Monday, September 8, 2014


He charms her out of her innocence and makes her his mistress. He does the unthinkable and falls in love with her, but when she tells him she is pregnant with his child, he does the unthinkable and seeks out way to terminate her pregnancy. When Natasha Polinoff realizes Lord Marcus Templeton's intentions are, all in the name of preserving his inheritance, she escapes before Marcus destroys all her feelings for him.

Marcus' grandfather added codicil (modifications) to his will that indicates if Marcus fathers an illegitimate child, he loses his inheritance.How will he live without the money? But is the money worth losing his Natasha?  The minute Marcus calls Natasha a whore, he regrets it, but when he returns to apologize, he finds Natasha gone without a trace. Over the next five years, Marcus tries to find Natasha.

Finally, news arrives from an investigator that a woman with Natasha's description has been living in a village as a war widow, with a four year old daughter. Marcus seeks out Natasha, known as Mrs. Prothe in the village and Leona, his daughter. A stunned and angry Natasha attempts to run again even after Marcus apologizes and asks her to marry him. Marcus catches up to her he gives her the ultimatum, marry him or lose Leona. Well of course she is going to marry him, but now a whole load or more bad feelings emerge from Marcus' strong-handedness.

Remorse and sadness follow Marcus and Natasha to London, where so many things get in the way of these two coming to an understanding. A once hopeful Marcus believed that with time and his actions, Natasha would get over the past and come to love him again, loses hope and instead of staying and facing Natasha's coolness and indignation, runs off to do his grandfather's bidding, leaving Natasha to London and its gossip.

I began reading LORD OF REGRETS by Sabrina Darby and I immediately disliked Marcus, of course. Then Marcus tries to right his wrong and is thwarted in every direction. My feeling for him softened. I admired Natasha for standing up to Marcus and giving life to her beautiful daughter, Leona, then she had to run again, causing Marcus back into ogre mode. This book runs such a breadth of emotions. I loved Ms. Darby's characters, they are all interesting and endearing, they grabbed me and made me have a love/hate relationship with them all. Once Natasha escaped the would-be abortion that Marcus had planned for her, I was emotionally invested and couldn't put the book down. Both Marcus and Natasha's misunderstanding of each other is a huge part of this story and I admit I wish I could have knocked them both senseless at one point or another, but then where would the story be? I applaud Sabrina Darby for tackling a such a touchy subject, she did it very well. I really enjoyed this book. I had a girlfriend help me with dinner during the time I was reading this book and was compelled to tell her all about it. To me, that really makes a book, when I feel the need to share.


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  1. So I add another book to my list since this one sounds like one I'd really enjoy. Now when am I going to find the time to read all these good books???