Thursday, May 8, 2014


Melt Your Heart Hot Menage

This is the debut novel of Author Elle Boon, thus the first in her Ravens of War Series.  Elle Boon does an awesome job of setting up the world of the Ravens in this first story.  We see  how Zeus created the Ravens to serve and protect  the gods and goddesses of Olympus and then sent the Ravens  to earth when they are no longer needed on Olympus.  Living on earth with an immortal lifespan the Ravens have one blessing to look forward to – their Fated.

Max and Malcolm King are twin brothers, each half of one whole.  Max is the leader of the Ravens.  Both brothers are successful business men in the here and now on earth, still searching for their Fated.  Then along comes Selena Gomez, a very beautiful  woman with special gifts, who is looking for a property in Kansas City to open a dance club.  Max and Malcolm with their real estate interests have the perfect location for Selena’s new club.  Then the three finally meet in person.  One touch and they know.  The three of them are “fated” to be together.  But as the saying goes, “The course of true love never did run smooth” and that is so very true for Max, Malcolm and Selena.

Elle Boon has done a fabulous job writing this, her first novel.  The characters are well defined; they made me feel like I have met them in person.  The dialogue is filled with fun, amusing conversations especially between brothers Max and Malcolm.  The story line is well thought out and sets up the future books in the series quite well.  There are secondary characters whose books just have to be written.  Hot, sexy love scenes are served up for the reader’s enjoyment.  Yes.  Wow!  Definitely hot and sexy!

I got so involved in this story that I just couldn’t put my e-reader down until I got to the end of the story.  And at this point I am eagerly awaiting book #2.  I highly recommend this book!



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  1. Thanks for the review Margie. I love a good ménage and I love being introduced to a new author.

  2. You will get to meet Elle in person at RAGT, Lori. We are going to have so much fun there again this year.

  3. Margie you did a great job on the review. The book sounds very interesting and can't wait to put in on my TBR pile which is getting smaller. Good Luck on your book, it should do well.

  4. Hiya ladies. First of all I'd like to say thank you to Margie for an awesome review of my book Selena's Men. Second I'd want to thank Kimberly for letting me be on her blog.

    I hope y'all check out my book Selena's Men and fall in love with my Ravens. Book 2 Two For Tamara comes out on May 21st (YIKES). I'll be attending the Lori Fosters RAGT in less than a month and look forward to seeing familiar and new faces. If you are there come find me, I will have some great swag :) I have been "offering" on my Facebook page to readers who have read Selena's Men the opportunity to get one by posting a review on Goodreads and Amazon, then copying links to either my wall or theirs and then tagging me. If you do this I will mail you a pretty shot glass with my logo in purple (Everything is prettier in purple) and my name and Series on it. Is this a form of bribery? UMMM yes, but it's really cool *WEG*

    Elle Boon