Thursday, January 22, 2015

REVIEW: HARD TARGET (The Campbells of Creek Bend Book 3) by BARB HAN

She was on a much needed vacation in Mexico when she was kidnapped by a dangerous group of men who had no reservations about hurting a woman. When the very determined Emily Baker escapes from her captors and stows away on a ship headed for Texas, she's not out of the woods yet.

Border patrol agent, Reed Campbell, is hard pressed to turn  in this woman who obviously has been through a harrowing experience before he discovered her stowed away on a ship surrounded by illegal guns. Seeing the battered and bruised Emily, Reed's protective instincts emerge, and when he discovers that she is still in imminent danger, her decides that come Hell or high water, he will get her though whatever comes at them.

While Reed has a family that will do practically anything for him, Emily's upbringing leaves her wary of relationships and trust. She keeps everyone at a distance and is completely engulfed in her job and seeing how Reed acts, especially around the Campbells, has the independent beauty yearning for that which she has never had, a family. Reed has also had his heartbreak when the woman he thought he loved and vice-versa, ends up having an affair with a colleague and the leaves him flat when he needs her most.

Pursuing a relationship in the midst of danger is never ideal, and when bullets keep flying back and forth, but both Reed and Emily find no one understands the inner turmoil they both face, but each other. Until Reed, his brothers and the authorities apprehend the man responsible for Emily's strife, nothing will ever be settled and safe for the pair to move on.

HARD TARGET by BARB HAN, the final book in the Campbells of Creek Bend series is not only an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end, but it is an action-packed thriller. Barb Han brings together, two characters, so different from one another, but they are perfection. Reed has always had his family to fall back on. They have nurtured him and kept him well loved and safe. Emily has only had herself and that niggling feeling inside of her head that she can never have what Reed and the Campbells have, makes her rethink the entire direction of her life. Seeing the Campbells and their significant others care for an outsider in need, makes HARD TARGET such a draw for me. I love this book and the entire series. HARD TARGET by BARB HAN is well written and absorbing. It's a definite A+ for me. I highly recommend HARD TARGET!


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