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Author Spotlight on SABINE STARR

Here's a little insight into Sabine. I hope you enjoy the Q&A. Please leave questions and comments, you know we all love those!

1) What inspired you to write?
I’ve always been a storyteller. When I was small, I’d gather my friend in a circle and make up stories for them. They were either polite or enjoyed my tales because they stayed and came back for more.
2) Tell us about yourself . . . and about your Gone Bad series.
We’re entwined. I’m descended from Republic of Texas pioneers and Native Americans. Their stories are my stories. I’ve always wanted to share this slice of Americana with the wider world. I decided to do it through a series of historical romance novels set in North/East Texas and Southeast Oklahoma. I also wanted to fill pages with tall-tales, real legends, and larger-than-life heroes and heroines based on the independent people who left us their enduring legacy.
Back in the day, “G.T.T.” meant “Gone to Texas” and the letters were frequently found scrawled on doors in the South, Midwest, and East. The inscription was common enough that most folks knew when they saw “G.T.T.” that their friend, enemy, or loved one had disappeared into the wilds of Texas. G.T.T. people sometimes got out one step ahead of the law or creditors. Some simply couldn’t stand the confines of civilization any longer. In any case, these folks were simply gone. And many of them, gone bad. That interesting concept led to the title for my Gone Bad series.
When my editor, Alicia Condon, Editorial Director Kensington Books, read Angel Gone Bad, she had this to say, “Wow, I feel almost breathless after reading this story. What a wonderful mix of fast-paced action, suspense, hot romance, humor and Old West lore! I just love this series. The chemistry between Angel and Rune was combustible from the first chapter, and their journey to trust really made me root for them to finally get together.”
3) Did you have trouble with finding a publisher?
Fortunately, I was lucky. I was in the right place at the right time with the right book, Lady Gone Bad. A friend of mine was presenting a workshop at the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation Conference in Oklahoma City and invited me to go with her to meet the agents speaking there. I pitched to Elaine English, and she asked to see my book. Once she accepted me as a client, she submitted my novel to Kensington Books. I was thrilled when Alicia Condon acquired Lady Gone Bad.

4) Who are your mentors?
Again, I’ve been fortunate. Several writers took me under their wing and helped me hone my craft. Plus, the Dallas Area Romance Authors, the North Texas Romance Writers, and the Romance Writers of America have all contributed to my success.
5) What does your family think about you being an author?
My large, extended family loves my books. We’re all storytellers at heart. We’re all creative. And many of us are writers.
 6) Dream job?
Oh, yes. I pinch myself every time I sit down at my computer to spin another story. I work hard to bring my readers the best books possible. 
7) Who are your favorite authors, television shows?
I’m an eclectic reader. I love Western romance, both historical and contemporary, so I read classic authors such as Rosemary Rogers, Jane Archer, Linda Lael Miller, Bobbi Smith, and newer ones like Lorelai James and Sarah McCarty. I also enjoy Jane Austen, Elmore Leonard, Cleo Coyle, Rachel Caine, and Elmer Kelton among many others.
As far as television, I watch Westerns such as Justified, Longmire, Deadwood, Vegas, and Paranormals like Grim, Once Upon a Time, and Trueblood.
8) How do you have time to balance all that is being Sabine Starr?
That’s a good question. I’m learning as I go. It’s a matter of deadlines, schedules, and priorities. Sometimes I escape to my mountain retreat in Oklahoma, but I always take my laptop along.
9) Who are your favorite characters from your books?
That’s a tough question. I love them all. Naturally, the heroes and heroines come first to mine. Rafe and Lady from Lady Gone Bad. Rune and Angel from Angel Gone Bad. Lucky and Tempest from Bride Gone Bad.
10) Do you attend author conferences? Which ones? Your favorites?
Yes. I enjoy meeting readers. I also like to get together with other writers, my agent, and my editor. Regionally, great conferences are DARA’s Dreamin’ in Dallas, NTRW’s The North Texas Two Step, OWFI’s conference in Oklahoma, and NOLA’s Written in the Stars in Louisiana. Nationally, the RT Booklovers Conference is terrific. Len Gunn, Mr. Romance 2011, is Lady Gone Bad’s fabulous model for the book cover and book trailer. The national Romance Writers of America Conference is also an amazing event.
11) What’s next?
Lady Gone Bad was released last September, Angel Gone Bad is scheduled for March 2013, and Bride Gone Bad will be out in September 2013. I’m working on the next in the series right now. As I write the love story between a new hero and heroine in each novel, I have fun revealing more about the recurring secondary characters with pivotal roles. Also, I’m enjoying combining hot romance, mystery, suspense, history, humor, and paranormal in my Gone Bad series.
12) Final thoughts, any message to readers?
Do let me hear from you. I love getting feedback and encouragement. You may like me on Facebook at SabineStarrBooks, follow me on Twitter, or visit me at Also Lady Gone Bad’s fabulous book trailer is at

Lady Gone Bad by Sabine Starr

Lady Gone Bad, AKA Sharlot Eachan, is a saloon singer and evidently an outlaw, albeit a very beautiful one. After the murders of her parents she is in search of a horse that was stolen from her family, and in doing so, keeps finding herself on the wrong side of the law. Lady sings her heart out in seedy saloons for information and to keep herself alive. 

US Marshall, Rafe Morgan's mission is to bring Lady Gone Bad in for justice to be served, but when he finally finds her, she is way more trouble than a woman should ever be. Setting him up so she can get away backfires on Lady when the saloon's patrons decide to lynch the lawman. Guilt overrides Lady's judgment and instead of hightailing it out of town, she saves his life.

When they both wind up on the run together, the good Marshall also an outlaw, things start heating up when Rafe can't keep thoughts of Lady out of his mind. Deep in Indian country the pair face more than a few mishaps, but also a few amazing encounters as Rafe is also in search of his sister, a schoolteacher who was kidnapped on her way to see Rafe. Traveling with Lady Gone Bad may be a good way to get a handle on where his sister may have gone. 

The journey Lady Gone Bad and the Marshall take, is not an easy one, but very necessary. Both have been on their own for quite a while and putting these two together creates fireworks. The good Marshall constantly teeters between the issue of Lady being an outlaw or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even though Lady knows that she could be on the wrong side of the law for consorting with criminals, her determination to find justice for her family takes the relationship to another level.

I truly enjoyed Lady Gone Bad by Sabine Starr. I do enjoy a tough as nails non-whiny heroine and a handsome, broody lawman thrown together creating sparks all over the wild west. Lady Gone Bad is a well written, fast paced story that keeps your attention from start to finish. I love how Sabine Starr has introduced the characters for the next story... I am already waiting on ANGEL GONE BAD with bated breath!


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4 Stars (Brilliant)

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GUEST BLOGGER, Lisa Marie's review of Laura Kaye's ONE NIGHT WITH A HERO

One Night with a Hero by Laura Kaye is the second book of her Heroes series.  Now if you like hot military men and even hotter love scenes, then this is the book for you.  We first meet Army Special Forces Sgt. Brady Scott as an overprotective big brother in "Her Forbidden Hero" and only scratch the surface of just how damaged he is. Growing up with an abusive alcoholic father caused him to take on the role of protector to his little sister and all but robbing him of a childhood.  He vowed that he would never have kids for fear of turning into his father.  While on his daily run, he spots Joss Daniels, our just as emotionally damaged heroin in a moment of vulnerability.  Orphaned as a child she was passed on from foster home to foster home, never finding a family of her own.  Of course he is immediately drawn to her, not only for her beauty, but I think he sees a bit of his damage reflected in her.  Her scars have caused her to become the polar opposite of Brady, where as he never wants children, she wants a large family of her own.  The roller coaster romance that ensues will not only leave you at the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens, it will also at times leave you breathless with the wallop of emotions being thrown at you.  I don't want to give too much away (secret baby), but trust me when I say that there is a love story of epic proportions wrapped up in a sweet and sexy package.  You will not want to put this book down (oh who needs sleep, I can sleep at work) and it will leave you begging for more (what do you mean it's only 230 pages... I could go at least 100 more thank you very much).  So put the kids to bed, pop a bottle of wine, and make sure that your husband/boyfriend understands that there will be times that he will be thanking Ms. Kaye for lighting that fire.  

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

Guest Blogger~ Lisa Marie Borbeck 

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Wild & Unruly by Amanda McIntyre


In Wild & Unruly by Amanda McIntyre, we find Lillian White, an attractive but lonely woman, who lives her mundane life as a librarian, choosing to use her tales of the Old West as her getaway, but when her fantasy becomes reality things look up for Lillian. At work in the library, Lillian finds a mysterious antique box with a necklace inside and takes the items home with her. That evening she falls asleep in her apartment in present day Virginia City and wakes up in the mid 1800's mining town of Deadwater Gulch as Madam of the Magnolia, the town's house of ill repute. To her surprise, Lillian is thrust into the running of the town's bordello, a profession she had only read about in her books. On the bright side, she meets the cowboy of her dreams, Sheriff Jake Sloan.

Deadwater Gulch's Sheriff, the tall dark and handsome Jake Sloan, has it bad for Miss Lillian, but the lawman also has his political aspirations. Dare he throw caution to the wind and fulfill his need for the attractive madam   Lillian? If they do grasp at their feelings for one another, what impact will it have on their futures? These and more questions go through both of their minds as they become more involved.

Amanda McIntyre had me from Chapter 1 with Lillian being a character many a female reader could relate to. Then she adds Sheriff Sloan who is a cool drink of water with his come hither attitude and his dark brooding looks. The story of love across time touched me deeply and I began to silently... or not so silently cheer the couple on.  I want to fall asleep and wake up in the Wild West as long as I can have my own Jake Sloan to pass the time with. I loved this tale and I think you will too. This is the first in Amanda McIntyre's Tales of Sweet Magnolia series and I eagerly await the next book!


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5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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Two Sinful Secrets (The Scandalous Sinclairs) by Laurel McKee

A young Lady Sophia Huntington wears a mask when she goes to gamble at the handsome Dominic St. Claire's London club, the Devil's Fancy. Even masked the Sophia attracts Dominic, who quickly takes Sophia's breath away. When the Lady leaves St. Claire doubled over in pain after a passionate kiss, he vows to find the mysterious woman.

After running away to marry beneath her station, so to speak, Lady Sophia Huntington, now the widowed Mrs. Sophia Westman is making her way across Europe surviving by occasionally winning at cards. After escaping a rather creepy Lord Hammond hands in Baden-Baden, a little bit richer Sophia heads to Paris where she begins to work in a new gaming club owned by a wealthy woman. 

Much to Sophia's surprise, she becomes reacquainted  with Dominic St. Claire and his acting family, for the St. Claires are a famous family of stage actors in Paris to present a play. Dominic quickly realizes that Sophia is the masked woman from London years ago, and more importantly, he discovers that she is from the dreaded Huntington family. You see the St. Claires and the Huntingtons have had a feud going on for over 150 years, when a Mary St. Claire married a Huntington who apparently to the Huntingtons was mistreated and died of a broken heart.

After a whirlwind affair begins and trouble comes to Sophia's doorstep, Dominic marries Sophia with the intention of protecting her. The unconventional couple have neither declared their love for one another nor come to terms with the relationship. Sophia's dream of reconciling with the Huntington family is all but dashed when Dominic and Sophia come upon Sophia's mother in the park and the meeting is ridiculously cold on the mother's part. Such incidents begin to show what  Dominic what a gem he actually has in Sophia, but is he willing to forget 150 years plus of animosity and open his heart to his wife? Will Sophia come to terms that she is no longer a Huntington, but a St. Claire, and will they fully accept her? Well you are just going to have to read Two Sinful Secrets to find out, won't you?

I thoroughly enjoyed Two Sinful Secrets by Laurel McKee. This is first read by this author and I will most definitely read her again. I love how unconventional these families are. The way the St. Claire family members relate to one another makes me want to be adopted by them. How could Sophia resist when he family was so different, so flawed? Although Sophia has had a life fraught with let-down and sadness, she is not bitter, in fact she is quite refreshing and I really liked her. Dominic may seem like a self-absorbed rake, but those thoughts are quickly dispelled when we find the true Dominic St. Claire as he relates to Sophia and those around him.  Laurel McKee is a truly talented author, bringing to life her characters in this awesome tale. 


4 Stars (Brilliant)

and 1/2

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Sneaking into her neighbor's bedroom to steal his famous Stewart Pearl, Julianna Harte gets caught red handed by the handsome Alasdair Sharp. When Alasdair bargains with the thief he can barely see in the darkness of his abode,  the Stewart Pearl for a night in his bed, Julianna does the unthinkable. In the light of day, Alasdair awakens to an empty bed and the pearl of course gone. Alasdair, having no intention of allowing his family's treasure to disappear since he really did not mean to give the pearl to his thief, calls upon the help of his friends to search for his "Juliet"

Julianna Harte is the daughter of an ex- thief who, since his recent marriage to an older woman has given up the craft. Julianna sees no remedy but to sell the Stewart Pearl to pay the rent on a foundling home she is in charge of. All she can think of is the poor children who have been orphaned or abandoned on the homes steps. Hmmm, but is that her only motivation? After all, she has been in Alasdair Sharp's company, and the man has hardly noticed her. 

When Julianna sells the pearl to a career criminal, she must deal with the aftermath as Alasdair and his friends are not ignorant nobility, for they know her identity. When Alasdair confronts the plain Julianna, sparks continually fly when these two are in the proximity to one another. Julianna soon realizes that she has done wrong by Alasdair and wishes to make up for hr theft, while Alasdair has other plans for Julianna.

What an awesome read!!! I loved this story and can't wait for Samantha continue on with the colorful cast of characters like Wiley, Roger, Hil and even Alasdair's cousin Ernest. Each of these great characters have some awesome quirks that make them memorable. I loved the hero and heroine. At first, the reader thinks Alasdair a rake but soon find out otherwise, and Julianna is no shrinking violet as we find from the steamy scenes between she and Alasdair. The fact that these two can hardly keep their hands off each other but still be unsure of what they mean to one another is artistry. Bravo Samantha Kane, for I loved the Devil's Thief and await with bated breath for Tempting a Devil.


5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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Declan Reeves has left Dublin, Ireland in hopes that his four year old daughter, Mara will overcome the terror of seeing her mother die in a fire. Many believe Declan, Lord Cashelmore, has fled Dublin because he murdered his wife. You see, Declan and his deceased wife Margaret did not have a perfect marriage. Wed very young, Declan believed himself in love with the petulant Margaret, but things deteriorated after Mara's birth. Now the handsome young widower is under suspicion for the deadly fire that took Margaret's life and almost took his beloved daughter from him as well.

Now in London with Mara, who hasn't spoken a word since her mother's death almost a year before, Declan enters Hamilton's Book Shoppe, and into the sights of Paulette Hamilton, one of the proprietors of the book store. When Paulette so kindly helps Declan and Mara find a book for the four year old, Declan finds himself attracted to the pretty young blonde.Attracted so much so, that Declan can't seem to stay away from Hamilton's Book Shoppe and Paulette, even though he vows never to marry again.

At first, Paulette, the fourth or five sisters, is of the same manner of thinking as Declan. Paulette, who has never had a suitor is not sure she will ever marry, but when she meets the handsome Lord, she finds the institution of marriage not so far-fetched. All of Paulette's elder sisters are happily married leaving the youngest, Yvette, waiting for her older sister to find a man.

When Declan's troubles in Ireland find him in London, he realizes he needs to protect Paulette as well as Mara from danger. Someone really wants Declan to go down for Margaret's death, but is it Margaret's family who are gunning for him to swing from a hangman's noose, or one of his own family members? You will find out once you pick up To Tempt An Irish Rogue by Kaitlin O'Riley.

To Tempt An Irish Rogue, the fourth book in the Hamilton Sisters series was my first venture into Ms. Kaitlin O'Riley's works, and I was pleasantly surprised. Sometimes when you pick up a later book in a series and read out of sequence, the reader is lost. Not so with this book. I really enjoyed how the author brought the previous character's stories into play without over-explanation or rhetoric. I came to like all of the Hamilton sisters and will be reading the previous books in the series soon. So thank you Kaitlin O'Riley for making my TBR pile grow.


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4 Stars (Brilliant)

His Mistletoe Bride by Vanessa Kelly

When Quaker, Phoebe Linville is summoned by her maternal grandfather to England to live, she is arrives to to find her grandfather has just passed away. Retired- soldier, Major Lucas Stanton has inherited the earldom from Phoebe's grandfather. The deceased earl made Lucas promise to take care of Phoebe in any way he possibly can, which could include marriage to the seemingly plain woman. There is much more to Phoebe than meets the eye as Lucas finds Phoebe not only to be so different from most other women but she is a contradiction to her Quaker ways as well.

When Phoebe is introduced to Lucas, he immediately and quite without feeling suggests that she marry him to protect her, but Phoebe isn't going for that. She attempts to steer away from being a burden to the earl until they are caught in a compromising position and the inevitable comes about. After the quick marriage, Lucas and Phoebe return to Mistletoe Manor to begin their lives and set to repair Mistletoe Manor and its village.
Everything is in such disrepair since the old earl halted taking care of everything that Lucas is almost overwhelmed. 

Phoebe's and Lucas's wedding night is disrupted when the authorities come pounding on the manor's door in search of smugglers who have been using Lucas's land as a route for their criminal activities. Worse still, tension abounds when Phoebe and Lucas argue over the smugglers, who are their own villagers. It doesn't help that Phoebe is in constant doubt over her relationship with her husband and his lack for expressing his true feelings for her.

I truly enjoyed his Mistletoe Bride by Vanessa Kelly. This is my first read by Vanessa and I look forward to reading more by her. I did however have an issue with the constant doubt of Lucas and his feelings for Phoebe. I wanted to continually grab a hold of Phoebe and shake some sense into her. The knowledge that Lucas had been spurned so terribly in his past did not stop him from doing what was right and even if he never voiced his feelings, they were quite obvious by his actions. All in all, His Mistletoe Bride is quite  memorable, and I do recommend this holiday read. 


3 Stars (Excellent Read)

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INSIDE OUT by ROWYN ASHBY & Author Spotlight with Nancy Barone Wythe/ Rowyn Ashby


Olivia and Shane have had a wonderful life together. Olivia, a talented cellist and Shane, a prestigious banker, former SAS, but Olivia knows of one area their life is lacking, and that is in the bedroom. Olivia always preferred a very "vanilla" sex-life but she knows that Shane has a darker side that he holds back from her and after ten years of marriage she is willing to experiment with spicing up their sex life. Olivia arrives at Skin Deep Tattoo parlor and meets the stunning tattoo artist, Hunter, who is the most exquisite female Olivia has set eyes on. After discussing the matter of the tattoo, Hunter suggests one for Olivia that is "magic". Skeptical but willing, Olivia agrees and leaves with said "magic" tattoo.

When Olivia is kidnapped by some unsavory characters, including the woman that tattooed a magic tattoo on Olivia, things go awry when her beloved husband attempts to rescue her. Olivia ends up drowning in that failed attempt leaving a grieving Shane going through what is left of his life having random sex with pretty much any female he can find.

On one of his boating excursions on his boat aptly named "Olivia", Shane rescues a female who has just been shot at and is immediately entranced by the woman called Hunter, who is actually Olivia re-incarnated in the tattoo artist's body. Strange? Actually, it's a pretty hot concept and quite an enthralling one, as Shane can't seem to get enough of Hunter, and Olivia comes to terms that she no longer is the timid Olivia she used to be. In addition, the kidnapping ring is very much involved and Olivia/Hunter is still in danger. 

Wow, what a great story. I immediately felt for both Olivia and Shane in Inside Out. When the kidnapping debacle happens, it is quite a shock, then when Rowyn Ashby brings Olivia back in Hunter's body and then tempts Shane with the sultry but extremely familiar woman, it keeps you wondering what will come next Coming back as your kidnapper definitely can put a kink in things, especially when your husband and his friends are still investigating the kidnapping. Inside Out is a very enjoyable read that is mystery, suspense and hotness wrapped up into one story.


4 Stars (Brilliant)

4 Orgasms Read (Awesome!!!)


What inspired you to write ?
Hi Kimberly and thanks for inviting me! It’s ghastly work, but writing is the only thing that fills me up as much as Italian food and not one calorie! I love creating my own fictitious worlds and moving things around- putting off a tragic moment or customizing the happiest ones- plus having your man say exactly what you want- something you just can’t do in real life!

Did you have problems with finding a publisher?
No, I sent out my first story simultaneously and bang- two contract offers in one day! Of course I’d been researching the industry like mad prior to that so if you’re an aspiring author read the subtext—research, research and more research!

Who are your mentors?
My all-time mentors and personal friends are an Italian TV scriptwriter, Lucio MandarĂ , and a Sicilian actor, Angelo Canzonieri, whom I’ve both lost to cancer. Then there’s Alex Husic, a Serbian director and his wife Bojana with whom I’ve shared copious amounts of Italian food and written a play for the stage! My most recent (from 2010) mentor is romance author Elizabeth Jennings. She is a dear friend and always has loads of advice for me and she will appear as herself in one of my next books!
Also, Christine Witthohn, who is an agent (not mine) and friend. She is a powerhouse and a limitless source of info and drive.

What does your family think about you being an author?
They’re so proud, because they’ve seen me at it since I was in Grade four!

Does your husband read your work? 
(disregard if no significant other :) )
Oh, yes! He’s my Alpha reader and Alpha male! He’s pretty cut -throat but that’s what I need.

Dream job?
Writing. Is there any other?

Who are your favorite authors? Books?
God, loads, in many genres. Elizabeth Jennings, Lisa Marie Rice, Sidney Sheldon, David Lodge.

I haven't watched TV in over 4 years but I am curious to know if you have a favorite show
You haven’t watched TV in over four years? 

Wow, I’d die without TV, especially shows that keep me in a good mood. I watch a lot of house programs, documentaries, sit-coms. I was crazy about X-files back in the day.

How do you have time to balance all that is being Nancy Barone Wythe/ Rowyn Ashby?
Thanks for asking that. Rowyn Ashby- and not Rowan with an ‘a’  ( is my brand new alter—ego. I’ve decided to hand over the steamy stuff to her from now on. Nancy ( will write romantic women’s fiction. She’s finishing up book three from The Amazing Erica series and they will hit the market at short intervals. I hate to wait in between books, don’t you?

Where are you originally from and how did you end up in Sicily?
My parents are Sicilian (hence my SICILIAN LOVERS series!) but I was born and raised in Canada. I’ve lived between Canada, England, Sicily and Tuscany and that is reflected in my books. Both Inside Out and Nostos, the Homecoming, are set in England, while Paper Dolls, book three of my Erica series (called Paper Dolls) shows Erica of Italian origin, moving back to Tuscany to open a Bed & Breakfast and producing her own olive oil, precisely inverting her nana’s voyage nearly fifty years before from Tuscany to Boston.

Do you miss the US?
I like the US very much, but the weather keeps me in Sicily. I live near the sea and warm January walks on the beach are a great way to find solutions when I’m stuck on something in my writing.

Who are your favorite characters from your books?
Mine Rowyn’s or mine Nancy’s?
Rowyn loves Shane Hart and Hunter Orlando from her latest erotic release, Inside Out, and yummy Grant Wilson from her coming soon Lunagirl!
Nancy, on the other hand, loves all the sexy Sicilians in her Sicilian Lovers series, plus  Lorenzo Venturelli in Designs On You- the ultimate, confident Alpha male. And of course there’s sexy Aidan Heartland of Westlake who was based on my Brit hubby! Her latest British and delicious hunk is former baseball player Julian Foxham. Wow oh wow!

Do you attend author conferences? Which ones? Your favorites?
Oh yeah! I’m a member or RWA of course and I attend the International Women’s Fiction Festival. We also have a writing retreat with my closest writing friends.

What's the most difficult thing about being an author?
The long hours. While it takes an instant to read a book, the time and effort it takes to actually write one are unbelievable. Plus you have to check for consistency over and over again. And you have to make sure it grabs the reader! All this in those rare moments of mental clarity that remain after my day job as a teacher. Oh and don’t forget the promo time!
Walks on the beach, spending time with family and our dogs. I also love to travel.

Final thoughts, any message to readers?
I hope they enjoy both Rowyn Ashby and Nancy Barone Wythe’s stories. There’s oodles of passion and suspense in them. And please come and visit my new website,
Thank you and Happy Reading!