Friday, May 2, 2014

GUEST REVIEW BY PAT SHEPPARD OF: Child of War - A God is Born by Lisa Beth Darling

My Name of Alena:  This is the second book in the Of War series by the author.  We left off in book one with Ares and his new bride Alena, moving to Olympus to await the birth of their child.  Prelude is an adult Raven cooing his daughter Maggie and knowing that he must return to Olympus to get his mother.  Back track to a pregnant Alena.  Life is hell carrying around a Child much less a God.  And the God knows as he wiggles and punch in his mother’s belly that he is in command.  Ares and Alena have tried to settle into Olympus with Sunday family dinners.  But nothing has changed Zeus's hatred of his wife and the lust his son and brother has for her.  Striking a blood vow with Zeus, Ares enters into another kind of hell to protect the one and only woman that he loves.  For each child he and Alena have, he must give Aphrodite one,  and Zeus will leave his family alone.

Now I said Zeus would leave his family alone.  No one said that Zeus could not instruct others what to do.  On the night of his birth, Raven's father, Ares, is with Aphrodite fulfilling his part of the bargain.  And then the beat goes on and on.  A God is born and he is his own United Nation.  He is part Human, God, Fae, and whatever the  Cernunnos was.  But most of all, he is his mother's worst enemy.  His mind is poisoned by Apollo and Zeus.  Growing faster than a human child, by time he is twelve his is the size of a man.  Being a God in inherits the dreams of the past and he learns by Zeus considers his mother a Celtic Whore.  And therefore he starts to lust after her and refer to her as his father's whore slave.  My Name is Alena she shouts to her son and the world.  But what good does it do.  God!! I could go on.  But you need to read for yourself.   You will not be disappointed with this book.


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  1. Woot! I'm thrilled to know that you enjoyed the story so much. Thanks for the wonderful review!!! :)