Friday, April 11, 2014

One Night with an Earl (House of Trent #2.5) by Jennifer Haymore

I begin by saying that I truly love the House of Trent series by the brilliant, Jennifer Haymore. Miss Haymore changes the game completely when writing romance and I for one am happy to be along for the ride.

Widowed for sometime now Beatrice Reece has been shunned bu the ton and accused of having to do with the murder of her abusive husband, the Marquis of Fenwicke. Two years after his death, she exists away from society in solitude. Her dear friend Jessica, insists she attend Madame Lussier's masquerade ball as the Greek goddess Persephone, to if only a while let down the wall of loneliness that Beatrice has been secured behind since her terrible marriage. There is complete anonymity, Beatrice can pretend to be free of all the societal misconceptions  that have her all but in a noose since her husband's demise.

Andrew Sinclair, now the Earl of Weston dislikes mixing with the ton, preferring to be ensconced away with his love of botany. When Madame Lussier herself, insists that Andrew make an appearance at the masquerade ball, he begrudgingly agrees only to appease her. Making his masked appearance at the ball breathes new life into Drew when he sees the Greek goddess and knows exactly who it it under her mask. He had always been in love with Beatrice Reece and even had a notion to ask for her hand in marriage before he found her betrothed to the Marquis of Fenwicke. Now years later and after seeing her from across the crowded room, she has once again piqued his interest and stirred feelings he had forgotten he had  for the lady who he knew had been terribly misused by her husband before his death

Behind their masks they both lower the shields and bask in the romance that anonymity has provided. He knows who she is, but she has no clue who is behind his mask, only knowing that she is attracted to him like she has never been to any other in her life and wants to immerse herself into the moment for as long as she can, for once he finds out her identity, he will toss her aside like the rest of society has.... or will he?

ONE NIGHT WITH AN EARL by Jennifer Haymore is teeming with romance and excitement. I fell in love with Drew from the get-go. Such intensity his feelings for Beatrice that I was wishing I could be in her place. Jennifer Haymore has such an innate talent for writing such depth and feeling, even in a novella. I am consistently in awe of Miss Haymore and crave the next dose of her medicine in the form of her written word.



  1. I am loveing this series also! Jennifer is an awesome author. I have not read this one yet but looking forward to it.

  2. I really liked The Duchess Hunt. This one sounds good, too!

    1. Oh Sharleen... I had never read a book by Jennifer Haymore before this series! I love them... Now I have all of Jennifer's books!!