Friday, December 26, 2014

Foster Justice (Texas Ranger #1) by Colleen Shannon

Texas Ranger/Rancher, Chad Foster doesn't always get along with his brother, artist, Trey, but when Trey disappears with no word in Los Angeles, CA, Chad doesn't hesitate to go to his brother's aid. The only lead Chad has is a painting of a red-headed stripper with a butterfly tattoo, named Jasmine.
So with his trusty horse in his trailer and Chad's pick-up truck, the Texas Ranger travels to the big city of L.A. in search of his brother and immediately discovers down home hospitality is not the norm in L.A, especially when continually has run-ins with a particular traffic cop who seems to enjoy making Chad's life miserable while ticketing him for minor infractions.

Once Chad begins to follow some leads, he realizes he has stepped into something far more devious than he had previously thought. His brother is in danger and so are those surrounding the entire scheme going on which is being perpetrated by the art dealer with whom Trey had some dealings with. In addition to that, Chad is thrown for a loop when he meets the very sexy and mysterious Jamine and she not only turns out to be the opposite of what he thought, but also an  attractive distraction, who makes him want to claim her for always.

Foster Justice by Colleen Shannon is a fast paced mystery/suspense that leads all who dare to read, on a journey into the unknown. Jasmine is so not all she seems and when Chad comes to the realization, he becomes more intrigued by the minute. Chad is the ultimate alpha Texas Ranger. You can take the Ranger out of Texas, but you can take the Texas out of the Ranger, especially when his is out to protect his own. This well written and entertaining story, but Colleen Shannon will take you through the spectrum of emotions that will range from happiness to tears. I look forward to more from Colleen Shannon and her Texas Ranger series for she has me hooked.


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