Monday, November 17, 2014

His Saving Grace (Secrets & Seduction, #4) by Sharon Cullen

This emotionally charged novel is not for the slight of heart. His Saving Grace by Sharon Cullen is tale fraught with sadness as well as hope.

Lady Grace Ashworth has been in mourning for the beloved husband she lost during the Crimean War. Being expelled to the Dower House by her inconsiderate brother-in-law, Nigel, the new Earl of Blackbourne.  Expulsion, however is not enough for Nigel. He wants Grace to be someone else's financial responsibility, so he arranges a marriage for her, less than a year after losing her Michael. Grace is astonished at Nigel's lack of consideration for her. Michael was her one true love, and losing him tore her heart to shreds.

Just when Grace is about to accept her lot in life and give in to Nigel's demands, the unbelievable happens. Appearing in front of her, in the flesh and very much alive is her husband Michael. After her complete disbelief wanes and she realizes that Michael is in fact alive, she comes to find that this Michael is a very changed one due to the ravages of war.

Michael, the Earl of Blackbourne has been through much since he left for war. After being left for dead by his regiment. a Cossack saves him and nurses him through near death. Michael has suffered a severe brain injury and finds even simple tasks most difficult, if not impossible. Once he remembers who he is, he does not return home immediately, and once he does, he isn't quite sure that it was the right thing to do after all. For as much as he loves his wife and she him, will it be enough to overcome the fact that their lives will never be the same?

Has Saving Grace by Sharon Cullen is a wonderful story with its up and downs. It's a life lesson, showing us that love can truly make up for many discrepancies in one's life. Watching Grace take was she is given and make the best of it is fabulous. It doesn't matter to her that Michael may be different and needs her help, all she care about is that he is alive and so is their love. Convincing Michael that's all that matters however, is the journey of this story. A beautiful story with it's sadness and triumph, His Saving Grace by Sharon Cullen is so worth the possible tears.


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