Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Release Day Bliss with Anabelle Bryant's *LONDON'S LATE NIGHT SCANDAL*

This is the third book in the Midnight Secret Series and I have read all three much to my delight.

Matthew Strathmore, Earl of Whittingham, suffered a debilitating injury in his knee and has been somewhat limited in his pursuits.As Chief officer of the Society of Intellectual Advance it is his job to verify if articles published by the group are correct.
When Matthew discovers an anomaly in a recent article published by the renowned Lord Talbott he must investigate. Matthew sets himself on the long arduous trip to Leighton Hall home of Lord Talbott. It is at Leighton Matthew meets Theodosia granddaughter of the Lord.
Matthew observes how protective Theodosia is of her grandfather and although he was invited to visit feels like an intruder. As Matthew digs deeper into this family dynamic he sees more than he bargained for.
Ms Bryant addresses several situations in this book. True a love story emerges but true family too emerges. Family is not just blood but loyal people surrounding this needy twosome. Dementia is addressed as well as the caregiver.
Her hero is made of the true stuff and in for the duration. I loved this book.


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

RELEASE DAY BLISS: The Spitfire (Wicked Wallflowers Book 5) by Christi Caldwell

As many who know me well, especially those in my book club and author friends, I normally do not read romances where the heroine is a courtesan. It’s my personal preference, I’m just not into them. Once in a long while, comes a story that really moves me. The Spitfire by Christi Caldwell is one of those tales that has me all happy inside.

Those of us who have read Christi Caldwell’s Wicked Wallflowers Series have met Clara Winters before. The former courtesan/madam is Reggie’s best friend and has moved on from the Devil’s Den. Her dream of opening her music hall, the Muses is just so close. Aside from a few construction setbacks, she and Reggie are on their way to being professional business owners and for a woman, that is quite a feat.

Henry Waterson, an MP and an Earl, has quite a few enemies in his repertoire… The staid gentlemen has ruffled more than a few feathers in his day with his legislation. It would seem that a few people even want him dead. When Clara comes upon two hoodlums beating a gentleman to a pulp, she steps in and saves his life. Clara’s mistrust of men is completely understandable, but her insistence in aiding the broken man is shocking, but just like her. When Clara discovers that the man she has saved is a member of the ton, an Earl to boot, she is terrified but resolute in the fact that she could not let him die.

Henry has never been in a situation like this. Being cared for in the apartments of this fascinating woman has perplexed him beyond belief. Instead of calling for assistance from family or friends, he begs Clara “with no surname” to keep him in her apartments until he is well enough to travel home. His ins in fear of frightening his mother and sisters with his injuries. Clara reluctantly allows Henry to stay, but she also has much business to attend to, with the impending opening of her club.

The few days Henry stays at Clara’s apartments, the two come to realize that many of their prejudices about each other’s stations and ways of life are not all they appear to be. Henry has a few revelations about how, as member of the ton, he always took advantage of the creature comforts of his wealth, but never thought if those outside of his level were even able to keep warm. When he realizes that he must return home, he slips out while Clara is out. When she returns to an empty apartment, she is relieved but also saddened, as Henry was unlike any man she had ever met in her lifetime.

Trouble begins when Clara receives a cease and desist order for the Muses, stating that her establishment is immoral and illegal. When she discovers that Henry is behind the order, in a fury, she bounds into his home to confront him. Henry never thought he would see his savior again, but Clara is not as happy to see him as he is her. Unfortunately, the dealing with her Music Hall are not something that can be undone and Henry has to fix the wrong he has done. Henry’s younger sister, who was hurt in an uprising several years prior has been a recluse since the tragedy, but hearing Henry and Clara go at it, she is awakened and seeks Clara out to assist her. With Clara and Henry’s sister working together, she and Henry also spend more time together, inevitably becoming closer and more attracted to one another, but can these two people from completely different worlds build something lasting? You know I am not going to tell you! Read The Spitfire yourself to find out!

Ok, so notice that I did NOT delve deeply into the fact that Clara was a courtesan? That fact is actually irrelevant to this story. Clara is a woman who was used and abused and one day said enough. Her hopes and dreams started to become a reality for her.

I really must thank author Christi Caldwell for taking me out of my comfort zone, but making me smile and make my heart full. The Spitfire is a fabulous read!


Thursday, July 4, 2019

YOU SEND ME (Compass Cove Book 2) by Jeannie Moon

Jordan Velsor has been a school teacher is the comfy town of Compass Cove for the better part of a decade. Recently haven broken off her engagement to a local, under awful circumstances, the beautiful thirty-something is trying to get through the day to day and deal with her father's terminal cancer diagnosis all alone.

Dr Nick Rinaldi came to Compass Cove to recuperate from surgeries due to a shooting incident in the Middle East. The former military man and Dr. is feeling just right in the comfort of his grandparents hearth and home.    

Jordan never has had much of a family besides her father, but when tragedy strikes and Nick saves Jordan from a falling tree during a historic nor'easter, she begins to find out what family really is. Can the relationship shy Jordan open up her heart to what is right in front of her? Can the Dr, who has hidden his past from everyone come clean and let out the story of  atrocities that he blames himself for out in the open? You will most definitely have to read this impressive book to find out, and I strongly suggest you do.

What I wrote here is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Most who know me well, understand that Contemporary Romance is not my gig. It has to be something really special to take me out of my historical haze and this book is one that just calls to me. Author Jeannie Moon's love for Long Island is evident in this book, and frankly in every book she has written. YOU SEND ME is a beacon for second chances without being in your face. Her characters are strong and independent, loving and endearing. Jeannie Moon's conflict in YOU SEND ME is real and grabs ar your heartstrings. You genuinely care what happens to everyone. 

Last year when Jeannie Moon did a reading from this book at a local North Shore haunt, The Gourmet Whaler, I was done in. I knew this book was for me. It did take me a while to finally pick in up due to that historical haze, but I was in my right place and time to fully let this book take me on the journey that Jeannie Moon intended, and I am so happy I did.

Later this Summer, on August 28th, the next Compass Cove will be released, and I am impatiently waiting. 


AUGUST 28, 2019

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Release Day Bliss: Wicked Highlander Ways by Mary Wine


A fiery woman who won't be tamed
A powerful Highland chief by her side
A passion neither can deny

Brenda Grant's abusive first marriage taught her that she's better off on her own. But when her family threatens her freedom and demands that she remarry—to a man they've chosen—she makes a deal with a brawny Highland chief to escape.
Bothan Gunn is smitten by the woman who won't be tamed. He's helped her before—but can he do so now, when Brenda's complicated past threatens their lives? With danger closing in, their only chance at love and survival is to escape to the heart of the Highlands...

Chief Bothan Gunn pulled his horse to a halt. He reached forward to rub its neck as he contemplated the view before him. 
Maddox, his captain, came up beside him, tilting his head to one side as he waited to see why Bothan had stopped. Both of them peered at the land in front of them, the place where Scotland ended and England began. 
“I never thought to lay eyes on that,” Maddox declared when Bothan remained silent. His voice drew out the last word, making it clear Maddox cared little for the place they were heading. 
Bothan turned to look at him. “Or cross into it.” 
Before them were the borderlands. England lay on the other side of them. He didn’t belong there, but Bothan set his stallion into motion because Brenda Grant wasn’t suited to England any more than he was. 
She was wild. 
And he was going to ensure she could remain unbridled by those who didn’t understand the value of a woman with the spark of life burning in her. Let the English keep their wives in submissive obedience. He craved a wife who would singe him with her heat and give him children with the strength to rise up to the challenge of living in the Highlands. 
Brenda was that woman. 
She would spit in his eye though. At least until he proved his worth to her. 
He slowly grinned as he contemplated the battle ahead. 
It was a fact; he was going to enjoy it. 
And so would Brenda. 
He’d see to that…personally. 
Of course, first he had to rescue her. His lips curved into a grin. At last there was something pleasing about his journey into England. Snatching a prize from the hands of the English—well, there was something he would enjoy full well. They told tales in England of wild savages such as himself. 
Not that he was planning on changing the way the English thought about him. 
No, he was riding onto their land to retrieve the woman he craved. Any who stepped between them was going to discover he was tenfold worse than any story they had ever heard. 

Friday, May 10, 2019


Book Obsessed Chicks and ROMANCING THE GOLD COAST 2020 are very proud to share a little interview with one of our awesome Featured Authors, Lorraine Heath. We are so happy to have her at the October 2020 Historical Weekend. 

1.       Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you write.

Born in England and raised in Texas, I have a deep love of both my heritages. As a result, I’ve written historical romances set in Texas as well as stories set in England. Sometimes I take English characters to Texas and sometimes I take Texas characters to England.

2.       How and why did you become a writer?

I’ve always loved writing and began writing my first story when I was seven. It was about a fisherman who fell in love with a mermaid.

3.       Was it hard for you to get published?

I began writing books seriously in 1990 and sold my first manuscript in 1993 so the journey was a relatively short one. However, I’ve received more rejections since I got published so my career has very much been like a rollercoaster ride but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

4.       Who are your favorite authors and what do you read in your spare time?

I have too many favorite authors to list. I read all types of romance: historical, contemporary, romantic suspense, paranormal, etc. I love the variety that romance offers. When I’m not reading romance, I tend to read nonfiction books about the Victorian era and the people who lived during that time.

5.       What hobbies do you have?

I binge watch TV shows, travel, enjoy wine tastings.

6.       What is the hardest thing about being a writer?

Not to second guess the story I’m writing and worry that it’ll disappoint readers.

7.       If you weren’t an author, what would you do?

For 20 years, I was a government employee so I’d probably have to go back to that.

8.       Favorite hero and heroine from your books? Why?

Each hero and heroine is my favorite while I’m writing their story. I’ve found that they tend to be the characters that I need at that moment in my life so I look back on them all fondly.

9.       Favorite hero and heroine from another author’s books?

Will and Ellie Parker from Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer because they made me fall in love with the romance genre.

10.   What’s your favorite food and drink?

Favorite food is fried shrimp. Favorite drink is red wine.

11.   Why are you looking forward to Romancing the Gold Coast?

I’m looking forward to connecting with readers who love historical romance as much as I do. Although I read all sub-genres of romance, historical romance remains my first love and it’s always fun to be around people who enjoy exploring the past and appreciate it as much as I do.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Romancing the Gold Coast: Featured Author GINA CONKLE

We at Book Obsessed Chicks and the ROMANCING THE GOLD COAST event are very proud to share with you our spotlight on one of our talented Featured Authors, for the October 2020 event, 
Gina Conkle.

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you write.

Hi! I write Viking and Georgian romance. I know…a crazy combination. Those sub-genres spring from my love of all things Viking and from a love for the 1700s.

My official author bio: Gina Conkle writes adventurous Viking romance and sensual Georgian romance. Her books offer a fresh, addictive spin on the romance genre, with the witty banter and sexual tension that readers crave. She grew up in southern California and despite all that sunshine, Gina loves books over beaches and stone castles over sand castles. She’s married to her favorite alpha male, Brian, and when not writing, Gina occasionally gardens and cooks.

2.       How and why did you become a writer?

Since 5th grade I knew that I’d write books. It was a matter of when. I wrote my first book, Norse Jewel, in 2003/2004 because I decided “it’s time.” I revised the manuscript over the years but I wasn’t directed about my career—until New Year’s 2012. That holiday changed everything!

My husband told me he was going to quit his job. I supported his decision, but I said I ought to get a regular, full-time job in one of my previous careers, either teaching or biotech. His response stunned me: “You’re a writer. I think you should write.”

The shocker is I hadn’t put a lot of effort into getting published. But Brian saw something and encouraged it. He’d even bought my domain name as a Christmas gift.

3.        Was it hard for you to get published?

In short, no. Everything changed when I got serious about my career in 2012. Later that year, I signed with my agent, Sarah Younger of Nancy Yost Literary Agency, and sold my first book. A few months later, my first Georgian romance series sold as well.

4.   Who are your favorite authors and what do you read in your spare time?

Julie Anne Long is one of my favorite romance authors. She writes beautifully. Eloisa James is another. I also love Kate Quinn’s historical fiction (her Empress of Rome series).

When it comes to picking a book, I’m a mood reader. With romance, it all depends on the trope, the hero, and the setting. Sometimes I want a lone wolf hero, other times I want a great marriage-of-convenience love story. I read mostly historical romance with a side of contemporary.

I balance my fiction habit with non-fiction. I follow historians and archaeologists, so when my favorites publish papers or books, I buy or read their research.

5.    What hobbies do you have?

I like to cook recipes from the eras in which I write. I enjoy gardening, but really, I’m a dabbler. Recently, I started collecting ancient coins and traveling more.

6.    What is the hardest thing about being a writer?

Working alone. Solitude is double-edged—perfect for writing, dangerous for writing.

7.    If you weren’t an author, what would you do?

                I’d teach.

8.    Favorite hero and heroine from your books? Why?

Gah! That’s like asking me to pick a favorite kid! I love them all.

9.    Favorite hero and heroine from another author’s books?

I love, love Villiers from A Duke of Her Own by Eloisa James. Another favorite is Jack Dalton from Zoe Archer’s Sweet Revenge.

10.   What’s your favorite food and drink?

Unfortunately, I love all kinds of food, and it likes me. With beverages? In the morning, good coffee is a must. In the evening, you can lure me with red wine (Malbec).

11.   Why are you looking forward to Romancing the Gold Coast?
I’m looking forward to spending time with readers and other authors, talking about all things romance (and what a gorgeous setting!).

12.    Social Media Links
Norse series website page ~ https://ginaconkle.com/norse-series-2/
Forgotten Sons series website page ~ https://ginaconkle.com/forgotten-sons-series/
Midnight Meetings series website page ~ https://ginaconkle.com/midnight-meetings-series/

OCTOBER 1-4, 2020