Thursday, January 8, 2015

REVIEW: Texas Mail Order Bride (Bachelors of Battle Creek #1) by Linda Broday

This first book in the Bachelors of Battle Creek series by Linda Broday, Texas Mail Order Bride, is a gratifying trip into the old West.

The lovely Miss Delta Dandridge has answered a Mail Order Bride advertisement. Eager to begin a new life in a new town, Delta arrives in Texas only to be thwarted by her intended, Cooper Thorne. Evidently, Cooper did not place the ad, some ne'er do well , believing to know what was best for the confirmed bachelor did. 

Cooper, Rand and Brett  are as close as brothers can be, but the meddling that one of Cooper's handsome brothers does in this case makes for a wild ride. Cooper may want to run from Miss Dandridge, but the more he is in her presence, the more he is attracted to the beauty. The Bachelor's Club will do anything to thwart the marriage market, but even sometimes the most diligent naysayer gets drawn in. 

Delta is shocked and dismayed when she finds out that she isn't to be a bride after all, but she can't return to whence she came. Delta sticks it out in Battle Creek, where she finds herself self sufficient and very well liked.  Penniless but not without determination, Delta gets a job in the mercantile and things begin to look up for her. Now she doesn't exactly need her groom, but it sure would be interesting to see these two together. 

This first venture into Battle Creek, Texas Mail Order Bride, is a wonderfully written tale with solid characters who draw the reader in. Delta has pluck. I love her tenacity as well as her ability to adapt and endure. Watching the determined to stay single, Cooper wilt in Delta's presence is fabulous. Cooper also has an issue with someone trying to put him out of business and that mystery lead to a few tense and action filled moments in this book by author Linda Broday.  A true fan of the Mail Order Bride sub-genre, this is a wonderful read and I eagerly await the next installment of the Bachelors of Battle Creek, for it is a pleasure to watch them fall.


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