Monday, May 12, 2014

Rescue At Cardwell Ranch & Wanted Woman (Bonus Book) by B.J. Daniels

Hayes Cardwell never thought he's end up being a hero when he travels from Texas to Montana on some family business. When he sees a woman being beaten and in the process of being thrown into the trunk of a car, Hayes springs into action to prevent that from happening, but would prefer to remain anonymous as he was just doing what any decent person would do.

Real estate owner and operator, McKenzie Sheldon thought she was one tough cookie, but that thought goes out the window when she is attacked with the clear intention of being abducted. She tries to put up the fight of her life, but being caught so off-guard leaves her at a disadvantage and the man who wants her is very determined. Luckily for McKenzie, a cowboy comes to her rescue before the worst scenario can happen, and the last thing she sees is the handsome cowboy who tells her she is safe. Hayes' remaining anonymous is short lived when he comes face to face with the lady he saves while scouting a property for the family business and his immediate attraction for her puts her in protection mode when he realizes she is still in danger.

Is McKenzie truly safe though? Not when the serial killer she thwarts becomes entirely obsessed with her downfall and he will bide his time to take her out. Hayes Cardwell will do almost anything to protect McKenzie, even if it means that she takes his heart in return. McKenzie has a lot on her plate aside from the insane serial killer on her tail. She has the business that's very important to her as well as the livelihoods of her workers, but when she lets her guard down for Hayes Cardwell, she sees that there are other things in life to look forward to besides work. 

Another fabulous read by one of my favorite authors, RESCUE AT CARDWELL RANCH by B.J. Daniels is a fast paced ride filled with danger as well as romance. Never have I seen a killer so taken with getting the victim that got away. Nail-biting is definitely one of the side effects of RESCUE AT CARDWELL RANCH. Hayes Cardwell never wanted to be the hero but he just can't allow this evil to get a hold of the vulnerable McKenzie. I love how all the Cardwell men have an innate sense of honor that attracts these amazingly strong and intelligent females to their sides. The reader always gets a solid suspense before the budding romance.  I am happy to report that I am never bored when delving into the world of B.J. Daniels with her easy to love heroes and heroines and her oh so unpredictable villains. Once again I can rest easy that the bad guys fall  and true love reigns in the land of B.J. Daniels.


This is the original cover for Wanted Woman when is was released. Now it's a bonus book along with the main Rescue at Cardwell Ranch title.
She skidded into town on a bike too powerful for most men, with ten thousand dollars in her saddlebag and a bullet wound in her shoulder. Maggie Randolph was searching for something and running from someone. But she didn't plan on running into a man she could trust.... Timber Falls' deputy sheriff Jesse Tanner had to convince the daredevil beauty that he'd protect her. But first he'd have to catch her--before it was too late.

Jesse was sexy as sin, and chivalrous to boot. But Maggie wasn't exactly playing by the books in her search for the truth about her father's murder and her own adoption. Could she share her secrets with Jesse and find solace in his arms for good?

This exciting re-issue which accompanies the new RESCUE AT  CARDWELL RANCH by BJ Daniels is a tale of deception and intrigue in classic BJ Daniels form. Maggie Robinson is a strong and intelligent character trying to get to break down that wall between her and her freedom. A very enjoyable read, as all of BJ Daniels stories are, and I am happy to have the chance to read it as the bonus in Rescue At Cardwell Ranch. 



  1. Thanks for the review. I'm kept up to date with what's out there when I read the blog.

    1. Thank you Eileen.... I was away in New Orleans for 11 days and coming back to comments like this make me so happy!!!

  2. I'm really looking forward to reading this.

  3. Great review! I can't wait to read this book, it sounds really good.