Wednesday, December 31, 2014

REVIEW: Home to Caroline by Adera Orfanelli (A Novella)

Caroline has had a difficult time since her husband has been away at war. She lost her father, her brother and the child she carried all while tending a farm while Travis fought in the Civil War. She bears those losses all on her own and never allows them to make her lose her courage.

When Travis finally returns from the war. his homecoming is bittersweet for Caroline. She never told him that the baby she carried died  and is buried with her father and brother in the family plot and is sure that when he discovers the loss that he will leave her. 

Travis has his cross to bear as well. While his father showed his siblings how to farm when he was young, Travis wanted nothing to do with it. Now, married to Caroline and owning a farm, he has no idea how to help and earn his way. The fact that Caroline has done it completely on her own, gnaws at him and her wonders if Caroline will accept him as is.

Home to Caroline by Adera Orfanelli is a sweet novella wrought with secrets and misunderstandings. Keeping secrets does neither Travis nor Caroline any good. The fact that Travis never learned how to far, pales in comparison to Caroline losing her baby. When both husband and wife come clean with their secrets, the realizations that come to pass make this novella an entertaining read. 


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