toss her over his shoulder and hide her away. The notion sent a thrill to her core, which worried her. She tugged her palm out of his grasp, tossed her hair over her shoulder to cover her nervousness or whatever she was suddenly feeling for them. Wanting two men she’d basically just met to go all Neanderthal on her ass wasn’t her.

She snorted. “As often as I can, yes.”

Malcolm nudged Max’s shoulder. “Great…I mean you dance really well.”

The growl that Max answered his brother’s statement with could’ve been agreement.

“Would you guys like a drink and then a tour? The employees were just getting ready to go grab some dinner before the opening.”

They had about three hours before the doors officially opened, giving Selena a little breather.

“How about you give us a tour first? Do you have an office here, too?” Malcolm asked.

The question was asked casually, but the heat radiating off both men was anything but casual.

“Of course.”

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Miss Matilda Sheldon could care less what people think about her. Unlike her sisters who always the height of fashion and comportment, Matilda thrives to disappear into the background wherever she goes. Her only interest is opening and running an orphanage and to care for those orphans who have nothing. Her lovely but dim-witted sisters are on the lookout for suitors and consistently peck at Matilda about her drab appearance. 

The Duke of Thornsby needs to find himself a bride, one that would fit into his lifestyle well but not overtake his life. The clock is ticking for the duke though, for unless he marries by the time he turns thirty he stands to lose his inheritance, but his scandalous reputation keeps the eligible ladies and their marriage minded mothers at a distance ans the pickings are slim for the handsome duke. 

The Sheldon sisters, daughters of the 6th Earl of Bisset are quite the trio. While two are quite attractive and social, they are pretty much airheads, and Matilda, the middle daughter while dull in appearance, is intelligent and quite mouthy when she feels it's necessary. When the duke meets the outspoken Miss Sheldon, neither of their lives will ever be the same. While the duke needs to marry, and quickly, Matlida wants nothing to do with it. When the pair are caught in a compromising position placing Matilda's reputation at risk, instead of going the marriage route, she runs the other way leaving the duke in a state of confusion. Matilda is quite confused herself, for even though she says she will never marry, she has developed feelings for Thornsby and doesn't know what to do about them. In the wings, Matilda's beloved grandmother and the duke's sister champion for the pair to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee.

When Matlida refuses Thornsby's suit he needs to find an alternate solution to his problem. His subsequent proposal to an unsavory lady of the ton prompts quite a few displeasing incidents, one of extreme import is the disappearance of the two children who were left in the duke's care by their mother. a servant of the duke's who passed away, leaving the children alone. When the duke realizes his huge mistake in his proposal to the obnoxious lady he quickly dismisses her, but not before she threatens to make his life miserable. Now Thornsby must make an attempt to court Matilda, for as he finally realizes, she is definitely the lady for him.

CHARMING THE DUKE by the smart and sassy Holly Bush, is a fabulous read from beginning to end. Holly's unbeatable sense of humor and her remarkable storytelling shine through in CHARMING THE DUKE.. I thought the duke was going to be a stodgy bore of a hero and was so pleasantly surprised by his reaction to Matilda that he has wormed his way into being my new book boyfriend. Matilda's bright determination make her such an interesting heroine.  Miss Bush is as comfortable in Regency England as she is in the American Mid-West and I will follow this brilliant writer anywhere.