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INSIDE OUT by ROWYN ASHBY & Author Spotlight with Nancy Barone Wythe/ Rowyn Ashby


Olivia and Shane have had a wonderful life together. Olivia, a talented cellist and Shane, a prestigious banker, former SAS, but Olivia knows of one area their life is lacking, and that is in the bedroom. Olivia always preferred a very "vanilla" sex-life but she knows that Shane has a darker side that he holds back from her and after ten years of marriage she is willing to experiment with spicing up their sex life. Olivia arrives at Skin Deep Tattoo parlor and meets the stunning tattoo artist, Hunter, who is the most exquisite female Olivia has set eyes on. After discussing the matter of the tattoo, Hunter suggests one for Olivia that is "magic". Skeptical but willing, Olivia agrees and leaves with said "magic" tattoo.

When Olivia is kidnapped by some unsavory characters, including the woman that tattooed a magic tattoo on Olivia, things go awry when her beloved husband attempts to rescue her. Olivia ends up drowning in that failed attempt leaving a grieving Shane going through what is left of his life having random sex with pretty much any female he can find.

On one of his boating excursions on his boat aptly named "Olivia", Shane rescues a female who has just been shot at and is immediately entranced by the woman called Hunter, who is actually Olivia re-incarnated in the tattoo artist's body. Strange? Actually, it's a pretty hot concept and quite an enthralling one, as Shane can't seem to get enough of Hunter, and Olivia comes to terms that she no longer is the timid Olivia she used to be. In addition, the kidnapping ring is very much involved and Olivia/Hunter is still in danger. 

Wow, what a great story. I immediately felt for both Olivia and Shane in Inside Out. When the kidnapping debacle happens, it is quite a shock, then when Rowyn Ashby brings Olivia back in Hunter's body and then tempts Shane with the sultry but extremely familiar woman, it keeps you wondering what will come next Coming back as your kidnapper definitely can put a kink in things, especially when your husband and his friends are still investigating the kidnapping. Inside Out is a very enjoyable read that is mystery, suspense and hotness wrapped up into one story.


4 Stars (Brilliant)

4 Orgasms Read (Awesome!!!)


What inspired you to write ?
Hi Kimberly and thanks for inviting me! It’s ghastly work, but writing is the only thing that fills me up as much as Italian food and not one calorie! I love creating my own fictitious worlds and moving things around- putting off a tragic moment or customizing the happiest ones- plus having your man say exactly what you want- something you just can’t do in real life!

Did you have problems with finding a publisher?
No, I sent out my first story simultaneously and bang- two contract offers in one day! Of course I’d been researching the industry like mad prior to that so if you’re an aspiring author read the subtext—research, research and more research!

Who are your mentors?
My all-time mentors and personal friends are an Italian TV scriptwriter, Lucio Mandar√†, and a Sicilian actor, Angelo Canzonieri, whom I’ve both lost to cancer. Then there’s Alex Husic, a Serbian director and his wife Bojana with whom I’ve shared copious amounts of Italian food and written a play for the stage! My most recent (from 2010) mentor is romance author Elizabeth Jennings. She is a dear friend and always has loads of advice for me and she will appear as herself in one of my next books!
Also, Christine Witthohn, who is an agent (not mine) and friend. She is a powerhouse and a limitless source of info and drive.

What does your family think about you being an author?
They’re so proud, because they’ve seen me at it since I was in Grade four!

Does your husband read your work? 
(disregard if no significant other :) )
Oh, yes! He’s my Alpha reader and Alpha male! He’s pretty cut -throat but that’s what I need.

Dream job?
Writing. Is there any other?

Who are your favorite authors? Books?
God, loads, in many genres. Elizabeth Jennings, Lisa Marie Rice, Sidney Sheldon, David Lodge.

I haven't watched TV in over 4 years but I am curious to know if you have a favorite show
You haven’t watched TV in over four years? 

Wow, I’d die without TV, especially shows that keep me in a good mood. I watch a lot of house programs, documentaries, sit-coms. I was crazy about X-files back in the day.

How do you have time to balance all that is being Nancy Barone Wythe/ Rowyn Ashby?
Thanks for asking that. Rowyn Ashby- and not Rowan with an ‘a’  ( is my brand new alter—ego. I’ve decided to hand over the steamy stuff to her from now on. Nancy ( will write romantic women’s fiction. She’s finishing up book three from The Amazing Erica series and they will hit the market at short intervals. I hate to wait in between books, don’t you?

Where are you originally from and how did you end up in Sicily?
My parents are Sicilian (hence my SICILIAN LOVERS series!) but I was born and raised in Canada. I’ve lived between Canada, England, Sicily and Tuscany and that is reflected in my books. Both Inside Out and Nostos, the Homecoming, are set in England, while Paper Dolls, book three of my Erica series (called Paper Dolls) shows Erica of Italian origin, moving back to Tuscany to open a Bed & Breakfast and producing her own olive oil, precisely inverting her nana’s voyage nearly fifty years before from Tuscany to Boston.

Do you miss the US?
I like the US very much, but the weather keeps me in Sicily. I live near the sea and warm January walks on the beach are a great way to find solutions when I’m stuck on something in my writing.

Who are your favorite characters from your books?
Mine Rowyn’s or mine Nancy’s?
Rowyn loves Shane Hart and Hunter Orlando from her latest erotic release, Inside Out, and yummy Grant Wilson from her coming soon Lunagirl!
Nancy, on the other hand, loves all the sexy Sicilians in her Sicilian Lovers series, plus  Lorenzo Venturelli in Designs On You- the ultimate, confident Alpha male. And of course there’s sexy Aidan Heartland of Westlake who was based on my Brit hubby! Her latest British and delicious hunk is former baseball player Julian Foxham. Wow oh wow!

Do you attend author conferences? Which ones? Your favorites?
Oh yeah! I’m a member or RWA of course and I attend the International Women’s Fiction Festival. We also have a writing retreat with my closest writing friends.

What's the most difficult thing about being an author?
The long hours. While it takes an instant to read a book, the time and effort it takes to actually write one are unbelievable. Plus you have to check for consistency over and over again. And you have to make sure it grabs the reader! All this in those rare moments of mental clarity that remain after my day job as a teacher. Oh and don’t forget the promo time!
Walks on the beach, spending time with family and our dogs. I also love to travel.

Final thoughts, any message to readers?
I hope they enjoy both Rowyn Ashby and Nancy Barone Wythe’s stories. There’s oodles of passion and suspense in them. And please come and visit my new website,
Thank you and Happy Reading!

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