Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Christmas Reunion by Susanna Fraser

Growing up knowing he never really belonged to the family made Gabriel understanding of the plight of a wayward orphan he takes in and brings home with him for the holidays to England. Gabriel hasn't been back to England since joining the military. Leaving abruptly years before after being caught in a compromising position with a trusted friend, Gabriel doesn't know if after all this time he can face her.

 Lady Cat Trevilan has decided to marry someone she is not in love with. Like many of the marriages of the ton, she is resigning herself to a life of comfort and mutual respect, but not of passion and excitement, how she felt when she was found in Gabriel's arms all those years before.

When Gabriel returns before Cat's impending marriage, it's very difficult for them to hide the passion they still feel for one another. Both Gabriel and Cat want to do the right thing by their family and friends, but sometimes good intentions go awry in the wake of feelings that have their own wings.

A Christmas Reunion by Susanna Fraser is a lovely Christmas novella that takes two people so perfect for one another, but torn apart and shows them making amends for the mistakes of the past to forge their way into a future they can both look forward to.


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