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REVIEW: Home to Caroline by Adera Orfanelli (A Novella)

Caroline has had a difficult time since her husband has been away at war. She lost her father, her brother and the child she carried all while tending a farm while Travis fought in the Civil War. She bears those losses all on her own and never allows them to make her lose her courage.

When Travis finally returns from the war. his homecoming is bittersweet for Caroline. She never told him that the baby she carried died  and is buried with her father and brother in the family plot and is sure that when he discovers the loss that he will leave her. 

Travis has his cross to bear as well. While his father showed his siblings how to farm when he was young, Travis wanted nothing to do with it. Now, married to Caroline and owning a farm, he has no idea how to help and earn his way. The fact that Caroline has done it completely on her own, gnaws at him and her wonders if Caroline will accept him as is.

Home to Caroline by Adera Orfanelli is a sweet novella wrought with secrets and misunderstandings. Keeping secrets does neither Travis nor Caroline any good. The fact that Travis never learned how to far, pales in comparison to Caroline losing her baby. When both husband and wife come clean with their secrets, the realizations that come to pass make this novella an entertaining read. 


Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I can’t believe the year has flown by so quickly. 2014 has brought its ups and downs for me as I am sure it has for many of you. As I look back at 2014, I find I have so much to be thankful for, so many amazing friends, so many awesome places traveled and of course, the joys of my life, my kids.
We can all agree that I had a lot going on, whether it was on the home-front or my many travels. One person this year happened to be thankfully attached to my hip. Janet Rodman has been invaluable to me this past year and I want to thank her for being my Ethel to her Lucy. Retirement has nothing on her as she is now living the life as Ms. World Traveler. I expect so much more fun to come as we definitely now have a groove on!

Liberty States Fiction Writers conference started off the whirlwind with Sherrilyn Kenyon as keynote speaker. I had the honor or moderating her panel, which was just perfection as well as emotional. Dani joined me for this event, as he is a fan of Kenyon. I wanted to cry when he went right up to her after the panel. He put his hands on her shoulders and told her she was his favorite author, said he LOVES Styxx, and asked when Urian was getting his book. Even though she was in obvious pain, she came to the BOC party and spent time with Dani and the rest of the BOC. A highlight of the year…

One of the most memorable times I had in 2014 was the RT2014 trip to New Orleans. Always somewhere I wanted to go, I took advantage and extended my work trip into a vacation and Janet and I, as well as several awesome friends, like Sandy Dillon, Pat Sheppard and Vicky Capper painted the town red. I met some pretty fabulous authors and readers on this trip and I got to spend some really precious time with my, Lara Adrian… yes… I call her MINE…

Pretty much as soon as we returned from NOLA, Janet and I road tripped to Ohio for Lori Foster’s RAGT in early June. Dani tagged along and he turned out to be the center of some pretty interesting goings on.  I love going to this event, as I get to really get to unwind with some pretty awesome people. As usual, the group photo of the BOC was a very special moment, and even better was the yearly room party with Michelle Boone and Hildie McQueen being the insane source of entertainment… Shall I say Dinosaurs? I got to spend some quality time with my Patricia Rasey…. Yes… Patricia is MINE as well…

No sooner did we return from that trip, than the 4th Annual Book Obsessed Chicks Beach BBQ Bash took place on Lido Beach. It was a perfect day with over 120 people in attendance. I always feel like that day flies by and I never get to actually breathe and take it all in. There never seems to be enough time to hug each and every Book Obsessed Chick that graces me with their presence, but I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for joining in for the event. It truly is a very special event for me…

Next up was RWA National in San Antonio. My very first time in San Antonio and I loved every minute of it. The events, my special dinner with my uber awesome Harlequin lovelies, Marin Thomas, BJ Daniels, Barb Han, Geri Krotow, Barbara Daille White and Angi Morgan. I ADORE these ladies. I got to hang out with Miz Carolyn Brown and Mr. B. hug Katie Lane, breakfast with Jaci Burton and Shannon Stacey, get taken to lunch by Allison Brennan and have the bestest roomies ever, Margie Hager and Janet Rodman. So much fun was had and even a few odd moments, like when Shayla Black asked me my bra size and Janet ran off so she wouldn’t be asked next, and Lexie Blake’s retort, which had Janet and me in stitches. Our trip to Cowboy Dancehall was a thrilling excursion and my first venture into the PBR. I got to meet the lovely, Gaby Holden, in person and take numerous pics with some pretty handsome cowboys.

2014 was a milestone year with Jason graduating High School and being picked for the Garden City Fire Dept. as a volunteer. His induction will happen Jan. 5… Daniel went into the 8th grade and Gabi went back to college… I am a proud Mom… My cousin, Chanel, has supported me steadfastly and I love her for the honest and loving woman she has become and well as the most awesome Mom to LIL Diva Aliya.

None of this could have been possible without the wonderful job I now have with and, which are my boss, John Haack’s babies. Who can say that they truly love their job? I can. I am so proud to be a part of the marketing team along with my co-workers, Patricia Rouse and Patricia Rasey. I cannot wait for 2015 to see just how far we can go with these companies. Once again, I thank Lara Adrian and John for taking a chance on me. I am truly happy.

I am dedicating my year to a very special lady who puts up with me on a daily basis, whether it’s by text, email or Skype. Patricia Rasey, you are one awesome chick and I love you. You have the patience of a saint and the guts of a bulldog and you make me strive to work to the best of my abilities. You are the best friend a girl can have, a shoulder to lean on and I am a better person for knowing you. Even with all the adversity you have had this past year, you still shine. You are an excellent teacher, a great ear, a fabulous author and a fun person to hang with. I wish we weren’t so far away from one another because I’d be at your doorstep every day, much to Mark’s chagrin. I can only hope that your 2015 is a better one than 2014, for you have had your ups and downs as well.  Thank you for giving the world the Sons of Sangue and thank you for allowing me to help with your cover for Gypsy… I do expect Blondy’s book this year and want all to know. HE IS MINE!

I know I have left so many people’s names out and a few happenings as well, but I don’t want to put you all to sleep. Thank you all for supporting all of my endeavors and for being a never-ending source of joy for me. May you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and I hope to get to hug you all in 2015. 

The Gift: A Highland Novella (Return of the Highlanders) by Margaret Mallory

It is a time of high tension in London with the threat of arrests and executions for anyone accused of witchcraft. Lily is a trusted healer, but no one is safe from being accused and the realization of this has her fleeing London for the time-being in hopes of returning after the Christmas holiday. Traveling through the borders between England and Scotland is not an easy task for Lily, who has disguised herself as a boy to ward off any unwanted attention. 

Sent by his chieftain on a mission through the Lowlands with men he doesn't truly trust, Roderick MacDonald finds an unconscious boy on the hillside and his sense of honor kicks into high gear when he insists on saving the cold and hungry waif. When Roderick finds that the boy is in fact a lady in disguise, his alpha emerges to protect her from harm. 

Roderick's clan is in serious need of a healer and from his view, Lily may just be the one they have been searching for. His grandmother, the current healer of the clan is preparing for when she is no longer with them and she tells Roderick he will find what he is searching for when he least expects it. Is Lily the answer the his clan's prayers? How can Roderick convince Lily that his clan needs him more than London does. When both begin to have feelings for one another they both attempt to resist because the plans they have for their futures don't include a continuing relationship, but losing what they have built over the short time they have known one another can be more detrimental than they know. 

The Gift, A Highland Novella by Margaret Mallory is a superb tale of love and awakening. Both Lily and Roderick have reasons for their feelings, but the journey they each take to overcome those emotions make this novella a must read. Finding out about the one with the true Gift is a wonderful little twist that makes me smile. The Gift can be read at anytime of the year and I hope you all do, as I highly recommend it.


Monday, December 29, 2014

The Cowboy's Christmas Seduction (Las Morenas #1.5) by Genevieve Turner

Married for several months now and expecting her first baby with husband, Jace Merrill, Catarina is feeling down.  With her changing body and her emotions all over the place, she doesn't know what to do about it. especially with the Christmas holidays looming. Jace has been loving and patient with his wife and while they are obviously very in love with one another, marriage and pregnancy are whole new territories for the Merrills.

As much as Catarina would like to hide from her emerging feelings, Jace is a master as getting to the bottom of what is really going on with his wife, and when the issues finally come to light, Jace is the happy recipient of all of Catarina's pent up emotions.  

Having read, Summer Chaparral, the first book in the Las Morenas series, this little slice of life, The Cowboy's Christmas Seduction novella by Genevieve Turner is a welcoming read and perfect for the holiday. The story also shows the wonderful progression of Jace and Catarina's marriage and their love and desire for one another.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Last Cowboy in Texas (Deep in the Heart of Texas #7) by Katie Lane

One thing that is so evident when picking up a Katie Lane book is the reader is in for some ride. Such is the case with The Last Cowboy in Texas by the uber talented Katie Lane, who has the reader in stitches and questioning ones sanity by then end of the story.

There is a whole lot going on in Bramble, Texas. This time around, hometown girl, Starlett Brubaker is living the high life as a country music sensation. Only thing is, Star is surrounded by people in her family who use her fame as their own and now, Star is going through a crisis when she can't seem to write songs as easily as she could before.  When Starlett lived at the Hen House, geeky friend, Beckett Cates was so important to her, but times change and so do people and they all moved on, or so it seems.

When Beckett re-encounters Star at one of her concerts, he shakes his head in disbelief at how she looks and acts. This is not his Starlett. Her unreal hair, eyes and her now lanky appearance are not what he fell for back in the day, but when he finds she is in danger, the now buff, ex-Marine turns heads when he saves Star from a near kidnapping. Star is shocked to see her "Becky" has changed from geek to the hot man who saves her. Confusion ensues on both ends when Star realizes she can no longer pine after Beckett's brother, who is happily married, by the way. Beckett thought Starlett to be selfish and flighty, but little by little his notions are changed and his attraction to her comes out again and when they both are together, sparks fly. 

The pressure of her country music lifestyle is taking its toll on Star and her only respite is when Beckett is around. Her head is clear and she is able to write some songs. She believes Beckett is her muse, but is he more? 

Wow, I couldn't put this book down. Katie Lane is the cause of many sleepless nights for me and always for a good reason. The Last Cowboy is Texas is the last in the Deep In The Heart Of Texas series, and while sorry to see it end, I am so happy with the outcomes in this tale. All the wonderful characters are in certain places in their lives, where the reader can sigh with relief and smile that they all get their HEA's. Starlett has her big dreams, but can her big dreams include the one and only man her knows her best? Pick up your copy of The Last Cowboy In Texas by Katie Lane to find out!


Friday, December 26, 2014

Foster Justice (Texas Ranger #1) by Colleen Shannon

Texas Ranger/Rancher, Chad Foster doesn't always get along with his brother, artist, Trey, but when Trey disappears with no word in Los Angeles, CA, Chad doesn't hesitate to go to his brother's aid. The only lead Chad has is a painting of a red-headed stripper with a butterfly tattoo, named Jasmine.
So with his trusty horse in his trailer and Chad's pick-up truck, the Texas Ranger travels to the big city of L.A. in search of his brother and immediately discovers down home hospitality is not the norm in L.A, especially when continually has run-ins with a particular traffic cop who seems to enjoy making Chad's life miserable while ticketing him for minor infractions.

Once Chad begins to follow some leads, he realizes he has stepped into something far more devious than he had previously thought. His brother is in danger and so are those surrounding the entire scheme going on which is being perpetrated by the art dealer with whom Trey had some dealings with. In addition to that, Chad is thrown for a loop when he meets the very sexy and mysterious Jamine and she not only turns out to be the opposite of what he thought, but also an  attractive distraction, who makes him want to claim her for always.

Foster Justice by Colleen Shannon is a fast paced mystery/suspense that leads all who dare to read, on a journey into the unknown. Jasmine is so not all she seems and when Chad comes to the realization, he becomes more intrigued by the minute. Chad is the ultimate alpha Texas Ranger. You can take the Ranger out of Texas, but you can take the Texas out of the Ranger, especially when his is out to protect his own. This well written and entertaining story, but Colleen Shannon will take you through the spectrum of emotions that will range from happiness to tears. I look forward to more from Colleen Shannon and her Texas Ranger series for she has me hooked.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Thom Grande is a Navy SEAL. He, along with other members of his SEAL team are on a mission to capture "Jihadi John", the executioner of many British and American prisoners. As they land and begin to disembark from the Blackhawk helicopter, there is a loud explosion. Thom blacks out. He wakes up in the hospital and finds out from his friend Brody that the helio was hit with an RPG and the hatch door hit Thom. As a result, Thom has a brief case of amnesia. After speaking with Brody for a while, his memory returns, including the memory of his kids and nasty divorce. As he recuperates, Thom decides to surprise his family by arriving Christmas morning for breakfast in Massachusetts. There is a snowstorm and traffic is slow. Knowing the area, he takes a side road. All of a sudden a deer is in the road, he swerves and ends up hitting a tree.
Virginia Starr, or Ginny as she likes to be called, is a freelance editor and an aspiring author, with a habit of dating losers. While looking for a new apartment, Ginny comes upon an ad for a house sitting position in Massachusetts. She calls, and gets it, after all, "she can write anywhere". As Christmas draws near, Ginny is feeling a little sorry for herself because she doesn't have a boyfriend and she is experiencing writer's block. She watches a show that gives her advice on how she can make changes so that she can begin to meet new people. She decides to begin after New Year's.
Because of a storm, the lights go out in the house. She realizes that she forgot to bring in some firewood. While she is out there, she goes to shut the barn door that keeps banging and grab the snow shovel. Out of nowhere a hand grabs her around the mouth. She hears a male voice telling her to "shhhh, they will hear you." "Who " Ginny asks? "The insurgents" is the reply. After a little more conversation, Ginny tells the person that they are in Massachusetts. She realizes that the man is cold and wet and invites into the house to get warm. Ginny does this even though she thinks that she is one of those girls that are "too stupid to live" from horror flicks. They spend the night talking. Thom wakes the next day a little disoriented and snuggling Ginny. One thing leads to another and they end up making love. Thom goes down to check on his car leaving a note where he is and will be right back. His friend Chris is waiting for him by the totaled car. Chris tells him that they have to leave now because they have intel where Jihadi John is located. Thom doesn't have time to go back and tell Ginny that he has to leave. Weeks go by and she hasn't heard from Thom. Ginny decides to write a different kind of book than the one she already started, one dealing with finding a SEAL with amnesia. Eventually after the mission, Thom returns. He explains to her where he was and they tell each other how they feel and decide to begin a long distance relationship. After all, "she can write anywhere".
As always, I love Cat Johnson's stories. Poor Thom, amnesia twice. I thought Ginny's character was funny, especially when she found Thom in the barn and kept telling herself that she was like one of those "too stupid to live girls" from the movies because she takes Thom into the house and for all she knows, he is a lunatic. This story was also very timely as Ms Johnson discusses ISIS and the military's efforts to capture the Jihadist who executed American civilians. Ginny and Thom take a risk in 


Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Hi Maggie, welcome to Book Obsessed Chicks and thank you for answering my questions.
 Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Oh, gosh. Let’s see. I’m a cowgirl-wannabe trapped in New England, I’m a NASCAR driver-wannabe trapped in a minivan, and I’m a daredevil-wannabe trapped in a scaredy-cat body. Seriously, though – I’m a mom, a wife, and an author … usually in that order. Except on deadline weeks.  I write contemporary romance that falls on the sweet side, with two books out now, and lots more on the way for 2015-2016, so I’m very excited!

 When and how did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I taught English for years, and always fancied myself a better editor than writer. Then I had twins, which led to an immediate reduction in both sleep and sanity. In the dead of night, with two colicky infants, I started created stories in my head so that I wouldn’t go completely nuts (and to give me some illusion that I controlled SOMEthing about my life).  That’s when I really started, and once the writing bug got hold, it just wouldn’t let go.

 Tell us about your upcoming work?

I just barely released my second Loveswept book – A Cowboy’s Christmas Promise. I’m thrilled with the response from reviewers and readers, since this is a book that ripped my heart out more than a few times. It features a single-dad vet raising twin daughters, and a city-gal who never expects to find her happily-ever-after on a Montana dude ranch. If you love Christmas romances, half of it takes place at the holidays. If you don’t love Christmas romances, half of it DOESN’T take place at the holidays! Win-win! The third book in the series (Once Upon a Cowboy) comes out in June!

 Can you tell us your favorite character from your books so far and why?

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but at some point in each book, I manage to fall utterly, completely in love with my hero … so much so that when it’s release week, I’m sort of sad to let him go out to readers. Thus far, the only cure I’ve found is to write another book … and fall embarrassingly in love with ITS hero.

 Was it difficult for you to get published?

Hmm. Good question. My first book got me a Golden Heart nomination, which was a lovely, wonderful surprise. I signed with my fabulous agent soon after the nomination, and out we went with the book. Unfortunately, although my cozy mystery-slash-contemporary romance-slash-romantic-suspense garnered some excellent feedback, there just wasn’t a sales shelf with that many slashes on it, so it didn’t sell. While it was out on submission, I decided I needed to curb my latent ADD and make my next book belong to only one genre, and that’s when the Whisper Creek series was born. I created a triumvirate of Boston gals who find their happily-ever-afters with Montana cowboys, and we found a home for the series with Random House Loveswept. I’m SO happy with them, and will hopefully get the chance to keep working with the Loveswept team for a long time to come!

 Who are your favorite authors/reads?

I claim to be Kristan Higgins’ first super-fan, but I know a lot of others who can make that claim as well. I just adore the way she weaves in her secondary characters, and her books are a master class in dialogue and humor. I’m also a huge fan of Julia Quinn, and hope someday to write humor HALF as well as she does. My keep-forever shelf also has lots of titles from Rachel Gibson, Christie Craig, Nora Roberts, and Emily Giffin.


Ooh! Easy question! I love gymnastics and taekwondo and flute lessons and swimming and birthday parties every weekend and skating and skiing and crafts. Definitely love crafts.
Those are not MY hobbies. Those are my children’s hobbies, which by necessity have become MY hobbies. Hmm. It occurs to me that I don’t have TIME for hobbies right now. That’s okay, though. I’ll have lots of years ahead when I’ll be sitting down doing a hobby … and wishing my kiddos were still running my life.

 What is your dream job?

Well, since I’m too old to train for the Olympics, and too wimpy to survive a NASCAR track, I think I’d have to say I already HAVE my dream job. On a daily basis, I get to live and relive the magic of falling in love, and I get to do it in my pajamas, with plenty of chocolate at hand. What better job could there be?

 Do you have any favorite TV shows?

I’m shamelessly addicted to Nashville. I love the writing, and I LOVE the music. It’s just such a good show. My treadmill TV show right now is Love it or List It. I love watching the transformations of the homes … but the down side is I come away with lots of “Honey, if we just took out this wall …” ideas. McTool-Guy may suggest reducing our cable package if I’m not careful.

What’s next for you?

The third book in the Whisper Creek series (Once Upon a Cowboy) comes out in June, and I have a new 3-book series whose first book (Forever This Time) releases this coming fall with St. Martin’s Press. I’m so excited to have the chance to work with two fabulous editors and publishers, and am doing my best to keep up with all of the deadlines!

Where can we find you?

I also tweet occasionally:
And of course, my website:
I’ve thus far avoided Pinterest because I’m pretty sure I’d never come back out! J

Thanks so much for having me, Kim!! It’s always fun to talk with you!!

Thanks so much for participating!!!


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HOLIDAY LOVE!!! Ring In The Holidays By Katie Lane- GUEST REVIEW

Dr. Ellie Simpson is a sex therapist who believes "that sex and love are separate things and should be treated that way. Abstinence is a way to create that separation. to see whether or not you're compatible outside the bedroom." She also doesn't believe in one night stands. Oh, and she is a thirty year old  virgin. Her best seller book on this theory creates quite a stir. Ellie also practices this theory. As a result, her fiancé cheats on her. To help her get over her cheating ex-fiancé, Ellie heads to Las Vegas with her best friend Sidney for a vacation. Sidney tries to convince Ellie to let loose.

Matthew McPherson, the youngest son of Big Al McPherson who owned M & M Construction, was the company's top corporate lawyer. He was young, single, had money and everything he could want, yet he was bored. Matthew could have any woman that he wanted at any time. But it was getting old. He wanted something else. He makes a bet with his friends and is surprised by the result.

After a little bit of liquid courage, Ellie ends up in Matthew's room, getting rid of her virginity and breaking one of her rules, no one night stands. During their time together, they are very honest and open with each other, due to the fact that they are strangers, it is only one night and no names have been exchanged. But there is something different here. Ellie leaves the next morning without waking Matthew afraid of what she is feeling.

Ellie decides to start over in a new city and chooses Denver. During a book signing, her nameless prince charming shows up. Ellie doesn't know how to handle it. She finds out who Matthew is, a rich lady's man who she believes only wants sex from women and couldn't commit to any one person. Matthew's goal is to prove to Ellie that is not who he really is, despite his reputation. Ellie's book has created quite a disruption between many men and women, including Matthew's parents. During all of this, his  great aunt Wheezie's goal is to have all of her family married off before she dies. She is very busy with her matchmaking efforts. Before Ellie can find any happiness, she has to get over her past and learn to trust Matthew. Matthew has to learn that he too must make changes in order to find the happiness he seeks.

Once again, Katie Lane does not disappoint. I loved her last holiday book, A Hunk For The Holidays and couldn't wait for the next story. The secondary characters are fantastic. Matthew's mother Mary Kay runs a shelter for abused women, and shares the love she has for family with the women and children living there. Big Al, the patriarch, is a workaholic which causes an issue in the family especially with Mary Kay. His sister Cassandra and James are awaiting the birth of another child and are having issues themselves, while Matt's brother Patrick prefers to spend time by himself and dodge Wheezie's matchmaking efforts.. His great aunt Louise, who goes by Wheezie is a riot. She lives to match make. Eventually Ellie and Matthew realize what is coming between them to prevent their relationship from moving forward and they both must learn to trust each other to make it work. This is an excellent book. Ms Lane addresses many issues with her characters in this book, trust, commitment, communication, abuse and most importantly, love of family. I look forward to her next book in this series. I highly recommend this book and give it a five moon rating.


Thursday, December 18, 2014


I’m reviewing the first three (count ‘em…one…two…three) books in the Ravens of War series, AND the super awesome author (Elle Boon) has agreed to an interview (which is posted beneath the reviews).

There will be links at the bottom for the different retailers/places to find the books. :)

Quick synopsis of the series:
The author of this erotic ménage series is the super lovely Elle Boon, whose website and Facebook you should check out; she also has a Twitter account that you should follow (@ElleBoon1).
So, the Ravens of War series is about a group of Elite warriors created by Zeus to help fight their battles.  When the Ravens were no longer needed, Zeus sent them to Earth in the hope that the warriors would find true happiness. 
Each installment of the series focuses on a different duo of Ravens (oh yea…by the way, this is a ménage series!) and their Fated, the one woman in the world who could bring them true happiness and a sense of completion.

Okay, time for reviews. 

First up: Selena’s Men, by Elle Boon

Book Blurb (from the Selena’s Men Amazon Page):
     Max and Malcolm King had been part of an Elite group of twelve men created by Zeus, called the Ravens of War. When they were no longer needed they were sent to Earth in hopes they'd find happiness. After hundreds of years, they'd given up hope of finding their Fated, until they met Selena Ramos. But the Gods aren't done with them. Zeus needs them to find his lost daughter and time is running out for all of them. 
    As the three lovers are consumed with passion, they find themselves thrust in a fight for their lives. Cronus the dethroned King of the Gods has found the missing Goddess and plans to use her as the ultimate weapon for revenge. He'll use her to regain the throne on Mount Olympus, killing his son Zeus at the same time. Max and Malcolm are willing to do anything, even share Selena, but they will die before they give her up. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Review Rating: **** (4/5 stars)

I finished this book in less than two days; it’s paced very quickly but there’s never a dull moment and the action doesn’t let up (a very good thing).   I almost had a hard time believing how quickly Selena fell for Max and Malcolm, but the way they cared for her and would do anything to protect her (not to mention pleasure her), it became easy to see how quickly a girl could fall for these two hot warriors.  The sex is hot and I really couldn’t put this book down. I couldn’t wait for the next one!

Speaking of the next one…

Two for Tamara, by Elle Boon

Book Blurb (from the Two for Tamara Amazon Page):
Rafe Blackstone and Vin Thorn had been best friends for thousands of years. They were part of an elite group called the Ravens of War, and were made up of twelve men created by Zeus. When they were no longer needed on Olympus, they'd been sent to Earth to find happiness, and hopefully their Fated.
For Tamara Mejia, she'd given up finding that one man meant just for her. Having the ability to see the future ran in her family. So when she saw her own death, she set out to enjoy what she had left. That didn't include two larger than life men who claimed she was their one. Cronus pulled Tamara to Hell, and planned to use her as leverage to get his granddaughter, Selena, who's Tamara's best friend, to bargain for her life. Rafe, Vin and all the Ravens need the help of the gods and goddesses from Olympus to save not only Tamara, but Earth itself.

Review Rating: **** (4/5 stars)

This story is fast paced, hot, and fun.  Tamara is a kickass heroine with a quick wit and a passionate love for her two men.  Vin and Rafe are strong heroes who would go to Hell and back (literally) to save the woman they love.   There are some wickedly fun characters introduced in this book that I hope will make future appearances!
I adore all three of these characters; I live for strong female characters and Tamara is nothing if not strong.  Vin and Rafe endeared themselves to me when they were awed by and fell in love with Tamara’s inner strength.  There’s nothing sexier than a man who loves a strong woman…except when there are two men who love a strong woman.
And onto #3…

Jaklyn’s Saviors, by Elle Boon

Book Blurb (from the Jaklyn’s Saviors Amazon Page):
            Jaklyn Marx learned at a young age what pain was at the hands of her father. For seventeen years she'd lived with the physical scars, and the knowledge that she was a latent wolf. When she meets two men who claimed she was meant to be theirs, she ran. Gray and Colt had been searching for their Fated for thousands of years. When she ran they were prepared to do anything to find her and keep her, even call on a goddess for help.
Just when the trio finds happiness a demon from their past threatens to destroy them. Jaklyn refuses to allow her father to take anything else, especially her newfound love for the two men who save her past, present, and future. They will need more than just love to defeat Seamus and his tainted pack. They'll need the help of all the Ravens and a god or two in order to destroy something Cronus created.

Review Rating: **** (4/5 stars)

Jaklyn’s story caught me off-guard, I’m not going to lie.  I was not expecting the story of Jaklyn’s father, or her mother, and…let’s just say it moved to me to tears near the end.  Colt and Gray were hot and sexy and tender and…well, down right yummy. 
This book introduces werewolves into the world of the Ravens, and I really loved reading the way Colt and Gray struggle with adjusting to some wolfy-changes.  Not to mention Jaklyn’s best friends, and werewolves, Abe and Link, who love Jaklyn like a sister and are an incredibly goofy duo; I immediately fell in love with them.
I will admit that some of my favorite moments from this book were all of the nerdy/geeky references.  (::insert eye squint here::) I see you, Elle.  Keep it up, lady! far, the first three Ravens of War books get 4/5 stars from me.  I will admit that these were my first erotic romance novels, as well as my first ménage novels.  My decision to read these books has been making me happier and happier.  They keep me up nights…which is a testament to the story (and the “amazeballs” sex scenes – to quote Abe and Link).


Voule Walker is a very talented member of the Book Obsessed Chicks Book Club. She is a Beta reader, author assistant and just all around extraordinary. 

The Other Duke (The Notorious Flynn's #1) by Jess Michaels

Just when she is resolved to marry the loathsome and abusive,  Cyril, Duke of Hartholm, the beauty, Serafina McPhee is saved by his untimely death in a carriage accident. Oh but wait! She is not truly saved from marriage to the duke, for the contract that was negotiated while she was still a child indicated marriage to THE Duke of Hartholm, who now is Cyril's cousin, self-proclaimed rogue, Raphael Flynn, of the Famous Flynn family. Alas, Serafina was not to have her wish of personal freedom afterall.... unless she can convince the strikingly handsome Rafe to toss aside convention and sign on for a very unusual form of marriage which would give her that freedom she thinks she craves.

Raphael Flynn did not want the dukedom. He loved his life. For his family, Rafe would do anything, including assuring his sister a future with a proper marriage by attempting to fulfill the bargain that Serafina has placed before him. When faced with the blinding beauty, Rafe almost loses his will to stay free with her sweet innocence and her charming personality, but Serafina doesn't want Rafe to lose his head over her. Quite the opposite. She wants them to remain virtual strangers aside from the occasional bedding to produce and heir and a spare. With some sly renegotiation, Rafe gets Serafina exactly where he wants her, beneath him in his bed.

Exploring passion with Rafe is a pleasure that Serafina could never imagine after her long and horrible betrothal to Cyril. When Rafe discovers how hurt Serafina was by his cousin, he goes on to prove that all men are not as crude and hurtful as the cad who left Rafe his title are and thus awakens Serafina to a world of intimacy she had no clue existed. The hard-headed Serafina is so blinded by her quest for independence that she is in the process of ruining the only relationship that is worthwhile, with a man who will truly respect and bestow on her all her heart desires if she only got her head out of her ignorance.

Well what can I say after that? I truly loved The Other Duke by Jess Michaels. It was exciting and engaging, sexy and sensual, all things I just love. There were times when I just wanted to knock some sense into Serafina, much like her friend, Emma, tried a few times. Rafe is a dream hero, handsome, understanding and honorable along with a good sense of humor and passionate. The Other Duke by Jess Michaels held my attention until the very end as I was so eager to see both Rafe and Serafina finally have the HEA that they both deserved. 


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Blurb for Operation Sheba (Super Agent Series, Book 1)
Julia Torrison—codename Sheba—is keeping secrets.

Seventeen months ago she was one of the CIA’s super agents, facing down dangerous terrorists with her partner and lover Conrad Flynn. After a mission was blown and Conrad died, Julia was yanked back to Langley and given a new identity. She is now the Counterterrorism Center’s top analyst, spending her days at CIA headquarters and her nights in her boss’s bed. Her former life as a secret agent has been sealed off with her heart.

Former SEAL Conrad Flynn—codename Solomon—has his own secrets.

For starters, he’s not dead. Going under the deepest cover possible, he faked his own death to save Sheba’s life. Now he must tear that new life apart and ask for her help to hunt down a traitor inside the Agency’s walls.

Is Conrad a rogue operative or a jealous ex-lover looking for revenge?

Julia must risk everything for the man who still holds her heart in order to decide. Drawn into a web of seduction and betrayal, she is forced to play the spy game of her life, flushing out an Agency mole and stopping a hostage situation using nothing more than her iPod and her intuition.

Excerpt from Operation Sheba
The wind chimes outside the patio doors clanged gustily in the wind. Julia sat on the floor, arms wrapped around her bent legs, watching the wind blow sheets of rain across the cracked concrete patio.
“Would it help,” Conrad said quietly from behind Julia, “if I said I was sorry? Again?” His silhouette reflected in the glass as lightning ripped through the black sky.
She had sought solace in her apartment, locking the door behind her and leaving the lights off. An attempt, Conrad knew, to keep him out so she could hang her head and lose the control she had been fighting so hard to keep after learning of Michael Stone’s betrayal.
“No. It wouldn’t help.” Her voice sounded steady and yet still smart with emotion. “You’d be lying. You’re not sorry it’s Michael.”
“But I am sorry the asshole did a number on you.”
Julia’s eyebrows rose as she calmly accused him. “The pot calling the kettle black.”
Conrad clenched his jaw to fight back a response that would only get him in deeper shit. He couldn’t win this argument. No sense trying.
Julia, sensing his refusal to argue, shook her head mildly and ignored him again. A crack of lightning, the follow-up roll of thunder a few seconds later. Long minutes of silence.
Conrad shifted his weight from one foot to the other. Damn this sucked. He wanted her to lash out at him, yell, slam a door, cry in his arms again—like that hadn’t freaked him out a little, she never cried, but even that was preferable to this sudden silence—do something to blow off her anger and hurt. Then he could help her. But this…this withdrawal wasn’t healthy. The emotions would detonate inside her.
Maybe he should get in her face, argue with her until she broke. Tell her why he wasn’t like Stone. She would break, he knew that, and he damn sure would be there to pick up the pieces this time. “You have to talk to me, Jules.”
“No, actually, I don’t. Leave me alone. I need some time to think.”
“I have more information, more proof, if you want to see it.”
Julia cut her gaze to him as the rain continued to pelt the concrete. “I’ve seen and heard enough. The less I know, the more…how did Smitty put it? Effective? Yes that’s the word. The less I know the more effective I’ll be in your little sting operation.”
“So you’re going to help us?”
She snorted. “Do I have a choice?”
No, he wanted to say, his need for her help almost as bad as his need for her forgiveness. At the same time he felt compelled after what he’d put her through to give her an out. “You always have a choice. I can’t force you to do this, to work with me.”
Her body tensed and he knew he’d said the wrong thing, although he wasn’t sure why it was wrong. Her help was critical to the success of the operation, but he didn’t want to push her into a corner. It would only backfire on him.
Her attention went back to the night outside the door. “What if,” she said, her voice controlled, deliberate, “the roles had been reversed seventeen months ago? What if you thought I was dead, Con, and it was your fault?”
Taking a step back, he let his back slide down the wall on the west side of the patio doors. He let himself think about it for a moment, but a moment was all it took. “I’d have gone crazy.”
Her response was just as quick. “But you’d have survived, just like I did.” And accurate.
Lightning flickered, illuminating Julia’s body with a blinking, strobe-like effect. The green eyes were black, her lips set in a grim line. Behind her set face, he knew she was coming to grips with Stone’s betrayal. With her current situation. With his request for her help. He watched as she continued to stare out at the night. She was right, they were survivors. Whatever the outcome of this operation, they would both survive.
He waited for her to tell him that. To assert that she would be fine. But silence was all he got.
Life with Julia had never been easy, but then he had never opted for easy in his life. To him, nothing easy was worth having. Challenge was what made his blood flow, his pulse pound.
Conrad had a superior operational mind and the balls to put his ideas into action. Intelligence mixed with cool logic and hyperawareness made him excel at everything from running agents to troubleshooting tickets for a sold-out game. Always ready for the next opportunity, he was an artful and cunning risk-taker. He loved the game and he loved to win.
In the 007 version of the Intelligence world, Conrad was an outstandingly good spy.
The problem was he had fallen in love with Julia, his opposite in ways the Myers-Briggs assessment test couldn’t begin to measure. And although her scope of assignments had been more limited than his, she was operationally his equal. That had caused just a few problems.
Being a good spook was the antithesis of being a normal person. Those who excelled at flirting with terrorists, assassins, drug dealers and the rest of the Earth’s scum usually sucked in the everyday departments of spouse, parent, or friend.

That’s all right, he thought. Take all the time you need, love. I’m not going anywhere. I’m never leaving you again…

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USA TODAY Bestselling Author Misty Evans has published over twenty novels and writes romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. As a writing coach, she helps other authors bring their books – and their dreams of being published – to life. Misty likes her coffee black, her conspiracy stories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture. When not reading or writing, she enjoys music, movies, and hanging out with her husband, twin sons, and two spoiled dogs