Friday, November 21, 2014

A Spy Unmasked (In The Crown's Secret Service #1) by Tina Gabrielle

Her inventor father was murdered and she has an inkling of who did it, but no evidence to back it up. So Lady Sophia Merrill sets out to find the evidence against the perpetrator by braking into his study and acquiring the evidence against Viscount Delmont, but she is foiled when someone else gets there first.

Industrious and cocksure  Robert Ware, the new Earl of Kirkland has a colorful background which includes spying for the crown. When Robert discovers the pretty young woman trying to obtain secrets he is after, they both must make their escape before they are found out. When Robert brings the unwilling lady to his superior, the Marquess Wendover's  home, he discovers her identity.

Sophia insists she will not stop until she brings her father's murderers to justice, so a plan is concocted for Robert and Sophia to pose as a betrothed couple to gain access to an extended party at the home of Viscount Delmont n the company of the London Inventor's Society. There they will assist one another find the evidence to bring Delmont down, but the more time that Robert spends in Sophia's company, the more attracted he becomes of her and that is bad for him. He has sworn off women after his wife's untimely death and chooses a celibate life, but Sophia Merrill is a detriment to that celibacy. 

Each day that goes by gets Sophia and Robert deeper into the mystery and close to uncovering the crime that led to her father's murder and those who will stop at nothing to prevent the crime from coming to light. Each minute spent in each other's company reveals an attraction for one another that neither Robert nor Sophia can deny. Can that attraction come to fruition for the man who pushes women away, or will Sophia be the one to crack that wall that Robert has so expertly built around his heart. Only by reading A Spy Unmasked by Tina Gabrielle, will you find out.


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