Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 Widower, Daniel Hobart has taken up residence in New Hope. He leads a solitary life and because half his face is marred by scars, he believes that the townspeople dislike and avoid him. Several years ago he lost his wife and young son, and carries the guilt of not being able to save them deep within himself.

When a snowslide slams through the general store he is at, Daniel is trapped under six feet of snow, with little air to breathe. When he calls out for help, he is answered by the voice of a child, a young girl. Daniel believes the young girl is trapped as well, but when he is finally rescued and inquires about the child, he is told there was no one else trapped. Daniel begins to hear the young girls voice imploring him to help her and thinks he may be going crazy. Then at his cabin, he sees a young girl, with whom he speaks to. Her name is Hannah Ellis and she asks Daniel for help, but disappears before he is able.

Daniel goes back into town to inquire about this Hannah Ellis, and finds that she is the missing and presumed dead little girl of young widow, Lacy Ellis. Hannah disappeared while on a trip to another town and was believed to have perished in the cold. Lacy Ellis, after almost a year of searching has just about lost hope until she hears Daniel's story. When Daniel says he is going to try and find Hannah, Lacy and her skeptical brothers join in the search.

Although Miracle In New Hope is a novella, it is a complete and compelling read that I enjoyed immensely. Kaki Warner has brought two damaged people from different walks of life together to achieve the same goal. Daniel is scarred on both the inside and out, but he is a good man just trying to get by. Lacy has lost so much and even though she has the help of her well meaning brothers, she still needs understanding.  This novella is one of persistence and hope and I cannot wait to read more by Kaki Warner, as she is one of my favorite Western authors.

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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  1. I LOVE Kaki's writing. Can't wait to pick up that novella - an extra special Christmas present. :)