Tuesday, September 30, 2014

GUEST REVIEW OF ~~~An Heiress For His Empire By Lucy Monroe~~~

Debutante Madison Archer becomes involved in a scandal that brings about a major change in her life. Her friend Perry Timwater makes claims about their relationship and lifestyle that is purely fictious.  She needs to clear up this misunderstanding and soon. After all, how can she be into all the things the press is accusing her of when she is still a virgin? Maddie becomes worried that her "secret" double life of a volunteer teacher's aide will be exposed as a result of the scandal. She loves working with children. Maddie is called to her father Jeremy Archer's office. Her father owns Archer International Holdings. She believes her father is calling her in to discuss the scandal with her. Maddie's relationship has been strained with her father since her mother's death. Instead, Maddie is blindsided when her father totally dismisses the scandal and tells her that it is time for her to settle down and choose one of the men in the boardroom as her husband. Needless to say, Maddie is shocked.
Viktor Beck has worked for Jeremy Archer for the last ten years. He is one of the men Maddie can choose from as a husband. She has been in love with Viktor since she was a young girl. As a matter of fact, Victor has proposed to her several times over the years. She always turned him down. Now, here was her chance. Viktor had always planned to take over Jeremy's position as head of AIH including marrying Madison. He must marry Madison and produce an heir in order to take over the company. . Can Viktor convince Maddie to marry him to help him gain control of AIH? Will Maddie admit to herself how she really feels about Viktor and still realize  her own dreams? Read An Heiress For His Empire and find out.
This was a great story. I loved Vik's and Maddie's relationship and how it grew throughout the story. Her secondary characters were also interesting. Lucy Monroe's writing is strong and her ability to tell a story keeps the reader looking for more. I can't wait for her next book which will tell the story of Maddie's best friend Romi and Maxwell Black. I recommend this story to anyone who is looking for a female lead who is not a pushover and a male lead who learns to compromise to get what he wants. I give this story five moons.


Monday, September 29, 2014


Derek Wescott is the ruler of the Eighth Level of Hell. When he is not punishing sinners who commit white collar crimes, he is running his car dealership with his three minions. Derek has been grouchy and his minions feel that if her gets laid, he will be calmer. Unbeknownst to Derek, the minions set him up on an online dating site. The minions accept a date with the "mousy looking" Jaclyn for coffee the next day. Before Derek goes, they make a bet with Derek to see if he can get Jaclyn into bed within forty eight hours.. Whoever wins, will have to wash and wax every car in the showroom.
Jaclyn Reynolds lives with her dog Rufus and runs a nonprofit organization/shelter to provide daycare services for people trying to get back on their feet. Jaclyn's friend Trish thinks she is working too hard and has neglected her social life. Together they look at the dating site and choose Derek, send a response and they arrange to meet for coffee. Jaclyn has issues with handsome men due to the fact that her mother abandoned her for a handsome man when she was younger. She didn't want to go out with Derek because "he was too handsome." Derek makes a bet with her that she will sleep with him after the fundraiser. Jaclyn needs the money for her foundation, so she agrees to the bet convinced that she can resist Derek. Jaclyn loses the bet, with consequences.
Just as Derek begins to have feelings for Jaclyn, Marlena, Derek's mother gives him another assignment. It seems that someone is embezzling money from Jaclyn's foundation and he is to shut down the foundation and punish the sinners. Can Derek save Jaclyn from punishment and prevent her foundation from closing? Can he accept what he feels for her, tell her who he really is? Will Jaclyn get over her distrust of handsome men and admit her feelings for Derek. Can they save the foundation?

I enjoyed this story. Derek thought Jaclyn was a sure thing and was really surprised when he had to actually work for it. Using a series of bets, he eventually won Jaklyn's attention. He also had to work hard to win her trust too. Jaklyn also had to let go of her insecurities and open her heart to the possibility of love. During this process, both characters finally figure out what is important to them both. The secondary characters were well written. The minions were funny, Derek's mother and sister were the bitches you would expect demons to be, her friend misguided by a man and two surprises make this a great read. I recommend this story by author Cynthia Cooke. I give it five stars.


Friday, September 26, 2014

The Rancher Takes a Wife (Montana Brides #1) by Leslea Tash

She knew it was wrong, but he was so insistent. He swore to her that her would leave his wife and he wanted to marry her, but when the stock market crashed in 1929 and he decided that jumping out a window and ending his life was better than facing his family and the woman he had been keeping on the side, Chastity was left bereft.

After the death of her step-mother, a step-sibling and subsequently her father of a broken heart, Chastity was left with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her three remaining siblings would need to be clothed and fed, and she couldn't do that without a proper job and a place for them to live. Chastity had left the country living of upstate New York for a teaching college in New York City. Struggling to fit in, she was befriended by a few women who were not quite ladies. Then she allowed the  wealthy older man, Henry, to woo her into believing he would take care of her, but tragedy strikes leaving her frantically searching for Henry.

When Carl Ward finds the lovely but distressed, Chastity on the street in New York, he offers to help her find her friend. He has come from Montana to seek out his sister, Jessica, who ran away from the ranch to the big city to become a star. Instead, Jessica fell into drugs and when Carl finally finds her, it's a fight to get her to go home. Chastity helps Carl get her back to their swanky hotel, she then helps clean Jessica up. When a snide Jessica awakens and insults Chastity, she runs off, but not before promising Carl a visit before he returns to Montana. 

The next day, after a scuffle with Henry's widow that leads to her being evicted from her apartment, the last thing she needs is Carl Ward to show up and see what's going on. Out of the kindness of his heart, he helps Chastity out with  her landlord so she can go back to school. He even offers her the job as his town's school teacher once she graduates, leaving her confused if not curious.

Once Chastity finishes school, she unknowingly was placed by her superiors in college to go to Montana and become the town of Wedlock's teacher. With no other options, Chastity sets out to Wedlock and to see the handsome rancher that made her journey possible, Once there in the thick of things with Jessica as her nemesis and Carl trying to ease her way, Chastity begins to pick up the pieces of her former life and go on for herself and her siblings well-being. If only Jessica would just leave her alone. Telling anymore would give too much away, so I suggest you pick up THE RANCHER TAKE A WIFE (Montana Brides #1) by Leslea Tash.

First I need to say that the 20's and 30's are my least favorite time period. I normally run the other way when asked to read anything dealing with this era, but after reading THE RANCHER TAKES A WIFE by Leslea Tash, I was so pleasantly surprised that I have added her subsequent books to my reading pile. Chastity's being thought of as the fallen woman because of her acquaintance with some ladies of questionable morals, while annoying me, fueled my eagerness to read on. Carl Ward is a dream hero, so protective, so honorable and understanding, the man is almost too good to be true, but then again, it is fiction after-all, and what a fictional character he is. Ms. Tash is a very good writer. I am not a fan of stories told in the first person, but this fit and the author's narrative kept me intrigued until the very end. These two seemingly different people from very different worlds, comet together to make a very pleasing story.


Monday, September 22, 2014


Sometimes life is not fair. For Julia Patterson, meeting Luke Buchanan opened the door to a new life and made her alive as a woman. In his arms, she learned for the first time how real passion and emotion could enrich her existence. He claimed her body with the pleasure of erotic sex and her heart with unrestricted love.

But Fate was laughing at Julia, just as she was about to step over the threshold into a wonderful new life. When her almost-ex-husband, Charles, was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, her divorce was put on hold along with the rest of her life. Turning her back on Luke and the intense passion and emotion they shared was the most difficult thing she’d ever done. But Julia had a secret, one that Charles had discovered and used like a club.

Thirteen years later, when Luke walks back into her life, the passion and emotion are just as explosive as ever. Will they finally have their chance at happiness, or will Julia’s secret destroy that chance?


First and foremost this story brought to mind the legendary mythical phoenix.  If ever two characters can be said to have raised from the ashes in triumph those two characters would have to be heroine, Julia Patterson and hero, Lucas Buchanan.  I so admire both of them.  They are so courageous, determined and dedicated to the ones they love.  Julia amazes by constantly doing the things she has to do in order to protect her children at great personal emotional cost.  Lucas amazes by his perserverence in loving Julia through all the bad times.
This was a very emotional read for me.  Desiree Holt always gives the reader the best evil villains.  She has truly outdone herself in this story with Julia’s cold, controlling husband, Charles and his vindictive friend, Rod McGuire.  I just hated them both and loved the strength of Julia’s character to fight against them even though she falters along the way. 
Anyone looking for a book with admirable characters, deliciously evil villains, an emotional storyline and an uplifting HEA will want to snatch up Finding Julia and start reading right away. 


Friday, September 19, 2014


As if she didn't have enough scandal following her around,  Rose Barclay, the young widowed Duchess of Southdown collides with yet another in the form of handsome Scot, Steven McBride. When the very inebriated Mr. McBride passes out, her Grace sees no other remedy but her tend the unconscious man until her awakens from his stupor.

Steven McBride tends to drink himself into a daze rather frequently. The decorated soldier seeks to forget he misery and loss of war by gambling and womanizing, but when he wakes from his drunkenness to find the lovely Rose Barclay at his side, he is stunned and pleased by her.

Rose has been thwarted at every turn by the step-son who is trying to keep what was rightfully given to her by her deceased husband. Since becoming a widow, the rumors about so-called affairs have plagued the beauty as she tries to move on from her husband's death. Her immediate attraction to handsome Scot throws her for a loop when he claims she and he are betrothed, thinking he is helping her throw off the nosy press and ton. When Steven realizes that he would prefer his ruse of a betrothal become a truth, he and Rose seek a way to get what they both want without hurting the other.

Scandal and the Duchess (MacKenzies and McBrides 6.5) by the so talented Jennifer Ashley is quite the pleasurable read. There is just something about Ms. Ashley's Scots that suck me in every time. Her  non-whiny heroines are a clincher as both Steven and Rose are a formidable pair. There hasn't been one book or novella is this series that I have not loved and place the series at the top of my list of favorites. I highly recommend Scandal and the Duchess, even for a quick read, it leaves an impression.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

COWBOY BEHIND THE BADGE (Sweetwater Ranch #2) by Delores Fossen

When his nemesis, Laine Braddock appears in his home in the middle of the night with infant twins and a tale of murder, Tucker McKinnon knows he's in for trouble.

The Braddocks and the McKinnons, rival families since Tucker's mother stands accused of murdering Laine's father. Even though when they were younger, they shared a mutual attraction for one another, murder is definitely a deal breaker...or is it? Laine gives her side of how and why she came to have the twins, stating that before their mother died, she begged Laine to keep them safe. Tucker already knows that there is an illegal adoption ring wreaking havoc on innocent women and when he finds that Laine is involved, he puts aside his ill will to help Laine and to keep the twins safe from the aggressors who want them. 

Now Laine and Tucker have targets on their backs once they put themselves between the babies and the bad guys. Tucker's waning animosity for Laine blossoms into that attraction he once felt for her and even though both family's may hate it, that attraction isn't going anywhere. Putting their feelings in perspective while keeping these precious packages safe is paramount in Tucker's mind. As much as he wants to keep at arms length from this woman, he finds his character and his sense of honor  won't allow him to. Laine knows Tucker should hate her for all that's gone on between the families, her only hope is he out aside that hatred to help her and the twins from being hurt. 

COWBOY BEHIND THE BADGE  (Sweetwater Ranch #2) by Delores Fossen is an emotionally charged tale of  desire and intrigue. Tucker's loyalty to his family is what makes him such a honorable man. His softening and his re-awakened desire for Laine make him a force to be reckoned with and an amazing hero. I love Laine's inability to back down when by putting herself in danger by taking on care for the twins, it makes her a formidable heroine. COWBOY BEHIND THE BADGE is a wonderful follow-up in the Sweetwater Ranch series and I can't wait to read the next story by Delores Fossen, who consistently delivers in both the areas of romance and suspense have her firmly on  my TBR list.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Authors Note: The predominant theme in these books is girl meets hot guys in uniform and immediately falls in lust. The stories contain explicit sex scenes between consenting adults using explicit language. They also include erotic spanking and light bondage. If any of that offends you, you might want to skip this one.

PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY: http://www.amazon.com/Something-About-Uniform-Military-Menage-ebook/dp/B00NJ5CAH4/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1410891756&sr=1-1&keywords=paige+tyler+military+menage+boxed+set

Supporting the Troops – an Army Ménage
Knowing she and her husband Dylan won't be able to make love with his Army buddy, fellow Ranger Carter Erickson arriving the next day and staying with them for two weeks, Shelby Reynolds surprises Dylan by greeting him at the door naked when he comes home from work. Only Dylan isn’t alone. Carter came in a day early and gets an eyeful of her very nude body. While Shelby is embarrassed, she’s also extremely aroused.  She loves Dylan like crazy and shouldn’t be fantasizing about other men, especially his best friend. As Shelby gives in to her inner exhibitionist, it turns out that Dylan is just as turned on by the idea of a threesome as she is. After all, if a guy can’t share his wife with his best friend, who can he share her with?

Semper Fine – a Marine Ménage
Delaney Shaw is stunned to discover that her high school crush Colt Baxter is the best man at a wedding where she’s the maid of honor. Too shy to ever come on to him back then, she doesn’t intend to make the same mistake now. There’s only one problem. She’s just as attracted to his friend and fellow Marine, Jagger Cruz. Not wanting to come between them, Delaney decides not to make a play for either one. But when it turns out that in between them is exactly where Colt and Jagger want her, she gives in to her desire to be the center of a hunky Marine sandwich.

Fleet Week Fling – a Navy Ménage
When Sophie Montgomery promises her best friend she’ll be her “wingwoman” during Fleet Week in San Francisco, she doesn’t have any plans on hooking up with anyone herself. But when she meets Navy hunks Cameron Gerard and Kellen Devane, her resolve crumbles. Not only do they look hotter in their uniforms than Alexander Skarsgard in Battleship, but they’re sweet, too. So, when they suggest a threesome with a little bondage thrown in, how can she possibly say no?

Rescue Me – an Air Force Ménage
When Kayleigh Ellis gets stranded in a ditch on the side of the road during a storm, she’s sure that she and her cat are in deep trouble. But luckily Air Force Pararescue Jumpers Austin Fuller and Kyle Larsen show up just in time, giving her and her cat a ride home. Wanting to thank them for their help, Kayleigh invites them to stay for dinner. Austin and Kyle don’t want to put her to any trouble, but she insists. And while the dinner is fun, Austin and Kyle are more interested in dessert, particularly if Kayleigh is on the menu.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


In SAVED BY A SEAL, the second story in the HOT SEALS series by Cat Johnson, Navy SEAL, Zane Alexander must buck up and go to his rich father to ask for help. After ten years of active duty, Zane and his teammates want to open their security company and they need a million dollars in start-up costs that Zane's father just has floating around. Only problem, Zane and his father have been on the outs since Zane joined  Navy, so much so that the elder Alexander cut his son off financially.

When Zane shows up at his father's office for a meeting about the funds needed, George Alexander gives his son some terms that may be too much to agree upon. Mr. Alexander wants Zane to date and marry Missy Greenwood, a local senator's daughter and a friend of the Alexander family. Missy, five years Zane's junior had a pretty big crush on him before he joined the military, but ten years is a long time to pine over a guy. Zane wants to do right by his team and will do pretty much anything to get that funding. The self proclaimed love 'em and leave 'em type, Zane shudders and the prospect of a relationship.

Missy Greenwood is getting ready for her teaching stint in Nigeria. She has volunteered to teach English in the volatile country. After finally reacquainting himself with Missy and liking the woman she has become, he begins to worry that her going to Nigeria is not such a good thing. Missy, finally getting the attention of her teenage crush and shes take her chance to try to get Zane where she wants him.  Zane being relationship phobic does something more than stupid, and Missy leaves the U.S. for her trip.

Back at work, Zane and his crew are apprised of a situation in Nigeria. A group or girls and their teachers have been taken by force and will most likely be sold into slavery. When Zane hears Missy's name among the list, he springs into action to save not only her, but the relationship he threw away. 

SAVED BY A SEAL is an exciting and very appealing continuation to the Hot Seals series by Cat Johnson. Hunk and a half Zane Alexander has been on his own for so long, he doesn't recognize a keeper when he sees one, nor does he believe he deserves that good thing. His father's expectations of him are a bitter reminder of how he has let his family down, but he neither lets his friends down, nor the beauty he intends to save from a terrible fate. Missy Greenwood is a breath of fresh air for a society girl. One minute she can wear designer duds and then next combat boots. She was attracted to Zane when she was just a teen, but she is even more attracted to the man he has become. Once he tells her of his father's terms, she doesn't run for the hills, but Zane does. I loved this story. Cat Johnson has told a complete tale with such few words, a tale that will stick with me and makes me yearn for the next one.



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10 Thrilling Tales of Sexy Alpha Bad Boys

CRESCENT MOON – From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Lori Handeland

FOREVER FREED by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Kaye

SPELLBOUND by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Opal Carew, writing as Amber Carew

SINS OF THE FLESH by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Caridad Pineiro

SPELL BOUND by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie Julian

HAUNTING A COWBOY – A Brand New Story from USA Today Bestselling Author Randi Alexander

HUNTRESS FOR HIRE by USA Today Bestselling Author Terry Spear

DEAD SEXY by USA Today Bestselling Author Paige Tyler

ASMODEUS: DEMON OF LUST by Bestselling Author Sara Humphreys

BEAUTY AND THE BEST by Bestselling Author, Judi Fennell

CRESCENT MOON by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Lori Handeland A cryptozoologist travels to New Orleans to investigate whispers of a wolf in the Honey Island Swamp.

SPELLBOUND by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Opal Carew What is Lucinda, a tenth level wizard, to do when Destiny pairs her with a man who is utterly domineering, overwhelmingly masculine, incredibly irresistible and, according to her most trusted friend, extremely dangerous?

FOREVER FREED by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Kaye A reclusive, empathic vampire falls in love with a woman he planned to kill, and must fight his ancient guilt, bloodlust, and an old vampire rival who threatens everything he holds dear.

SINS OF THE FLESH by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Caridad Pineiro Mick Carrera is a mercenary hired to eliminate problems, but the genetically engineered woman with the superhuman powers is nothing like what he expected.

SPELL BOUND by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie Julian A warrior born to defend. A young witch in need of protection. A dangerous desire neither of them expected.

HAUNTING A COWBOY – A Brand New Story from USA Today Bestselling Author Randi Alexander When a ranch foreman hires a ghost whisperer to handle the spirit that’s haunting him, the attraction between them is…supernatural

HUNTRESS FOR HIRE by USA Today Bestselling Author Terry Spear He’s bound to get her killed, so why does the huntress desire the vampire-turned hunter more than life itself?

DEAD SEXY by USA Today Bestselling Author Paige Tyler Can her love save him from a curse worse than death?

ASMODEUS: DEMON OF LUST by Bestselling Author Sara Humphreys ASMODEUS: When Kai Kelly discovers an unusual ring in the attic it leads to much more than she bargained for. She may not realize what she has in her possession, but the boys in Hell sure got the message.

BEAUTY AND THE BEST by Bestselling Author, Judi Fennell Reclusive artist Todd Best hasn’t produced anything since the death of his wife…until aspiring romance novelist Jolie Gardener enters his life and turns it upside down.


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After a tumultuous ten year marriage to a much older man her family bound her to when she was only thirteen, the lady Alison Douglas is finally free from the ties that bound her in her unhappy matrimony. She has two beautiful daughters for doing her time with the Blackadder and now she prays she never has to marry again. So over her dead husband in fact that she burns the bed that belonged to the deceased Laird slept in.

David Hume and his family have been through devastation. His father and brother are executed and his step-mother has been taken hostage. David has now become the new Laird of Wedderburn and he is needs to have his step-mother freed, so her young sons can have their mother back and he wants to exact revenge on the Blackadders, by taking their castle and the widow, Lady Alison. Since taking over his lands and Hume Castle, David has gained quite the reputation for himself as the Beast of Wedderburn, a reputation for which he welcomes if it gains him the fear and all he covets.

Lady Alison is having trouble with her people. They show her no respect since their Laird showed none for her when he was alive, and Alison is at a loss with how to deal with them. When she asks her Douglas brothers for help, they quickly push her needs aside to take care of their own lives, leaving her people on the verge of starvation since her lands are being raided consistently by the Beast of Wedderburn. 

After laying siege and capturing Blackadder Castle, the Beast forces the Lady Alison to marry him to use her as a tool to gain all he wants, but when he sees the beauty, he is out of sorts and in for much more than he bargains for. If he thinks  that Alison is going to be a meek bride, he has no idea  what he is in for. Alison vows she will never be mistreated again, but this leads to quite a few misunderstandings between Alison and her new husband. She yearns for his trust, but when she makes a serious miscalculation when dealing with her family, she causes a rift that may never be able to be repaired between she and David. 

At each turn their sad pasts create a bitterness within them the each attempts to heal in the other, but with outside forces hoping to destroy all they attempt to gain, it will take a miracle and no less for David and Alison to come to terms with what has them at odds. 

CAPTURED BY A LAIRD  the first book in the Douglas Legacy series by the very talented Margaret Mallory is such a captivating read that I could not put it down once I began reading, David Hume's loss and Lady Alison's, so different, but such that it brings them both together. After making many mistakes in their new relationship, Alison tries to do all she can to tame David, but not so much that he loses all pride in himself. David's attempts to awaken the naive Alison while he cements his relationship to her, her daughters and his newly acquired people is a journey worth taking while reading each page of this touching tale. Revenge is what he seeks, but what the Laird of Wedderburn finds is so much more worthy in the end. I highly recommend this exhilarating story and I wait patiently (not) for the next installment of The Douglas Legacy by Margaret Mallory. 


Tuesday, September 9, 2014


After her friend Aimee disappears the night before Halloween in the small mountain town called Wolfe Creek when they stopped to gas up, Maggie does the one thing she promised her friend she would never do – she leaves.  Almost a year passes by the time the story begins, with no new leads and the investigators are no closer to finding Aimee, and Maggie is on her way back to Wolfe Creek determined to find her friend.  There she quickly becomes friends with local Candi, and gets close to Koda Wolfe, one of the deputies working on Aimee’s case.  Things quickly heat up and Maggie and Koda have to work together to figure out the puzzle of Aimee’s disappearance.

After only ten pages in, I was hooked on this story.  I read it almost straight through, pausing only to refresh my snacks, and I quickly felt like I had a personal stake in Maggie’s mission – her pain and determination became mine.  Kaylie Newell’s writing was able to grip me in a subtle but strong way that I haven’t felt from the last few novels I’ve read.  Her writing is not superfluous, but refreshingly straightforward and elegant, much like Maggie herself.

I really loved about this novel was that even though it’s in the paranormal genre, Newell puts the focus is on the characters and the search for Aimee rather than on supernatural abilities or forces that try to drive characters apart.  It’s wonderful to read a novel about characters and not abilities.

Each character’s drive is deep – Maggie’s desire to find her missing best friend; Koda’s desire to find Aimee, keep Maggie safe, and watch over his bad-boy younger brother – and it’s fascinating to watch unfold.  I thought I had the ending figured out, but I was wrong.  This novel is absolutely captivating; Newell’s charm works the characters into your heart until you can’t put the book down.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Which Alpha Athletes Are The Sexiest?

Jill Shalvis, author of It’s In His Kiss, makes the case why surfers are the sexiest Alpha athletes.

What makes MY surfer from It’s In His Kiss, Sam Wyatt, so sexy? Well his uniform of dangerously low slung board shorts, sunglasses, and a wicked smile, for one. And for two, he’s laid-back and easy-going and yet utterly and completely alpha at the same time. Shiver…

Are skiers the ultimate Alpha heroes? Sarah Morgan, author of Maybe This Christmas, explains why these daredevils are the most irresistible athletes.

Downhill ski racing is one of the most adventurous of all sports, combining speed and danger outdoors in conditions where nature can be at its most raw. My hero Tyler O’Neil from Maybe This Christmas, lives and breathes adventure. Until the accident that ended his career he regularly hurled himself head first down near vertical slopes at speeds approaching 90 miles per hour. His fearless, adventurous nature makes him one of the sexiest heroes I’ve written.

Bestselling author Jen Frederick’s hero Noah from Undeclared and “Undressed” is a former soldier who battles his way into the MMA. The author shares why fighters are the hottest athletes around.

He's confident. He knows what he wants and isn't afraid to pursue it no matter what the obstacles. Because he's so comfortable in his own skin, it doesn't matter what others think of you. He knows he's right about how sexy you are and how you DO NOT LOOK FAT in those jeans. He loves everything about you and those people who would judge you? He thinks they are dumb as rocks.

Sarina Bowen takes on heroes on ice to prove, once and for all, that hockey players are the most delicious athletes. What makes them the best?

Hockey players are always ready to receive the pass. Hartley, the hero of The Year We Fell Down has a new best friend across the hall. But Corey has been crushing on her too-delicious-to-be-real neighbor for months. Until one night when things fall apart. Or fall together. All Corey knows is that she's falling. Hard. It wasn't supposed to happen. But a hockey god has many skills: stick handling, stamina, and patience. And the drive to do whatever it takes to win her heart.

Author Kristen Callihan leaves it up to her hero Drew from The Hook Up to give readers a first hand look at why footballers are the most seductive athletes of them all.

Football is a highly physical game, and yet Drew isn’t just an athlete. He gives good conversation too…

“I think about it all the time. How soft will your lips be? What will they taste like? Will you make those sweet little noises like you do when we make love?”

Make love. I shiver. Drew.

I don’t even know if I’ve said his name aloud. It doesn’t matter because he just keeps talking, a confession that grows more urgent even as it slows down. “I want to kiss you so badly, I’d forgo the sex for a chance at your mouth. I love your mouth, Anna. The way your upper lip is like a bottom one, a plump, smooth curve that puffs out like a pout. I love your soft, pink, upside down mouth.”


Jill Shalvis’ bestselling Lucky Harbor series continues with three consecutive releases It’s In His Kiss (August), He’s So Fine (September), and One In A Million (October). Learn more about the books here: http://jillshalvis.com.

Maybe This Christmas, the third book in Sarah Morgan’s O’Neill Brothers series, releases this October. Get the inside information on this holiday tale that features hero and heroine athletes at Sarah’s website: http://sarahmorgan.com.

Jen Frederick’s bestselling New Adult Woodlands series includes Undeclared, Unspoken, Unraveled, and the upcoming Unrequited. Meet all of her heroes at http://jenfrederick.com.

Blind dates, unrequited love, sports, and Greek life. Return to college with Sarina Bowen’s Ivy Years series including The Year We Fell Down, The Year We Hid Away, and the upcoming The Understatement of the Year. Readers can reach the author at http://www.sarinabowen.com.

Award winning author Kristen Callihan breaks from her paranormal roots to release her first contemporary novel The Hook Up. One sexy footballer, one sassy heroine. Game on! Learn about all of Kristen’s books here: http://www.kristencallihan.com.



He charms her out of her innocence and makes her his mistress. He does the unthinkable and falls in love with her, but when she tells him she is pregnant with his child, he does the unthinkable and seeks out way to terminate her pregnancy. When Natasha Polinoff realizes Lord Marcus Templeton's intentions are, all in the name of preserving his inheritance, she escapes before Marcus destroys all her feelings for him.

Marcus' grandfather added codicil (modifications) to his will that indicates if Marcus fathers an illegitimate child, he loses his inheritance.How will he live without the money? But is the money worth losing his Natasha?  The minute Marcus calls Natasha a whore, he regrets it, but when he returns to apologize, he finds Natasha gone without a trace. Over the next five years, Marcus tries to find Natasha.

Finally, news arrives from an investigator that a woman with Natasha's description has been living in a village as a war widow, with a four year old daughter. Marcus seeks out Natasha, known as Mrs. Prothe in the village and Leona, his daughter. A stunned and angry Natasha attempts to run again even after Marcus apologizes and asks her to marry him. Marcus catches up to her he gives her the ultimatum, marry him or lose Leona. Well of course she is going to marry him, but now a whole load or more bad feelings emerge from Marcus' strong-handedness.

Remorse and sadness follow Marcus and Natasha to London, where so many things get in the way of these two coming to an understanding. A once hopeful Marcus believed that with time and his actions, Natasha would get over the past and come to love him again, loses hope and instead of staying and facing Natasha's coolness and indignation, runs off to do his grandfather's bidding, leaving Natasha to London and its gossip.

I began reading LORD OF REGRETS by Sabrina Darby and I immediately disliked Marcus, of course. Then Marcus tries to right his wrong and is thwarted in every direction. My feeling for him softened. I admired Natasha for standing up to Marcus and giving life to her beautiful daughter, Leona, then she had to run again, causing Marcus back into ogre mode. This book runs such a breadth of emotions. I loved Ms. Darby's characters, they are all interesting and endearing, they grabbed me and made me have a love/hate relationship with them all. Once Natasha escaped the would-be abortion that Marcus had planned for her, I was emotionally invested and couldn't put the book down. Both Marcus and Natasha's misunderstanding of each other is a huge part of this story and I admit I wish I could have knocked them both senseless at one point or another, but then where would the story be? I applaud Sabrina Darby for tackling a such a touchy subject, she did it very well. I really enjoyed this book. I had a girlfriend help me with dinner during the time I was reading this book and was compelled to tell her all about it. To me, that really makes a book, when I feel the need to share.


Saturday, September 6, 2014


Miss Emma Radcliffe, AKA Elizabeth Wainwright is on the run from a step-father who will stop at nothing to see her in his clutches, including having her formally accused for the murder of her own mother. Headed out West in a stagecoach without a companion, Emma finds herself in the midst of a robbery gone wrong. When she is saved from being raped by the attackers by lawman, Mitch Brady, she is in for more than she bargains for when he seeks to protect her, even from herself if necessary.

Once Mitch begins to get to know Elizabeth better, he knows she isn't being honest about many of the things she's told him about herself. Elizabeth doesn't realize that Mitch will discover her secrets all while his feeling for her evolve into much more than just wanting to protect her. Elizabeth has feeling for Mitch as well, but if he discovers what she has run from, will he understand? 

Emma/Elizabeth is a total fish out of water when she arrives into Montana Territory. She is a like-able character. I wish she was more confident. The handsome and honorable, Mitch Brady is the ultimate alpha. When there is danger around, you want a man like Mitch at your back. DESPERATE HEARTS by Rosanne Bittner is a very pleasing read. I look forward to reading more by this author, as this was the first book I have read.

Friday, September 5, 2014

A HIGHLANDER'S HEART (Highland Knights, Book 1) Jennifer Haymore

There are almost no words to express how much I love this woman's writing. I am always left in awe of Jennifer Haymore and even more-so now that I have read this novella that is filled with so much emotion I feel like I have been through a war.

Lady Claire Campbell told her husband that she hated him and she never wanted to see him again. Heeding his wife's revelation, he is sent to the Continent with the Highland Guard to fight Napoleon's army. Herself in pain, Claire practically tears out Robert's heart and stomps on it when she bids him to leave.

Major Sir Robert Campbell had been a simple Scotsman before he saved Wellington himself and was given a title. He then married Claire, who before this was out of his league socially until given the title. He thought they got on well until a tragedy happens that causes a rift the pair have no idea how to deal with. Rob has the army that calls him and he must obey, his honor insists upon it. When he is injured in battle he awakens on the bloody field to a sight he never thought he would never envision again. 

Claire knew that she should never have shouted the words she did to her husband before he went off to a battle he could potentially never return from. The guilt weighs so on her that she takes her sister and a maid on a quest to France, to the battlefield, to find Rob and apologize for her words. When Rob awakens and begins to recover from a terrible blow to his head, he cannot believe Claire has come to him and he can't fathom her intentions. After all that passed between them in the last year, he is wary of Claire since her words seemed so bitter and final. 

Upon returning to England, Rob has been given orders by his superiors that have him and his men stumped. Instead of reporting to the War Office, they have been given instructions to appear at the Home Office where they are presented with an offer he and the men find hard to refuse, but it will forever change their lives. Once alone with Claire, Rob and she flip back into the comfort of their missing intimacy only to repeat the pain of the year before. 

All Claire wanted was for Rob to care about what she went through, to mourn for the loss that so affected her. When she once again tells him to leave her alone and he does as asked, she feels all is lost. Rob must come to terms with his emotions and those of his wife, who he left so emotionally distraught, he doesn't know how or if they will recover.

Yes, A HIGHLANDER'S HEART by Jennifer Haymore is a novella, so eloquent and so complete, it tugs at your very heartstrings and doesn't let go. This story runs the gamut of emotions before being at ease in the end. Both characters are so wounded by a tragedy that no one should ever face. Claire's words hurt her husband more than she could ever understand and when she finally does, getting Rob to actually believe her apology is a journey in itself. Rob's total misunderstanding of Claire's pain and the way they both deal with it, makes this a compelling read, one that I most highly recommend. Jennifer Haymore is one of my favorite authors and I want more from this very talented author. 


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Howdy y'all!! So happy to have you swing by and say hello to author Callie Hutton. Ms. Hutton is the author of many Western Historical and Regency Romances, two of my favorite genres of romance. I am very happy to have her here on Book Obsessed Chicks Blog. For all of those stopping by, please leave a question or a comment for Callie Hutton for a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Don't forget to click on the Rafflecopter to enter, once you have left a comment! 

Anna Devlin, a recently jilted bounty hunter is a modern woman from the twenty-first century. She is anxious for the hearing that will reinstate her law enforcement career, but an encounter with a strange Native American woman sends Anna back in time to the year 1870. Federal Marshal Wesley Shannon of Denton, Kansas, has no idea where this woman with the strange clothing and way of speaking came from. Since he fights his own inner demons, the last thing he needs is an attraction to a woman who has given him no clear idea who she is. But when danger arrives in the form of stagecoach hold ups where drivers and passengers are being killed, Anna torments Wes with plans to help him bring in the outlaws. Will Wes be able to keep Anna out of harm's way, or will his attraction to her distract him enough that they are both in danger?

What Time Do You Like?
By: Callie Hutton

Since I was a little girl I’ve been fascinated by time travel. My children and I played a game when they were little. “If you can have any wish at all granted, what would it be?”  Well, of course my kids wanted favorite, out-of-our-reach toys, or trips to Disney World, or whatever. My answer was always the same: travel in time.

Now don’t get me wrong. If I could travel to times past I would be sure to pack antibiotics. But aside from that, I think I would like to live in a less chaotic, news in-your-face, we-better-hurry time period.

In my book, A Tumble Through Time, my heroine travels to the Old West and is appalled at how women are viewed in that time period. Of course, she makes a lot of trouble for the hero. She’s a jilted bounty hunter, and you can imagine how well received that information would be to an Old West alpha hero.

I sometimes wonder if the success of TV shows like Downton Abbey, Reign, Game of Thrones, and now the new Outlander, might be due to the fact that many people are fascinated with life in other time periods. I know I certainly am. But, if I was given the chance to time travel for real, would I?  You betcha.

Here is an excerpt from A Tumble Through Time:

Anna was quiet on the walk to the café. Her eyes darted back and forth as she took in the sights around her, all the time fiddling with her ring, spinning the silver and black circle round and round. She continued to draw in deep breaths and chew on her lower lip, occasionally muttering ‘not possible’ under her breath, as if fighting an internal battle. Her natural color seemed to have paled, the light dusting of freckles more prominent.

Once they’d settled in their seats at the café and ordered dried apple pie and coffee, Wes rested his forearms on the table. “Tell me a little bit about this ‘Tulsa.’”

Anna cleared her throat. “It’s in Oklahoma.” She flinched when he shrugged, still not sure what she was talking about.

“Oklahoma. You know, the state south of Kansas?”
He narrowed his eyes. “The only thing south of us is Indian Territory, then Texas.”

“No,” she whispered, her eyes round as saucers.

Wes nodded at the waitress as she placed cups of coffee and two cuts of pie in front of them. She glanced at Anna, who stared straight ahead, taking in shallow breaths.

Once the waitress left, Anna nodded, as if she’d made a decision. “Wes, can I ask you something?”


She looked him in the eye, seeming to draw strength from within herself. “What year is this?”

His forkful of pie stopped halfway to his mouth. “What?”

Anna licked her lips and cleared her throat. “Just tell me, please. What year is this?”

He frowned and lowered the fork. “It’s eighteen hundred and seventy. Why?”

Then he leapt forward as Anna’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and her slack body slid to the floor.

The USA Today best selling author of The Elusive Wife writes both Western Historical and Regency romance, with “historic elements and sensory details” (The Romance Reviews). She also pens an occasional contemporary or two. Callie lives in Oklahoma with several rescue dogs, two adult children, and daughter-in-law (thankfully all not in the same house), and her top cheerleader husband of thirty-eight years. She also recently welcomed twin grandsons to her ever expanding family. Callie loves to hear from readers, and would welcome you as a “friend” on Facebook. You can contact her through her website: www.calliehutton.com, or write her directly at calliehutton11@gmail.com