Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Gift: A Highland Novella (Return of the Highlanders) by Margaret Mallory

It is a time of high tension in London with the threat of arrests and executions for anyone accused of witchcraft. Lily is a trusted healer, but no one is safe from being accused and the realization of this has her fleeing London for the time-being in hopes of returning after the Christmas holiday. Traveling through the borders between England and Scotland is not an easy task for Lily, who has disguised herself as a boy to ward off any unwanted attention. 

Sent by his chieftain on a mission through the Lowlands with men he doesn't truly trust, Roderick MacDonald finds an unconscious boy on the hillside and his sense of honor kicks into high gear when he insists on saving the cold and hungry waif. When Roderick finds that the boy is in fact a lady in disguise, his alpha emerges to protect her from harm. 

Roderick's clan is in serious need of a healer and from his view, Lily may just be the one they have been searching for. His grandmother, the current healer of the clan is preparing for when she is no longer with them and she tells Roderick he will find what he is searching for when he least expects it. Is Lily the answer the his clan's prayers? How can Roderick convince Lily that his clan needs him more than London does. When both begin to have feelings for one another they both attempt to resist because the plans they have for their futures don't include a continuing relationship, but losing what they have built over the short time they have known one another can be more detrimental than they know. 

The Gift, A Highland Novella by Margaret Mallory is a superb tale of love and awakening. Both Lily and Roderick have reasons for their feelings, but the journey they each take to overcome those emotions make this novella a must read. Finding out about the one with the true Gift is a wonderful little twist that makes me smile. The Gift can be read at anytime of the year and I hope you all do, as I highly recommend it.


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