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Author Spotlight on SABINE STARR

Here's a little insight into Sabine. I hope you enjoy the Q&A. Please leave questions and comments, you know we all love those!

1) What inspired you to write?
I’ve always been a storyteller. When I was small, I’d gather my friend in a circle and make up stories for them. They were either polite or enjoyed my tales because they stayed and came back for more.
2) Tell us about yourself . . . and about your Gone Bad series.
We’re entwined. I’m descended from Republic of Texas pioneers and Native Americans. Their stories are my stories. I’ve always wanted to share this slice of Americana with the wider world. I decided to do it through a series of historical romance novels set in North/East Texas and Southeast Oklahoma. I also wanted to fill pages with tall-tales, real legends, and larger-than-life heroes and heroines based on the independent people who left us their enduring legacy.
Back in the day, “G.T.T.” meant “Gone to Texas” and the letters were frequently found scrawled on doors in the South, Midwest, and East. The inscription was common enough that most folks knew when they saw “G.T.T.” that their friend, enemy, or loved one had disappeared into the wilds of Texas. G.T.T. people sometimes got out one step ahead of the law or creditors. Some simply couldn’t stand the confines of civilization any longer. In any case, these folks were simply gone. And many of them, gone bad. That interesting concept led to the title for my Gone Bad series.
When my editor, Alicia Condon, Editorial Director Kensington Books, read Angel Gone Bad, she had this to say, “Wow, I feel almost breathless after reading this story. What a wonderful mix of fast-paced action, suspense, hot romance, humor and Old West lore! I just love this series. The chemistry between Angel and Rune was combustible from the first chapter, and their journey to trust really made me root for them to finally get together.”
3) Did you have trouble with finding a publisher?
Fortunately, I was lucky. I was in the right place at the right time with the right book, Lady Gone Bad. A friend of mine was presenting a workshop at the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation Conference in Oklahoma City and invited me to go with her to meet the agents speaking there. I pitched to Elaine English, and she asked to see my book. Once she accepted me as a client, she submitted my novel to Kensington Books. I was thrilled when Alicia Condon acquired Lady Gone Bad.

4) Who are your mentors?
Again, I’ve been fortunate. Several writers took me under their wing and helped me hone my craft. Plus, the Dallas Area Romance Authors, the North Texas Romance Writers, and the Romance Writers of America have all contributed to my success.
5) What does your family think about you being an author?
My large, extended family loves my books. We’re all storytellers at heart. We’re all creative. And many of us are writers.
 6) Dream job?
Oh, yes. I pinch myself every time I sit down at my computer to spin another story. I work hard to bring my readers the best books possible. 
7) Who are your favorite authors, television shows?
I’m an eclectic reader. I love Western romance, both historical and contemporary, so I read classic authors such as Rosemary Rogers, Jane Archer, Linda Lael Miller, Bobbi Smith, and newer ones like Lorelai James and Sarah McCarty. I also enjoy Jane Austen, Elmore Leonard, Cleo Coyle, Rachel Caine, and Elmer Kelton among many others.
As far as television, I watch Westerns such as Justified, Longmire, Deadwood, Vegas, and Paranormals like Grim, Once Upon a Time, and Trueblood.
8) How do you have time to balance all that is being Sabine Starr?
That’s a good question. I’m learning as I go. It’s a matter of deadlines, schedules, and priorities. Sometimes I escape to my mountain retreat in Oklahoma, but I always take my laptop along.
9) Who are your favorite characters from your books?
That’s a tough question. I love them all. Naturally, the heroes and heroines come first to mine. Rafe and Lady from Lady Gone Bad. Rune and Angel from Angel Gone Bad. Lucky and Tempest from Bride Gone Bad.
10) Do you attend author conferences? Which ones? Your favorites?
Yes. I enjoy meeting readers. I also like to get together with other writers, my agent, and my editor. Regionally, great conferences are DARA’s Dreamin’ in Dallas, NTRW’s The North Texas Two Step, OWFI’s conference in Oklahoma, and NOLA’s Written in the Stars in Louisiana. Nationally, the RT Booklovers Conference is terrific. Len Gunn, Mr. Romance 2011, is Lady Gone Bad’s fabulous model for the book cover and book trailer. The national Romance Writers of America Conference is also an amazing event.
11) What’s next?
Lady Gone Bad was released last September, Angel Gone Bad is scheduled for March 2013, and Bride Gone Bad will be out in September 2013. I’m working on the next in the series right now. As I write the love story between a new hero and heroine in each novel, I have fun revealing more about the recurring secondary characters with pivotal roles. Also, I’m enjoying combining hot romance, mystery, suspense, history, humor, and paranormal in my Gone Bad series.
12) Final thoughts, any message to readers?
Do let me hear from you. I love getting feedback and encouragement. You may like me on Facebook at SabineStarrBooks, follow me on Twitter, or visit me at Also Lady Gone Bad’s fabulous book trailer is at

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