Monday, December 22, 2014

HOLIDAY LOVE!!! Ring In The Holidays By Katie Lane- GUEST REVIEW

Dr. Ellie Simpson is a sex therapist who believes "that sex and love are separate things and should be treated that way. Abstinence is a way to create that separation. to see whether or not you're compatible outside the bedroom." She also doesn't believe in one night stands. Oh, and she is a thirty year old  virgin. Her best seller book on this theory creates quite a stir. Ellie also practices this theory. As a result, her fiancĂ© cheats on her. To help her get over her cheating ex-fiancĂ©, Ellie heads to Las Vegas with her best friend Sidney for a vacation. Sidney tries to convince Ellie to let loose.

Matthew McPherson, the youngest son of Big Al McPherson who owned M & M Construction, was the company's top corporate lawyer. He was young, single, had money and everything he could want, yet he was bored. Matthew could have any woman that he wanted at any time. But it was getting old. He wanted something else. He makes a bet with his friends and is surprised by the result.

After a little bit of liquid courage, Ellie ends up in Matthew's room, getting rid of her virginity and breaking one of her rules, no one night stands. During their time together, they are very honest and open with each other, due to the fact that they are strangers, it is only one night and no names have been exchanged. But there is something different here. Ellie leaves the next morning without waking Matthew afraid of what she is feeling.

Ellie decides to start over in a new city and chooses Denver. During a book signing, her nameless prince charming shows up. Ellie doesn't know how to handle it. She finds out who Matthew is, a rich lady's man who she believes only wants sex from women and couldn't commit to any one person. Matthew's goal is to prove to Ellie that is not who he really is, despite his reputation. Ellie's book has created quite a disruption between many men and women, including Matthew's parents. During all of this, his  great aunt Wheezie's goal is to have all of her family married off before she dies. She is very busy with her matchmaking efforts. Before Ellie can find any happiness, she has to get over her past and learn to trust Matthew. Matthew has to learn that he too must make changes in order to find the happiness he seeks.

Once again, Katie Lane does not disappoint. I loved her last holiday book, A Hunk For The Holidays and couldn't wait for the next story. The secondary characters are fantastic. Matthew's mother Mary Kay runs a shelter for abused women, and shares the love she has for family with the women and children living there. Big Al, the patriarch, is a workaholic which causes an issue in the family especially with Mary Kay. His sister Cassandra and James are awaiting the birth of another child and are having issues themselves, while Matt's brother Patrick prefers to spend time by himself and dodge Wheezie's matchmaking efforts.. His great aunt Louise, who goes by Wheezie is a riot. She lives to match make. Eventually Ellie and Matthew realize what is coming between them to prevent their relationship from moving forward and they both must learn to trust each other to make it work. This is an excellent book. Ms Lane addresses many issues with her characters in this book, trust, commitment, communication, abuse and most importantly, love of family. I look forward to her next book in this series. I highly recommend this book and give it a five moon rating.



  1. Five moons have me over the moon! Thanks so much, Janet! And Happy Holidays to all my Book Obsessed Chicks!! Love you guys.:o)