Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Tarah Scott is one of those authors that constantly has you thinking about what could possibly happen next. She did not disappoint with TO TAME A HIGHLAND EARL. 

Miss Eve Crenshaw awakens to find a rather bulky body on top of her in her bed. Before he knows it, Lord Erroll Rushton has a pistol firmly sticking into his ribs thanks to Eve. When her family burst into the room to find Eve in a compromising position with Rushton, her father insists upon a wedding. Eve's younger sister, Grace Crenshaw cries foul because she wants him for her husband, going so far as to concoct a story that she was compromised by the Earl. Oh boy. 

Neither Erroll nor Eve wants to marry anyone, but Erroll especially doesn't want to marry Grace who is just a little too eager. Eve devises a plan to get Erroll to Gretna Green and married to her younger sister all the while ignoring the little voice in her head telling her to open her eyes to the attraction she has for him. Of course her harebrained plan backfires and places her in an odd spot. 

Two stubborn people constitute one very exciting tale by Tarah Scott with TO TAME A HIGHLAND EARL. I have to say I so wanted to hit Eve over the head a few times to say nothing of the persistent sister, Grace. I loved Erroll from the first. Rogue that he is, I found him quite honorable and committed once he realizes what has to be done. This tale is like no other. I love that about Tarah Scott, she always brings something fresh to whatever subject she writes about. 


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