Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Did he murder his wife or did he not? Apparently most of the ton believes he did and it makes it quite difficult for the man to find a new wife. His prerequisite for the woman in question is she be a biddable and easy going female, who stays in the background and doesn't attract any undue attention. The only issue for Noble Britton  is that he  meets the half- American Gillian Leigh and his prerequisites sort of fly out the window when she piques an interest in him like no other can.

Gillian Leigh is not your usual female. The pretty lady is quite a calamity Jane with a extremely outspoken personality.  One of Gillian's attributes definitely is her honesty. When Noble and Gillian, who have two totally different meanings for marriage, finally end up together, their union is nothing like each expected at all.
Noble insists that Gillian learn to be the type of wife he has in mind, always obedient and attentive. His over-handedness is driving her to distraction. On their wedding day, when she finds she is now stepmother to a young boy she didn't even know existed, she throws herself into being a  mother the boy never really had, confusing Noble to no end. The more Gillian does, the more the wall Noble has built around his heart begins to crumble with each day in the unconventional Gillian's presence. Even his running off to London to gird his loins, so to speak, against his beguiling wife is no protection from her sheer determination to break down his resistance and open him up to her good intentions and the love she so easily gives those around her.

Mishap and mayhem seem to follow Gillian and Noble in their quest for a peaceful marriage, not all of the mishap the fault of the quirky Gillian. When Gillian sets out to get to the root of Noble's issues, she puts herself in danger, awakening Noble's feelings as well as the protective side that was all but hidden.

NOBLE INTENTIONS by Katie MacAlister is a stupendous read. I simply love when two so different characters with such strong-willed personalities come to the realization that they are so meant for one another. Noble comes to terms that he can't mold Gillian into that perfect little package that he set out to achieve, and he truly wouldn't want to, because with all of her surprising and odd behavior, she is perfect as she is, even if she burns the house down around them. Gillian was from the get-go so accepting of everything  Noble threw at her.. She was grab it, own it and fix it like she only Gillian knows how, with humor, caring and a touch of insanity. This is my very first read by Katie MacAlister and I yearn for more. What a talent!
Grab NOBLE INTENTIONS by Katie MacAlister as soon as you can, and enjoy the ride.



  1. This is on my TBR list. I love all of Katie's books.

  2. Great review! I have not read anything by this author, either. Putting this on my list.