Tuesday, September 16, 2014


In SAVED BY A SEAL, the second story in the HOT SEALS series by Cat Johnson, Navy SEAL, Zane Alexander must buck up and go to his rich father to ask for help. After ten years of active duty, Zane and his teammates want to open their security company and they need a million dollars in start-up costs that Zane's father just has floating around. Only problem, Zane and his father have been on the outs since Zane joined  Navy, so much so that the elder Alexander cut his son off financially.

When Zane shows up at his father's office for a meeting about the funds needed, George Alexander gives his son some terms that may be too much to agree upon. Mr. Alexander wants Zane to date and marry Missy Greenwood, a local senator's daughter and a friend of the Alexander family. Missy, five years Zane's junior had a pretty big crush on him before he joined the military, but ten years is a long time to pine over a guy. Zane wants to do right by his team and will do pretty much anything to get that funding. The self proclaimed love 'em and leave 'em type, Zane shudders and the prospect of a relationship.

Missy Greenwood is getting ready for her teaching stint in Nigeria. She has volunteered to teach English in the volatile country. After finally reacquainting himself with Missy and liking the woman she has become, he begins to worry that her going to Nigeria is not such a good thing. Missy, finally getting the attention of her teenage crush and shes take her chance to try to get Zane where she wants him.  Zane being relationship phobic does something more than stupid, and Missy leaves the U.S. for her trip.

Back at work, Zane and his crew are apprised of a situation in Nigeria. A group or girls and their teachers have been taken by force and will most likely be sold into slavery. When Zane hears Missy's name among the list, he springs into action to save not only her, but the relationship he threw away. 

SAVED BY A SEAL is an exciting and very appealing continuation to the Hot Seals series by Cat Johnson. Hunk and a half Zane Alexander has been on his own for so long, he doesn't recognize a keeper when he sees one, nor does he believe he deserves that good thing. His father's expectations of him are a bitter reminder of how he has let his family down, but he neither lets his friends down, nor the beauty he intends to save from a terrible fate. Missy Greenwood is a breath of fresh air for a society girl. One minute she can wear designer duds and then next combat boots. She was attracted to Zane when she was just a teen, but she is even more attracted to the man he has become. Once he tells her of his father's terms, she doesn't run for the hills, but Zane does. I loved this story. Cat Johnson has told a complete tale with such few words, a tale that will stick with me and makes me yearn for the next one.



  1. If the author of the book is Cat Johnson then I have got to read it. I know I am going to devour this one.

  2. Love anything written by Cat Johnson. Can't wait to read this book.