Monday, November 24, 2014

The Sound Of Your Name (Cameron Ranch) by Felice Fox

Bull rider, Brody Cameron is on the tail-end of a pretty bad losing streak and he doesn't know what to do about it until he ends up in a utility closet with a sexy woman who rocks his world. No words pass between them, just an unconventional intimacy that ends said losing streak.

New Yorker and reporter, Ellie Donovan AKA Elsie, leaves the comfort of the big city to follow around bull riders and stock contractors in search of a story for the magazine she works for. Ellie is no way was interested in this job, but when she comes face to face with too hot to handle Brody, her libido jumps into top gear and this pint sized beauty does things with Brody she never could have imagined before.

Brody is so desperate to help his family and their ranch that has fallen into financial straits that when the bombshell of Elsie helps him bring home the bacon with nary a word between them, superstition has him repeating the winning combination even though his heart is telling him otherwise. The more time these two unlikely lovers spend together, the more Brody realizes that there is more to Elsie than eight seconds on a bull.   

The Sound Of Your Name by Felice Fox is a delightful diversion from the day to day. This sexy novella is sure to whet your whistle and have the reader asking for more stories from Ms. Fox. Although it is a short, it is quite thorough and very entertaining. Bad boy Brody sees the error of his way when he meets his passionate match in Elsie/Ellie and when he is faced with losing his lucky charm, his awakening helps him regain the true prize he truly deserves. I enjoyed The Sound Of Your Name by Felice Fox.