Thursday, November 20, 2014

Witness Protection (The Campbells of Creek Bend #1) by Barb Han

Doing the right thing led her giving up her life and two years in the witness protection program. Now Sadie Brooks is in danger and the only one who can help her is U.S. Marshall, Nick Campbell.

Life for Sadie Brooks has never really been easy, but after a terrifying abduction and testifying against the criminal who masterminded it, going into the program, she's gotten used to living in the small town with her big. lazy dog, Boomer and her job in a bakery.

Nick Campbell has been undercover as a radiologist in Sadie's town. He has been keeping an eye on her, trying to keep her safe without her knowledge, but her safety in this town has come to an abrupt end when the bakery goes up in flames and Nick's cover is blown while getting Sadie out alive. Grimes, the criminal she had put away with her testimony has escaped from prison and he is Hell bent on murdering Sadie, and now Nick as well since he is trying to be her savior.

Without a moment to lose, Nick takes Sadie to his family ranch where she will be surrounded by his siblings and their spouses who are in one way or another are involved with professions that uphold the law. Sadie is against this plan, because it would inevitably put Nick's family in danger, but Nick overrides Sadie. When Nick introduces Sadie as his fiancee to his family, they are surprised but eager to get to know the lady who has finally gotten to Nick. The deception however bothers Sadie. he life since the abduction has just been one big lie and it's become tiresome. 

Somehow in the whole mess of Nick protecting Sadie from certain death, feelings for one another come to a head and even with so much going on around them every second of the day, they both come to realize that he and she mean more to one another than they ever could have planned.  Can they both overcome the evil that is so set out for their destruction and come out strong? Will both Nick and Sadie put aside the hurt from their pasts long enough to understand that what they have is real and can last? The exciting,Witness Protection by Barb Han gives us the answers to the questions and so much more. Grab your copy of Witness Protection and get ready for one bumpy ride! Barb Han is not only a wonderful writer, but she is an amazing person with a bright and shining personality. She is so gracious to her readers it's so easy to delve into her books and get lost in the excitement. Looking forward to so much more from this lady in the future.