Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Riding High- Sons of Chance by Vicki Lewis Thompson

The very unconventional Lily King has left the insanity of Silicone Valley with the sale of a highly success video game to take up another insanity altogether in the form of a horse sanctuary near Shoshone, Wyoming. The odd, but animal loving woman has painted every single building on the property a different bright color which definitely reflects her personality. Lily has a serious problem with saying no to anyone wanting to drop off a creature at her doorstep, so in addition to the passel of horses overwhelming the property, she has pigs and chickens to make her life more colorful.

When Veterinarian hunk, Regan O'Connelli  appears to help out in her time of need, Lily finds her immediate attraction to the man a tad disconcerting. Six months before, Regan found his fiancee is bed with his best friend, so he left that life behind and attempts to get over the betrayal that cut him in two. Lily knows about his situation and being totally screwed in a rebound relationship, she wants to run the other way since she considers Regan on the rebound, but the inevitable pull might win out!

Regan's first impression when he sees the horse sanctuary is complete surprise that makes him shake his head and gives him flashbacks to his childhood with his hippy parents. Then he sees the red-headed beauty, Lily and the inner sexual male takes over. He's there to help her get out of the precarious situation she has put herself in by biting off more than she can chew, but what's going through his head is getting her between the sheets.

Skittish at first, Lily worries that giving in to her urges is going to get her into trouble, but giving in to those urges also may put her right where she needs to be, in Regan's arms and maybe in his heart. Lily might just be what the Dr orders in getting over that betrayal  and Regan actually welcomes that cure. Riding High by Vicki Lewis Thompson is a great story about two different, or not so different worlds colliding and becoming one. It's a sweet tale that runs hot when Regan and Lily give in to their passions and those passions turn into love. 



  1. I've enjoyed this series by Vickie Lewis Thompson since it's beginning. I find I am a couple books behind. Guess I'd better get to work on catching up.

  2. one of my favorite series. so glad to see Regan's story coming next. Can't wait for the end of the month.