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Caught By A Cowboy (Cameron Ranch) by Felice Fox Q&A AND GIVEAWAY!!!

Luke and Lita have been together a year and both are eager to cement that relationship with a marriage, but Luke wants Lita to prove her love for him in a rather unconventional way. On the anniversary of their first kiss, Luke and Lita head to a bar to find that one thing that has been missing in their lives. Luke is hot to watch his girlfriend  have mind-blowing sex with another man of her choice, a stranger she will choose who must have certain requirements before Luke is in accord with their little adventure. 

When Lita finds just the candidate for their erotic escapade, what happens in the cabin they have chosen for their adventure is a definite eye opener and a very sexy slice of life between two people who in their own way have committed themselves to one another in a very unorthodox way.

After reading this very sexy short story I was in definite need of a cold shower. It's a very sultry scene of impressive proportions and I most certainly want more!


Welcome to Book Obsessed Chicks and thank you for answering my questions.

Thank you so much for having me!

1.            Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a big fan of bluegrass and country music (though a terrible line dancer), and a lover of all things woodsy and romantic. Hold Me Together, my first Cameron Ranch story, was an Amazon #1 bestseller and Hot New Release. It has been described as a “danger to panties everywhere” (Herding Cats & Burning Soup) and “not for the faint of heart” (Fresh Fiction). My fiction debut, Take Me for Longing, has been an Amazon bestseller since it’s release in 2012 and my second title, It’s Just Sext, became an instant Amazon #1 bestseller.

2.            When and how did you know you wanted to be a writer?

When I was in first grade, my teacher gave me a copy of Where the Sidewalk Ends and told me she saw a poet in me. So, I guess I must have know then. When I was ten, I caught the kissing disease and spent a month in bed daydreaming. The stories I imagined were always romances, though it was a few more years before I had the courage to write them down.

3.            Tell us about your upcoming work?

I'm currently working on the 4th and 5th titles in the Cameron Ranch series. Next up is Dark Lashes (Abel's story), and McKenna's story (title to be determined--got any ideas? ;-))

4.            Do you have any mentors? Heroes?

Yes! I'm truly blessed to have been mentored by both Roz Lee and Eden Bradley. They are incredibly talented authors and great friends.

5.            Can you tell us your favorite character from your books so far and why?

Yes! Abel Cameron is my favorite. He's dark, deep and delicious. Of all the Cameron brothers, he's the most conflicted and hardest to love. He gives in to his depravity, body and soul, and takes first Holly, and then Talia with him...And all the while I wish it were me. ;-)

6.            Was it difficult for you to get published?

I'd been a software and web producer for 15 years before my first book was published. I felt I knew how to put a product and team together, so indie publishing was an easy decision for me. It's tricky being the creative person and the producer/project manager, but I'm very fortunate to have an amazing editor, graphic artists and devoted beta readers on my team.

7.            Who are your favorite authors/reads?

Lorelei James is my favorite! I got to meet her last year and had a complete fan girl melt down moment in which I cried and she hugged me. She's awesome.

8.            Hobbies?

Like most of you, top of my list is reading! I like to run and just spend time in cafes people-watching (I know that's not exactly a hobby, but it's what I do most when I'm not writing.).

9.            What is your dream job?

Romance novelist!

10.          Do you have any favorite TV shows?

I'm still in love with 30 Rock--that's my go-to show to watch while I'm on the treadmill. I just finished consuming Sons of Anarchy (hm, I might need to go back up to that hobby question and add 'drooling over Charlie Hunnam to my answer).

11.          What’s next for you?

I have a few more titles to finish in the Cameron Ranch series. I'm fascinated by open or "monogamish" relationships, so I'll continue to explore the way couples re-define commitment and the happily-ever-after in future titles.

12.          Where can we find you?




13.          What would you like readers to know about you?

I love connecting with readers and hearing about what you love and want to read next. Also, I could always use a buddy to go to the rodeo or bull riding events with me, so if you're in town, message me! And thank you so much for checking out my naughty little love stories!


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COMING IN 2015!!!!

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Don’t miss your chance to enter the giveaway! Win an autographed copy of Viper and Hawk, with a couple of can koozies from K&K Motorcycles, the Sons of Sangue’s shop.


Grayson “Gypsy” Gabor loves the ladies. As a matter of fact, the more the merrier. Life is good. That is until a mishap with a sexy as hell redhead leaves them mated. The eldest of vampires, Vlad Tepes, gives him a choice: keep her or give her up for all eternity to his one-time best friend, Anton.

Tamera Cantrell sets her sights on the Vice President of the Sons of Sangue, Gypsy. One night gone wrong, and she finds herself in the middle of one vampire who hates her and one who adores her. She’s left with three months to prove to the one who despises her that he can’t live without her.

Add in one Mexican Cartel, a vindictive primordial vampire, and a rival MC out for blood, and Gypsy has his hands full with club business. When Tamera’s life becomes endangered, Gypsy must act quick or chance losing her forever.


Viper and Hawk purchase links:



Sons of Sangue YouTube video link: http://youtu.be/mVx1I_ezl40

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Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover (The Rules of Scoundrels #4) by Sarah MacLean

From the very beginning, I always knew there was something very special about the elusive and calculating, Chase. Now with NEVER JUDGE A LADY BY HER COVER by the very gifted, Sarah MacLean, all finally comes to light with this brilliant tale of intrigue.

For her daughter's sake she must marry. Lady Georgiana's fall from grace by having a daughter out of wedlock ten years ago was tolerable when she was away from the ton's eyes and ears and her precious daughter was too young to know better, but now with the publication of a cartoon depicting Georgiana and her daughter, the ruination is fresh and she is back to be once again the ton's target for gossip. Feeling the only way to recompense her nine year old daughter is to marry a titled gentleman who will look the other way at Georgiana's extracurricular activities, she once again puts herself in the spotlight while she fixes her sights on the man who could help her gain what she wants.

Owning several of London's top newspapers, Duncan West's insights on the ton can make or break a man or woman. However, the regret he feels for publishing the cartoon of Lady Georgiana runs deep enough for Duncan to want to make it right. When he sees lady Georgiana at a ball fend for herself against the overt ridicule by ladies of the ton, his admiration for her multiplies exponentially and his suit to help her back into the ton's good faith begins. Hence an affinity between Duncan and Lady Georgiana begins, but not only in the business sense for she intrigues Duncan like no other before and the lady feels an attraction to the handsome magnate as well. 

For years Duncan West and Chase of the Fallen Angel gaming hell have had a symbiotic relationship dealing in information. Chase's go-between, Anna and he have had a glowing kinship until Duncan discovers her true identity. Once Duncan realizes who Anna is, his determination to free her from Chase is paramount. When Duncan's past comes to collect a favor not only his life, but the life he has fought for his sister to have is in jeopardy and the only way out is to expose Chase's identity and perhaps put an end to the Fallen Angel and those inevitably associated with it as well.

When it comes down to exposing a traitor or outing one's true love to unfavorable consequences, which is the lesser of two evils? NEVER JUDGE A LADY BY HER COVER by Sarah MacLean is a prime example of the trials and tribulations associated with such an endeavor, and oh what an example it is!

Such sadness is seeing a series that really cemented  my love for Regency Romance come to an end. Sarah MacLean's Rule of Scoundrels series is the epitome of well written and intriguing romance. Ms. MacLean  really sets the bar for me and this finale with NEVER JUDGE A LADY BY HER COVER is a shining star. Duncan West is the ultimate alpha male for me. Never apologizing for how high he has come, up until he comes to know the very lady who makes him want to fall. Lady Georgiana's class and determination to protect her own like a fierce lioness makes her one of my favorite heroines ever. A lady with so many masks and so much on her shoulders, there's only so much she can take, but instead of being inundated she thrives. Seeing all the heroes and heroines in all the past Rules of Scoundrels finally come into their own and be happily settled is a highlight in this book, as well as seeing Georgiana open herself to a love she has insisted would never come her way. NEVER JUDGE A LADY BY HER COVER by Sarah MacLean is now one of my favorite novels and one that I hope becomes a favorite of many.


The Sound Of Your Name (Cameron Ranch) by Felice Fox

Bull rider, Brody Cameron is on the tail-end of a pretty bad losing streak and he doesn't know what to do about it until he ends up in a utility closet with a sexy woman who rocks his world. No words pass between them, just an unconventional intimacy that ends said losing streak.

New Yorker and reporter, Ellie Donovan AKA Elsie, leaves the comfort of the big city to follow around bull riders and stock contractors in search of a story for the magazine she works for. Ellie is no way was interested in this job, but when she comes face to face with too hot to handle Brody, her libido jumps into top gear and this pint sized beauty does things with Brody she never could have imagined before.

Brody is so desperate to help his family and their ranch that has fallen into financial straits that when the bombshell of Elsie helps him bring home the bacon with nary a word between them, superstition has him repeating the winning combination even though his heart is telling him otherwise. The more time these two unlikely lovers spend together, the more Brody realizes that there is more to Elsie than eight seconds on a bull.   

The Sound Of Your Name by Felice Fox is a delightful diversion from the day to day. This sexy novella is sure to whet your whistle and have the reader asking for more stories from Ms. Fox. Although it is a short, it is quite thorough and very entertaining. Bad boy Brody sees the error of his way when he meets his passionate match in Elsie/Ellie and when he is faced with losing his lucky charm, his awakening helps him regain the true prize he truly deserves. I enjoyed The Sound Of Your Name by Felice Fox.


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A Spy Unmasked (In The Crown's Secret Service #1) by Tina Gabrielle

Her inventor father was murdered and she has an inkling of who did it, but no evidence to back it up. So Lady Sophia Merrill sets out to find the evidence against the perpetrator by braking into his study and acquiring the evidence against Viscount Delmont, but she is foiled when someone else gets there first.

Industrious and cocksure  Robert Ware, the new Earl of Kirkland has a colorful background which includes spying for the crown. When Robert discovers the pretty young woman trying to obtain secrets he is after, they both must make their escape before they are found out. When Robert brings the unwilling lady to his superior, the Marquess Wendover's  home, he discovers her identity.

Sophia insists she will not stop until she brings her father's murderers to justice, so a plan is concocted for Robert and Sophia to pose as a betrothed couple to gain access to an extended party at the home of Viscount Delmont n the company of the London Inventor's Society. There they will assist one another find the evidence to bring Delmont down, but the more time that Robert spends in Sophia's company, the more attracted he becomes of her and that is bad for him. He has sworn off women after his wife's untimely death and chooses a celibate life, but Sophia Merrill is a detriment to that celibacy. 

Each day that goes by gets Sophia and Robert deeper into the mystery and close to uncovering the crime that led to her father's murder and those who will stop at nothing to prevent the crime from coming to light. Each minute spent in each other's company reveals an attraction for one another that neither Robert nor Sophia can deny. Can that attraction come to fruition for the man who pushes women away, or will Sophia be the one to crack that wall that Robert has so expertly built around his heart. Only by reading A Spy Unmasked by Tina Gabrielle, will you find out.


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Witness Protection (The Campbells of Creek Bend #1) by Barb Han

Doing the right thing led her giving up her life and two years in the witness protection program. Now Sadie Brooks is in danger and the only one who can help her is U.S. Marshall, Nick Campbell.

Life for Sadie Brooks has never really been easy, but after a terrifying abduction and testifying against the criminal who masterminded it, going into the program, she's gotten used to living in the small town with her big. lazy dog, Boomer and her job in a bakery.

Nick Campbell has been undercover as a radiologist in Sadie's town. He has been keeping an eye on her, trying to keep her safe without her knowledge, but her safety in this town has come to an abrupt end when the bakery goes up in flames and Nick's cover is blown while getting Sadie out alive. Grimes, the criminal she had put away with her testimony has escaped from prison and he is Hell bent on murdering Sadie, and now Nick as well since he is trying to be her savior.

Without a moment to lose, Nick takes Sadie to his family ranch where she will be surrounded by his siblings and their spouses who are in one way or another are involved with professions that uphold the law. Sadie is against this plan, because it would inevitably put Nick's family in danger, but Nick overrides Sadie. When Nick introduces Sadie as his fiancee to his family, they are surprised but eager to get to know the lady who has finally gotten to Nick. The deception however bothers Sadie. he life since the abduction has just been one big lie and it's become tiresome. 

Somehow in the whole mess of Nick protecting Sadie from certain death, feelings for one another come to a head and even with so much going on around them every second of the day, they both come to realize that he and she mean more to one another than they ever could have planned.  Can they both overcome the evil that is so set out for their destruction and come out strong? Will both Nick and Sadie put aside the hurt from their pasts long enough to understand that what they have is real and can last? The exciting,Witness Protection by Barb Han gives us the answers to the questions and so much more. Grab your copy of Witness Protection and get ready for one bumpy ride! Barb Han is not only a wonderful writer, but she is an amazing person with a bright and shining personality. She is so gracious to her readers it's so easy to delve into her books and get lost in the excitement. Looking forward to so much more from this lady in the future.


HEATING IT UP, One Hero at a Time

This LIMITED EDITION BOXED SET contains seven sensual, full-length novels.

NIGHT STORM by Tracey Devlyn
A promising young apothecary picks up the pieces of her life, only to collide with the ruthless thief-taker who once shattered her dreams and her heart.

RAFE'S REDEMPTION by Jennifer Jakes
He rode into town to buy supplies, not a woman…

A heart's destiny cannot be denied when a daring Union spy abducts a beautiful runaway bride he suspects of being a traitor.

A warrior on a mission is tempted by an alluring lass, and though she's been forbidden she'll break every rule for the pleasure of his
intoxicating kiss.

CAMERON by Lane McFarland
To heal a warrior’s heart takes patience. But to resist a warrior’s
heart takes fortitude.

Blackmailing her way onto a ship of gunrunners bound for the Caribbean, Samantha Etheridge proves to be more than a mere opportunistic reporter to Captain Sean Nolan--perhaps even a first mate.

Proving his worth to the woman he loves might cost them both their lives.

Purchase Links:
Amazon Kindle:  http://tinyurl.com/qge3xbk
Apple iBooks:  http://tinyurl.com/or9vgb4
Barnes & Noble Nook:  http://tinyurl.com/lee45dj
Google Play:  http://tinyurl.com/oe6jc5a
Kobo:  http://tinyurl.com/n3tezs7



In this scene from Secrets, Spies & Sweet Little Lies, the heroine binds her captor’s wound—an injury he sustained during her abduction. Driven by compassion as well as the realization that the woods surrounding his forest hideaway present dangers she’s never encountered in the city, she tends Cole’s wound, only to experience an unexpected touch of tenderness at the hands of a man she regards as an enemy.

“Now, please remove your shirt.”
“I understand,” he said, the humor ebbing from his tone as he unfastened the closures on the four-button placket. He pulled the garment over his head, then draped it on the back of a chair.
Her mouth went dry.
From his powerful shoulders to the flat planes of his abdomen, her captor was all lean muscle and bronzed skin. Copper-tinged brown hair dusted his broad chest, tapering to a line that disappeared beneath his trousers. A scar the size of a dollar coin marked the flesh directly beneath his collarbone. A bullet wound, most likely. But he’d survived. He was a fighter.
Gingerly pressing her fingers to his skin, she examined the wound. He tensed beneath her touch. Invisible claws dug into her belly, piercing deeper as he sucked in a ragged breath.
Blood flowed from an uneven gash in his upper arm, staining his skin from shoulder to elbow. The bullet had not become embedded. The punishing claws eased their grip on her insides.
He seemed to read her expression. “I got lucky this time. I told you it was a flesh wound. I know what it feels like when a slug enters you.”
The image of a bullet tearing into his body startled her with sickening intensity. She pushed the thought far to the back of her mind and glanced around the cabin. “I need a knife.”
A glint of humor returned to Cole’s eyes. “Going to finish the job?”
“I need to fashion a bandage. The cloth you used on your arm isn’t at all suitable.”
“I’d planned to gag you with that rag if you started to scream.” His brows lifted. “Still intend to act as my nurse?”
The revelation doused any sympathy. Still, she couldn’t have his strength depleted. If a bear happened by, she might need Cole to defend her, at least until she could retrieve her gun.
“Unfortunately, that changes nothing.” She extended her hand, palm up. “A knife, please. Surely you have one on your person.”
“What self-respecting desperado would be caught without one?” He pulled a folding knife from his pocket.
Flashing a scowl, she took the knife in hand and got to work. Wasting no time on modesty, she hiked her outer skirt to expose her corded petticoat.
His hooded eyes watched with masculine interest. “This almost makes it worth getting shot.”
Ignoring him, she sliced the bottom of her petticoat into strips, then poured water into a basin and saturated a few pieces of fabric. “The wound needs to be cleaned. Where is your soap?”
He nodded toward a canvas bag he’d dropped at the entrance of the cabin. She rummaged in the bag until she found a cake of lye soap, then cleaned and dried the gash.
Emma tore another strip from her petticoat. “Extend your arm.” she said. With any luck, he wouldn’t notice her hands’ slight trembling.
He complied with her instruction, stretching his arm out and holding it steady while she wrapped the wound.
His skin was slightly rough beneath her fingertips while the densely packed muscle was warm and taut with restrained power. She’d never looked at a man before, not like this, and now she stood so close, touching him as her pulse thundered in her ears. Her behavior was scandalous, but she had no choice. His wound had to be tended, and necessity dictated she sacrifice at least a bit of her modesty.
Strangely quiet, he pulled on his shirt. Had her unladylike behavior taken him aback? Her aunt was right. Even a desperado would find her actions shocking.
But when he looked at her, he regarded her with a look of respect. For the briefest of moments, it was easy to forget he was a man she should fear.
“You’re a surprising woman. I hadn’t expected such…resourcefulness.”
Steadying her hands, Emma smoothed her skirt back into place. Now that she’d finished the task, the intimacy of their contact flooded over her. His skin felt so warm, and he smelled clean and healthy and…male. Her thoughts wandered to the crisp dark curls on his chest. Would the texture match the slight coarseness of the hair sprinkled over his forearms?
He took her hand, silently examining her fingers. “It’s my turn,” he said after a long moment.
“What do you mean?”
“You’re bleeding. You must have cut yourself when you attacked your petticoat.”
Emma blinked. Crimson surrounded the tip of her index finger. She hadn’t even felt the knife slice into her.
He released her and went to the wash basin. After replacing its contents with fresh water from the pitcher, he moistened a few strips of fabric she’d cut from her petticoat and came back to where she stood.
His forehead furrowed as he cupped his hand around hers. Awareness of his touch rippled through her. No trace of brutality there. Only gentleness. She had no words to describe it. If he had been any other man, she would have thought his actions tender, but the notion was ridiculous. The man was her captor, not her lover.
She jerked away. He frowned. Did he think he’d hurt her? But then, he took her hand again. Brushing his thumb over her palm in a circular motion, he moved slowly, deliberately.
“Relax, Miss Davenport. Let me take care of you.”

Book Blurb:

Love Across the Ages...Seven best-selling and award-winning authors bring readers historical romantic adventures set in Medieval Scotland, Regency England, Civil War America, the Wild West, and Gilded Age America. We’re Heating It Up one hero at a time with Scottish Highlanders, Regency Rakes, Civil War Spies, Mountain Men & Sexy Smugglers.

Author Extras:

1.    What do you love about the era(s) in which you write?
I am drawn to the Victorian era, an exciting time of great social, technological and scientific progress. Women were tearing down boundaries and restrictions on their education and lifestyles, while advances in industry and professions enabled men to establish themselves in society despite their status at birth. The Victorian era was a time of great change and passion, and I love the possibilities for bringing together a powerful man and a strong woman who can stand toe-to-toe with him, discovering the love that will enrich their lives and make them both even stronger as individuals.

During the Victorian era, the Civil War years were a time of great upheaval and turmoil in America. I love writing books set against the backdrop of the Civil War because there was so much intrigue and passion during this conflict. Petticoat spies used seduction as a weapon, and espionage and technology innovations were crucial to both sides. The potential for conflict and passion between heroes and heroines is so rich in stories set during the Civil War, it’s one of my favorite eras for historical romance.

2.    What one thing can readers expect from your books?
My readers can count on a love story that takes the hero and heroine on a sensuous and romantic adventure of the heart—danger, intrigue, and a pinch of humor blend in a passionate romance.

Author Bio:
Award-winning author Tara Kingston writes romance laced with intrigue, danger, and adventures of the heart. A Southern Navy brat transplanted to a quaint Pennsylvania town, she lives her own love story with her real-life hero in a cozy Victorian. The mother of two sons, Tara’s a former librarian whose love of books is evident in her popping-at-the-seams bookcases and collection of unusual bookmarks. It goes without saying that Tara’s husband is thankful for the invention of digital books, thereby eliminating the need for yet another bookcase.
When she’s not writing, reading, or burning dinner, Tara enjoys cycling, hiking, and cheering on her favorite football team. Learn more about Tara at www.tarakingston.com.

Author’s Website:  www.tarakingston.com
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTaraKingston
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/TaraKingston115
Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/Tara_Kingston


Giveaway Info:
$100 gift card to any online bookstore of the winner’s choice. International.

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A Christmas Reunion by Susanna Fraser

Growing up knowing he never really belonged to the family made Gabriel understanding of the plight of a wayward orphan he takes in and brings home with him for the holidays to England. Gabriel hasn't been back to England since joining the military. Leaving abruptly years before after being caught in a compromising position with a trusted friend, Gabriel doesn't know if after all this time he can face her.

 Lady Cat Trevilan has decided to marry someone she is not in love with. Like many of the marriages of the ton, she is resigning herself to a life of comfort and mutual respect, but not of passion and excitement, how she felt when she was found in Gabriel's arms all those years before.

When Gabriel returns before Cat's impending marriage, it's very difficult for them to hide the passion they still feel for one another. Both Gabriel and Cat want to do the right thing by their family and friends, but sometimes good intentions go awry in the wake of feelings that have their own wings.

A Christmas Reunion by Susanna Fraser is a lovely Christmas novella that takes two people so perfect for one another, but torn apart and shows them making amends for the mistakes of the past to forge their way into a future they can both look forward to.


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Tall, Dark and Royal (The Renegade Royals #2.5) by Vanessa Kelly

It's almost obsessive how much I love the Renegade Royals series by Vanessa Kelly. Tall, Dark and Royal is no exception, even though it's a novella, it is superb.  I always knew that English spymaster, Dominic Hunt had to have his own HEA. From the first, he has always cared for those around him, even if he never outwardly shows it. Once Chloe Steele returns from her self-imposed exile after so much heartache in her life, Dominic begins to come to life in her presence.

When Dominic is summoned because of a break-in at the manor where Chloe runs a home for pregnant and wayward ladies, he sees no other option but to protect her from herself. Chloe has always been a survivor, even after leaving her son behind to escape an emotional ruin of a life with an abusive man. Now back in her son's life Chloe is slowly regaining the life she missed out on in hiding, and the one thing that she yearned for was the love of a man. 

Dominic has been in love with Chloe since they were little more than children and her leaving him so many years ago didn't extinguish the feelings he had for her. Now that she is back in his life and needs protection from some unsavory characters, he will not let her go. Dominic must find a way to burrow his way into Chloe's heart, grab on and jolt the lady from the shields she's built around her.  Both Chloe and Dominic are no longer those children with stars in their eyes, they are two mature adults who deserve the comfort of each other's arms.

I have been a big fan of Dominic Hunt's since the very first, in Vanessa Kelly's Lost In A Royal Kiss. It's been his overbearing and methodical character that has made me love the Renegade Royals so much. Chloe's life has never been easy, but she rises so far above the expectations she has set for herself and never backs down from a fight. I adore these two who so very much deserve their happy ending. Vanessa Kelly's writing has wormed its way into my heart and Tall,Dark and Royal makes me a very happy reader. I highly recommend this story and I hope that you all will pick up each and every book in this series and savor them as I have. I eagerly await the next installment of the Renegade Royals and Vanessa Kelly's masterful storytelling. 


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Cowboy's Christmas Promise: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance by Maggie McGinnis

As I lay awake in my living room finishing up the last words written by Maggie McGinnis in her latest book, A Cowboy's Christmas Promise, I glance at the clock and realize that in a few hours the birds with be singing outside my bedroom window and a few hours is all the sleep I'm going to get. I'm not worried though, because A Cowboy's Christmas Promise is totally worth the puffy eyes and yawns this morning. 

Hayley Scampini is a veterinarian with a thriving practice in Boston. If it weren't for the constant cat patients, she actually might enjoy her practice. When she takes some much needed time off to be in her friend, Kyla's wedding in the beautiful state of Montana, she not only returns to the majestic countryside and her friends, but also meets handsome veterinarian, Daniel McKee. As much as she likes what she sees, she also wants to run the other way, because her history with men and relationships is a big zero. From her own mother's relationship with men, she has gained a total mistrust of the opposite sex, especially since her step-father ran off with Hayley's step-sisters fifteen years before, leaving her bereft and without family to hold on to.

Widower and single father, Daniel McKee could no longer stay in Denver with the constant memory of the wife he lost to cancer tow years before. Taking his beloved twins to Montana and setting up shop as the local vet is giving his lonely life a bit of meaning while catering to all the needs of his beautiful little girls. Daniel loved his wife so much, that he is sure he will never find anyone to come close to share a relationship like he shared with her. Hardworking Daniel spends a great deal of time taking care of his equine patients and not enough time for himself, but at least he is back in the fold with his own people, family and friends, instead of the bitter mother-in-law determined to wreak havoc on his life with his girls.

Once introduced by the bride and groom though, Hayley and Daniel can't keep their eyes off one another and as much as they attempt to deny it, the sparks begin to fly. Not only do they admire each other's looks and demeanor, but they each admire the other professionally. Hayley loves all the work Daniel does with the horses and she yearns to be able to do the same, instead of cater to the feline population of Boston, but she made a promise to her uncle that she would take over his practice and she feels beholden to that promise. Daniel doesn't ever want to feel the loss of another loved one again, but shutting himself off from Hayley is not really working out the way he thought and Hayley's insistence she can't have a long lasting relationship begins to crumble. Can these two people who so obviously to everyone around them care for one another get their lives together and begin again? Or are they going to let the losses they have suffered rule their lives forever? 

A Cowboy's Christmas Promise by the fresh-voiced author by the name of Maggie McGinnis is a fabulous read. Both Daniel and Hayley have suffered losses that  change their perceptions and their outlooks on their futures, but with the help of two spunky little twins who never lack energy and a group of friends determined to see them happy, Daniel and Hayley begin to see the light. I love the promise of hope, the silly wedding theme which I will not mention, and the bet that brings Hayley back to Montana for Christmas and the HEA they both deserve. Ms. McGinnis is a wonderful writer who I cannot wait to read more from and since this was the first book I happily did read, I have grabbed her first book, The Accidental Cowgirl off the shelf, where it has been sitting since I received a copy of it at RT and am about to crack the spine ( I NEVER crack the spine, I gently open). I urge you to grab anything this author writes because she may make you cry, but you will end up with a smile when all is said and done.


Monday, November 17, 2014

His Saving Grace (Secrets & Seduction, #4) by Sharon Cullen

This emotionally charged novel is not for the slight of heart. His Saving Grace by Sharon Cullen is tale fraught with sadness as well as hope.

Lady Grace Ashworth has been in mourning for the beloved husband she lost during the Crimean War. Being expelled to the Dower House by her inconsiderate brother-in-law, Nigel, the new Earl of Blackbourne.  Expulsion, however is not enough for Nigel. He wants Grace to be someone else's financial responsibility, so he arranges a marriage for her, less than a year after losing her Michael. Grace is astonished at Nigel's lack of consideration for her. Michael was her one true love, and losing him tore her heart to shreds.

Just when Grace is about to accept her lot in life and give in to Nigel's demands, the unbelievable happens. Appearing in front of her, in the flesh and very much alive is her husband Michael. After her complete disbelief wanes and she realizes that Michael is in fact alive, she comes to find that this Michael is a very changed one due to the ravages of war.

Michael, the Earl of Blackbourne has been through much since he left for war. After being left for dead by his regiment. a Cossack saves him and nurses him through near death. Michael has suffered a severe brain injury and finds even simple tasks most difficult, if not impossible. Once he remembers who he is, he does not return home immediately, and once he does, he isn't quite sure that it was the right thing to do after all. For as much as he loves his wife and she him, will it be enough to overcome the fact that their lives will never be the same?

Has Saving Grace by Sharon Cullen is a wonderful story with its up and downs. It's a life lesson, showing us that love can truly make up for many discrepancies in one's life. Watching Grace take was she is given and make the best of it is fabulous. It doesn't matter to her that Michael may be different and needs her help, all she care about is that he is alive and so is their love. Convincing Michael that's all that matters however, is the journey of this story. A beautiful story with it's sadness and triumph, His Saving Grace by Sharon Cullen is so worth the possible tears.