Thursday, January 1, 2015

REVIEW: A Cowboy of Her Own (Cash Brothers #6) by Marin Thomas

 Having fallen completely in love with the Cash Brothers Series by the amazing Marin Thomas at book one, it is truly sad to see this series end. Each and every book is a gem and A Cowboy of Her Own is no exception. 

Porter Cash, the last holdout in the Cash clan for marriage, has always been considered the one least likely to succeed by his family and friends, but now nearing thirty and seeing his siblings and their growing families all happy and settled, Porter yearns for some of what they have. He's setting his sights on owning his own ranch and raising bucking broncos, and in order to achieve that, he begins by holding down a well paying job transporting livestock. He wants to prove his family wrong and hold down a job and live his dream. 

Wendy Chin has known the Cash family since her schooldays with BFF, Dixie. She knows very well Porter's reputation and plans to steer clear of him even though the insurance company she works for has sent her on a ride along with Porter to discover if there is any foul play on the company's part with the disappearance of bulls during transportation.The hard working Wendy is to determine if the livestock owner can be paid his insurance claim or if he is involved with the thieving.

 Wendy finds herself in a tight situation when she finds Porter to be one attractive cowboy and being in close quarters, getting to know the real Porter, makes her see him in a whole new light. She has her own crosses to bear being a Chinese-American who tends to adhere to her parents' very strict upbringing and beliefs. Those beliefs are paramount to her, so even if she had an itch to make Porter hers, her family would never accept the relationship.

Porter is having a tough time making it through the hours and hours seated next to the pretty petite, Wendy Chin. Not his usual type, the more time he spends with the spitfire, the more his attraction to her comes out. Even though Wendy knows that Porter isn't for her, she feels an unnerving desire for him that becomes heated desire quickly between them. Even when warned off  both are reluctant to end what they have going. Porter quickly realizes that Wendy is not another fling, and she's nothing like his last love. Once he's mindset on taking things further with Wendy, it will take a lot of convincing of not only Wendy, but her old-fashioned Chinese-American parents who want her with her own kind. 

While this is all going on, Porter comes to find out the possible identity of his biological father, which makes him wonder if he truly wants to know for sure, since his siblings didn't have any luck with their fathers. How would his siblings feel if he actually had a parent who cared? One who stepped up to this plate, even if it was almost thirty years in the making? 

A Cowboy Of Her Own by Marin Thomas is a superbly written ending to an amazing series. Every single character Ms. Thomas writes is an old friend. who the reader wants to help find his or hers HEA. The Cash family are real people, with real issues that make her books so delightful to read. Watching the Cash Family grow from just the siblings to all the significant others and their offspring and then-some is a wonder to watch. Porter has been  a favorite from the very beginning, with his easy-going manner, his loyalty to his family and his great sense of humor, it's a sublime feeling to see him come full circle and get all he dreams of. I will miss this family and this series, but I know that, Ms. Thomas has so much more in store for her readers. I so highly recommend A Cowboy Of Her Own, it is a story that will stick with you. 


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  1. I love Marin's books. As usual, this will be on my TBR list.