Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Gervais, Earl of Huntley clearly wants to stay as far away as he can from the marriage trap that has begun to plague all of his friends, insofar as so plan a trip of the continent as evasion. While on his quest he stops to visit with his dear Aunt Horatia in Venice and comes face to face with the intriguing Lady Caroline Martindale, who has been in Venice for five years now after an terrible incident in England prompts her to flee for her well-being.

Caro has been in Venice for five years now and has cemented her position as spinster extraordinaire and companion to her Godmother, the indomitable Lady Horatia, who's personality and antics throughout are a joy. When Gervais comes to visit, Caro is faced with feelings she is not at all in a position to come to terms with, and yet the handsome Earl of Huntley is never far from her thoughts and the cool and aloof exterior she has cultivated over the years is beginning to melt with her time spent with Gervais.

When a rich but undesirable local takes indecent and unusual attentions towards Lady Caro, she and Huntley leave Venice and pose as a married couple to try to save her reputation. When Caro and Gervais are confronted by acquaintances, the time for posing as a married couple must come to an end, and the two must marry. Gervais' feelings have bloomed so, that he finally feels hope for his marriage to Caro being a happy one, and little by little he breaks through the wall of ice that Caro has so perfectly constructed. Desire and passion overcome the pair, making their union all the sweeter, but they are still being stalked by the deranged man they attempted to escape and he is making everything more difficult for the pair.

DESIRING LADY CARO by Ella Quinn is yet another fabulous read in her Marriage Game series. Ms. Quinn expertly sets out to engage the reader with her mystery, the passion and the eloquent story. Gervais and Caro are wonderful characters who play off each other so well. By Huntley being so amazingly patient with Caro, he cements his place in her heart as well as the reader's. Caro's enlightening of the passion long held at bay makes DESIRING LADY CARO another reason I enjoyed this book so. Now that I have found Ella Quinn, I simply cannot wait for subsequent novels for this ever so talented writer.