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Wheelchair bound, lawyer/ex-soldier, Reed Jackson arrives in Fenton, Missouri after being more or less disinherited by his father because of losing a leg in the Civil War. Reed, the eldest son was set to take over the family plantation and marry a local Southern Belle, until the unfortunate outcome which has the elder Jackson handing said bride-to be and the plantation over to another brother who has no infirmities. 

Once in Fenton, he moves into the Ames Hotel, which is owned by his cousin Henry and wife Mary Ellen. Upon his arrival, Reed meets the hotel manager Beulah who is a freed slave. Having been a soldier on the losing side of the Civil War, Reed is uncomfortable with Beulah's status and stature when he first arrives, but soon becomes fascinated by her pride and her determination.

Belle Richards is the sacrificed young daughter of a dirt poor family in Fenton. The seventeen year old is beaten regularly by her ignorant and evil brother Jed, and her equally ignorant alcoholic father consistently  but that doesn't break the young girl's spirit. In fact, it spurns her to better herself by fulfilling one of her dreams, to read. Beulah and her brother, a reverend, secretly school Belle and others in reading, but trouble begins when Belle's brother finds out. Post war Missouri is still reeling with prejudice as many of the Southern states are. Jed is so angry his sister is being taught how to read by blacks, that he beats Belle severely. 

Beaten and bloody, Belle winds up outside the Ames Hotel in the company of Beulah. Reed Jackson, quickly takes control of the situation and has Belle brought to his room to be doctored and watched over.
When Belle's family comes the the Ames Hotel to force Belle to return to the hovel they live in, Reed asks Belle to marry him so she would be taken care of and never fear from her family again. She agrees.

Marriage between these two people, so different from one another but so intriguingly compatible, makes this story extremely compelling. At first, Reed is resigned to the fact that he would never be able to do any better than the poor Belle, but soon he comes to realize that this woman has unflinching determination and a Hell of a lot of heart. All Belle ever wanted was a home a husband to love her and children, and once she is given the chance, she takes the bull by the horns. 

Tragedy soon strikes too close to home threatening the very lives of all Reed holds dear and when his new wife decides to take on the world, Reed must overcome his disability to become the man he has always meant to be.

What can I say about this book? Well I have to tell you, Holly Bush is an extraordinary writer. Every time I read her books a cry and rejoice. Being the history buff that I am, I am always drawn to a good story pertaining to the highs and lows of our country. Holly Bush is not afraid to take the post Civil War sentiment and make it a lesson to all, even if it's in a fictional romance like Reconstructing Jackson. This is a fabulous read and I am proud to say that I have read every one of Holly Bush's books, am a big fan of hers and hope she continues with these stories that are so worth the time to read. I highly recommend Reconstructing Jackson.


5 Stars (Hook Line a

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Amy Sorentino is a legend of sorts. A former contestant on a big reality cooking show, The Ultimate Chef Showdown. She is infamous for a very public outburst during the filming. The ultra talented chef loses the big prize and eventually returns to her life in Catcher Creek as one of three Sorentino sisters struggling to keep the family ranch afloat after their father's untimely death and their mother's emotional breakdown which, which puts her in a home with constant care. The Sorentino sisters have decided to turn the family ranch into a dude ranch that features meals comprised of staples from all local growers and suppliers. 

Kellan Reed, cowboy extraordinaire, owns a prestigious cattle ranch that produces the best beef around. Kellan has proudly worked to the bone to start and run his business. Kellan also has a big secret he would prefer the world never know. He is the sole heir to Amarex oil corporation, of which his maternal uncle  is the shady owner. Uncle Morton attempts continuously to drag his nephew into his unethical dealings, but thus far, Kellan has been able to steer clear.

Amy and Kellan bump into on another at the local Quick Stand, where chef Amy is in search of celery and she holds up the line at the store. Some of the locals in that line bring up the touchy subject of The Ultimate Chef showdown and also try to rile her about her family and just before Amy goes off on the locals, Kellan Reed steps in to save the day. Immediately sparks fly between Kellan and Amy and there is no use denying the fire that has ignited between them, even though Amy has a set of rules with number 1 being "NO COWBOYS".

When Kellan finds out that his uncle is after Amy's childhood home, he realizes this is a conflict of interest and  he attempts to step back, only to be sucked back in due to, first, his feelings, and second, Sorentino family issues that tug at his heart as well. Sisters, Amy, Rachel and Jenna are at wits end with family issues and throwing in the prospect of losing the ranch may just too much to handle for everyone involved.

The Trouble With Cowboys by Melissa Cutler is a book that grabs you from the first, with its immediate sparks flying between the Amy and Kellan. Then it keeps you interested with each character's story. Kellan is a straight forward decent guy. I immediately was attracted to his passion for his work and being a self-made man. Amy, having been taken advantage of in her past is a tad gun shy, especially when it comes to cowboy Kellan, but his persistence is admirable. Melissa Cutler has added a cast of characters who only compliment the entire scheme of things with Kellan's friends Vaughn, Lisa and Chris and Amy's quirky new employees, Sloan and Douglas. 

I loved the The Trouble With Cowboys by Melissa Cutler. This story is riveting and well written with a great balance of humor and drama. This book goes through a gamut of emotions, laughter and tears and leaves the reader well sated. I am so looking forward to the next in the Catcher Creek series as I am already making bets on who will be the next two to fall in love. Gahhhhh, must we wait a year for this book?


5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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Wendi Zwaduk ~ A Trio of Reviews~ by Guest Reviewer Pat Sheppard

Lust at first sight, love by the end of the night.  That's what happens between Slade (aka Sergeant Randy McCall) and stripper SexyBack (aka Astra Devlin).  Slade is sent to uncover a drug ring being operated out of an elite gentleman's club.  As a bouncer he can move about the club without too many questions.  He hopes to find what he needs.  But what he doesn't  know is, he finds what he wants.  Someone who he knew and he could spend the rest of his life with, a stripper.  I liked this novella because it gave you a story and sensual titillation.  If you have a short flight somewhere and do not want to start a book you cannot get back to immediately, I recommend this novella.

4 Orgasms Read (Awesome!!!)

Forget the church socials, E-Harmony or Happy Hour.  It seems like the right place to find lust, love and a lifetime partner is at the Silver Steel Gentleman's Club.  Slade and Astra are missing.  Now Detective Drew Alwyn (aka Ramon) has to go undercover to find his missing partner.  He finds a partner but not just the one he was looking for.  Ramon finds Jude Alwyn (aka Judy Blue Eyes).  Jude works at the Silver Steel to earn money for college art classes.  She's the typical clean cut girl who has no one and just needs to make her way in the world.  Then in comes Ramon.  I mean just let the name roll of your tongue, Ramon!.  What bright eyed innocent girl would not fall for that.  Again Zwaduk gives you a story to follow, she just does throw them together.  Ramon has to work for this one.  But will the rewards be worth it.  You'll have to read it to find out.  Let's say you will be overcome :-) with a little suspense and a lot of pleasure.

4 Orgasms Read (Awesome!!!)

Jade Weir former actress has a problem.  In fact she has several problems. She was addicted to drugs, alcohol, and trouble.  Being in bad company with the law is nothing new to her.  Tired of her old life she returns home to try and start a new life as Jaden Marie.   And within days she is right dab in the middle of the worst addiction known to her and to make things worst, she is also in trouble with the law.  Deputy Marlon Cross was Jaden's best and worst addiction.  Running from her old life and trying to start a new one without the help of her socialite father, the movie industry and men who want to control her proves hard to do.  But when your best asset is the ability to do nothing great, she doesn't have far to fall from grace.  So taking a job as a dog walker she starts to build. Once again Wendi gives you a story to follow.  Marlon and Jaden have wanted each other since that very first kiss.  Neither have been able to forget it.  Her return to her home town only reminds them of what they both thought they could have had.  Well, with all her past troubles can they have it now?   I know, but do you?  Read "Please Remember Me" and tell me how you think it worked out.

4 Orgasms Read (Awesome!!!)


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One of my FAVORITE photos of Wendi,taken at Lori Foster's Readers Appreciation Weekend over the Summer

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No Greater Glory by Cindy Nord

When Yankee soldiers take over widowed Southern Belle, Emaline McDaniel's plantation,  home, Shapinsay in Falmouth, Virginia, she has no idea what she is in for when she comes face to face with Colonel Reece Cutteridge of the 6th Cavalry. Holding a rifle squarely at the Colonel, Emaline stands firm in her attempt to protect all that she has left. But the Colonel has a job to do and this stubborn female won't get in the way of getting his orders done, or will she?
Both the Colonel and the Southern Belle had lives before the war. Lydia had her marriage, not a happy one, but it was something. Once she meets Colonel Reece Cutteridge, all bets are off. The passion that stirs between the soldier and the lady is something than cannot be denied, and even when duty calls, love and passion can prevail.
First, I must say that I am a history nerd. The Civil War holds great interest to me. Having said that, this book is not just about the Civil War,  it's about two people from two different worlds, coping with the times and what life has thrown at them. Colonel Cutteridge is a true gentleman, and from history we know that is not always the case where women were concerned in situations with war. I love Reece, a character with such depth and such conviction. Emaline is a character who changes for for better. Leading a life of privilege at first then being tossed in the middle of the war has brought out the true woman she was meant to be. 
No Greater Glory is Cindy Nord's first published book, and I enjoyed it immensely. I would love to see Reece and Emaline in the future. Ms. Nord really makes you care for them and the outcome. I hope to see more from this author soon! 


4 Stars (Brilliant)
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Here it is my Historical Western Fans!!! The third installment of the Circle Eight Series by the fabulous Emma Lang/Beth Williamson. Due to release February 12, 2013. As you can tell, I am VERY excited!!!

A Texas Ranger, lady blacksmith, A fierce passion, A dangerous game.
Caleb Graham has spent the last four years in too many dangerous situations to count. As a Texas Ranger, he knows no fear, or at least he never shows it. When he’s sent force a blacksmith off government seized property, he runs face to face into the woman who will change his life.
Aurora Foster grew up on the very land the obnoxious Ranger is trying to throw her off of. Her parents and her husband died for it and there was no chance she would leave without a fight. A lady blacksmith might be an anomaly but she has the strength of the steel she forges and the courage to fight for what she believes is right.
When Aurora is inadvertently injured by Caleb, he seeks medical help from a neighboring ranch. The sprawling hacienda is full of the finer things in life and the one person Caleb never expected to see again… his youngest brother Benjamin. Forced to flee from a man who has kept the boy captive, the trio become traveling companions in a deadly game where no one wins.
Life turns upside down and sideways for Caleb and Aurora, caught in a game neither of them expected while they desperately try to save the boy who was lost to his family. Pursued and hunted, the three of them ride for the Circle Eight ranch. The unlikely pair of rescuers fight their attraction and for their lives.

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The Highlands of Scotland 1200

Dawn lives in a village where she merely exists. Having been born without a voice, and arriving in the village around the age of nine with her mother, she never has fully been accepted by all. Of course some would call her infirmity evil, and that she is touched by the devil, or that she is simple, but that is far from the truth. Dawn can in fact get her point across very well when she needs to, many times using her best friend Lila as her translator.

As soon as she sees him, Dawn cannot keep him out of her thoughts. Cree, the Devil as he is called by the multitude, arrives in her village in shackles, defeated by Colum, who is basically the overseer. His liege lord is Roland Gerwan, the Earl of Carrick and Colum does his bidding. Believing that he has the upper hand, Colum imprisons Cree in a hut under guard, then comes up with the brilliant idea to find out all Cree's secrets by sending the mute, Dawn to care for him. Not only is she to care for him, but she is do do anything Cree wants, including being bed by this highlander if he so wishes.

At first, Dawn finds Cree frightening, but she soon realizes that the warrior is kind and fair and she is torn between reporting all back to the hated Colum, or protecting Cree. When Cree escapes the hut and his warriors join him to take over Dawn's village, he immediately seeks her out to protect her if not something more. Will Cree overcome and be the great leader he is destined to be? Will Dawn have a bright future surrounded by those she cares for? Read Highlander Unchained to find out!

It's hard to not give too much away with this great story. There are so many ups and downs. So many secrets and so much mystery. Nothing is as it seems to be and that just adds so much to Highlander Unchained. Dawn's inability to speak only makes you adore her more and the fact that Cree understands her and actually considers her communication speech makes the reader love him. Such a great story! Definitely one that I highly recommend. My only suggestion to the reader is that you also have Forbidden Highlander at hand, because Highlander Unchained has a cliffhanger, and I had to IMMEDIATELY begin Forbidden Highlander for my own sanity.


5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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Author Spotlight on Donna Fletcher

Welcome all to my author spotlight with awesome local writer, Donna Fletcher. The very first book I read of hers was Bound to a Warrior, and from there it was her entire backlist. I tend to obsess when I find something I love and must read everything by that author. Donna Fletcher was also very generous in sending the Book Obsessed Chicks signed books for the BBQ raffle we had over the Summer. 
I always like to know what inspires an author to write and find out little things one normally wouldn't know. Now with the recent release of her latest HIGHLANDER UNCHAINED and FORBIDDEN HIGHLANDER, and upcoming WED TO A HIGHLAND WARRIOR, we get to find out a bit about the very talented author.
 Please welcome Donna Fletcher to Book Obsessed Chicks and enjoy the Q&A.
Oh yes, and if you comment or ask Donna a question, you will be entered to win a book from her backlist! Please leave your email address. Thanks so much!

My first Donna Fletcher read! 


 What inspired you to write ?
My love of reading inspired me to write. My mom was an avid reader so there were always books in the house. She also signed me up for a YA Romance Book Club and I devoured every book that came in the mail. My love of reading continued into adulthood and one day I got an idea for a romance novel and started writing it. No, it was never published and I am so relieved it wasn’t. I had a lot to learn about writing and that book got me started on the road to becoming a writer. I went to the library and took out books on writing until finally there were no more books left to take out. I had read the whole section.

 Did you have problems with finding a publisher?
 It wasn’t easy. I tried submitting myself but got nowhere. I then found New Jersey Romance Writers and joined. I got to know some great women who were struggling to get published just like I was. I got involved in the organization, found my first agent while I was a member and sold my first book the month I took office as President.

 Who are your mentors?
 The women in my old critique group were the best mentors I could have ever had. They were honest and straight forward with their critiques, providing great feedback and helping to make me a better writer. We attended writers’ conference together and celebrated as each of us got published.

 What does your family think about you being an author?
They’re very proud of me and they are my best publicists.

 Dream job?
I have it!

 Who are your favorite authors? Books?
 I love romance books but I have a tendency to stay away from them while writing my own. Then when I finish a book I go crazy reading romances. In between I read a variety of books; mysteries, thrillers, YAs, period pieces, and non-fiction. My favorite author presently is my son MJ Fletcher. He’s written a YA series called the Doorknob Society that is terrific and that’s not just my opinion. Reviewers and readers love his books. And naturally, I’m a very proud Mom.

 I haven't watched TV in over 4 years but I am curious to know if you have a favorite show?
 Actually I do, I love Bones and Castle. The writers have done a great job in bringing the couples together and making the shows even better than before. And I’m hooked on Sons of Anarchy; they’re like warriors of old. I also love The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly. They never fail to give me a good laugh. Oops, that’s more than one, but I do need a break from my Highlanders now and again.

 How do you have time to balance all that is being Donna Fletcher?
 That’s a good question and I wish I had a good answer. Some days seem more balanced than others. I juggle a lot, though that doesn’t mean I don’t drop things every now and then. But I don’t believe I’d have it any other way. It makes for an interesting and exciting life. And the good part is that I fall into bed exhausted each night and sleep soundly. That’s heavenly! 11. Who are your favorite characters from your books? You’re going to get me into trouble asking that. If I say I like one more than the other than I’ll never hear the end of it from my characters. They’re always filling my head with ideas for future books or short stories. Besides, I fall in love with every hero I write and I admire every heroine I create.

 Do you attend author conferences? Which ones? Your favorites?
I used to attend a lot of conferences, but time restraints have had me cutting back on attending them. I loved the conferences where I could meet readers and talk with them. A good conference that focuses on the concerns of the published author is Novelists, Inc. I was President of the organization last year and I can tell you that there isn’t another writers’ conference out there that comes near to providing the information necessary to a published author (traditional or indie) that Novelists, Inc. does.

  What's the most difficult thing about being an author?
 I think it’s all the hats you need to wear being an author. You need to be a marketer, social networker, researcher, speaker, account, and I’m sure I missed a few. I love getting lost in my books but when I finish my writing for the day, I’m not done. I switch hats and get started on other areas of being an author.

When time permits, I knit. No big project, since I don’t have the time for one, though I am tempted to try knitting a lovely sweater pattern I saw. I also love working in my container garden in the summer. I have a front porch and I fill it to the brim with plants. It’s my little oasis and I sit out there in the evenings with a glass of wine and my dog for company. I wish I had the time to sew. It was a hobby of mine years ago and I made some great clothes. Would love to do it again.

 Final thoughts, any message to readers?
 Thanks for your support. It means the world to me and is more appreciated than you know. You are the best, and know that I write for you!

About the Author: Donna Fletcher is a USA Today bestselling author of historical romances. She is also a past President of New Jersey Romance Writers and Novelists, Inc.

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Daphne MacLeod was once betrothed to Laird Broen MacNicols but for many reasons that wedding was never destined take place. In order to escape that would- be marriage, Daphne MacLeod lost her virtue to Norris Sutherland. Both Daphne and Norris ultimately returned to their perspective homes, both still single and both a bit altered with all that went on between them.

Being on the losing side after the Battle of Sauchieburn, MacLeod lands were raided and left nearly barren, leaving Daphne to pick up the pieces and gather her clan in some sort of unity. She is still held with some contempt by her clan since the marriage to MacNicols would have helped the clan's dire situation after the battle, but Daphne knew she did the right thing. Three months after their loss, the MacLeod clan is trying to get it together, with some difficulty, and Daphne still thinks often of Norris Sutherland.

In the three months since Norris Sutherland bedded Daphne, his mind also often drifts to thoughts of the lass. Things are no longer the same with him either as he finds himself uninterested with every other lass that throws herself in his path. Laird Lytge Sutherland watches his son ,Norris carefully and sees there is something amiss with his son's attitude. In a conversation with his son he suggests that Daphne may be a perfect match for Norris, providing the rumors of her elusive dowry are true. This sparks the interest of Norris who agrees that his father's suggestion might just be something to explore. So he sets out to the MacLeod holding with his bastard brother, Gahan and his loyal men in tow.

Trouble brews brightly when neighboring Comyn leader Morrell Comyn sets his sights on capturing and forcing Daphne to become his bride. Comyn does not realize the enemy he makes of Norris Sutherland once he sets a hand on Daphne, or what lengths Norris Sutherland will go to make sure Daphne is safe and secure, even if he has to drag her back to Sutherland lands. Which he ultimately does, in the process creating turmoil on every side. On top of all that another woman, Sandra Fraser, vying for Norris Sutherland's attentions arrives, wreaking havoc with every breath she takes. Daphne is a formidable lass, but is she enough to take on the evil-doings? Will the Sutherland clan back her up when things go awry? Or will they allow Daphne to hang? All these questions and more are answered when you read The Trouble with Highlanders by Mary Wine.

Oh how I loved this book. When an author and the story can get my emotions flowing, and I go from happy, to sad to angry ( where I wish I was part of the book and want to murder the evil wench), I know it's a winner. Then it has to have a strong female. I am so NOT for a whiny "woes me" chick. Daphne is in no way whiny. She is strong, she is sassy and she interesting. Norris is no slouch either, my ultimate male, tall, devilishly handsome and loyal. Mary Wine is a master or more appropriately the mistress when it comes to story-telling. I had just put down a book I could not get through to save my life, picked up The Trouble with Highlanders, and stayed up all night intrigued with this book.  Reading it refreshed my memories of The Highlander's Prize by Mary Wine, where we meet Daphne and Norris. Yes, I loved that book too. 

The Trouble with Highlanders is a roller-coaster of romance, suspense and history all wrapped up in a paperback novel for all to enjoy. I highly recommend this, or any read by Mary Wine for that matter. I am so looking forward to the next book in this Highlander saga!


5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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Photograph of Mary Wine taken at last year's Lora Leigh's RAW Event in Maryland

My favorite photo of Mary and myself

Mary Wine in one of the gorgeous costumes she makes herself


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Author Spotlight on Amanda McIntyre

Hello all! Before you read my recent interview with author, Amanda MacIntyre, I would like to give you some background. I had the great fortune of meeting this talented lady last year at my first Lora Leigh's RAW conference in Flintstone, Maryland. Pretty much from the get-go I hit it off with her. Our friendship continued after that amazing weekend and I got to spend a great deal of time with her at this year's RAW in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Amanda is so friendly and welcoming. Give and take is so easy with her. She is also such a talented author. I fell in love with Tortured, which was my very first read by her and quickly became engrossed with her fabulous Time Travel/Western, Wild & Unruly. Her character, Sheriff Jake Sloan is one of my ultimate heroes still. I hope you enjoy this interview, and if you have any questions, please just ask. I am sure that Amanda would be very happy to answer them.

1.      1.  What inspired you to write?  Need. I’m an artist at heart—oils, sculpting, and sketching foremost. But the need to tell a story came as a healing mechanism to me in a very difficult time in my life. Perhaps it was the need for escape. Perhaps the need to house my emotions into the vessel of a fictional character in order to put a measure of objectivity to my experiences.  Either way, I had something to say and I spent all night writing my first story—by hand, mind you. Very Shakespearean, don’t you think?;)  I think most of us are inspired at first by an event, or an experience that moves us enough to need to get the demons, the joy, or what-have-you, out on paper.
But what inspires me still is something that I’ve always said when asked, “what do you write?”  I write about ordinary people who discover through circumstance, experience and love--how extraordinary they really are.

2. Did you have problems with finding a publisher? Finding them? No. Getting published? Absolutely!  I take heart in the fact that even the greatest authors of our time had difficulty getting published—John jakes, for example was rejected something like 68 times before he was published. JK Rowling, too was rejected several times before someone took a risk on her now multi-million dollar imagination.  You don’t go into writing with the idea of becoming rich quick—or even slowly. ;) It’s not easy to write. Despite how effortless it appears, it a very difficult and often times hermit-like existence.  I was fortunate in many ways to work with a number of e-book and small press companies—learning from each and every experience, before landing my first contract with Harlequin Spice. In fact, I’d nearly decided just before that to give up writing and to be honest, it wasn’t the last time the thought has crossed my mind;) But it always comes down to what else would I do that brings me as much joy as when delving into my proverbial paint box , creating colorful characters and taking them on a journey of my imagination!
The industry has changed remarkably even in this past decade. What major players in the publishing world once claimed wouldn’t survive, has now become a reality. And while I still enjoy frankly, the smell of a bookstore or library (even more than holding the book in my hand) the truth is that e-Books have become to readers, what cell phones have become for communication. I took an impromptu survey the other day and discovered that many folks have more than one e-reader that they use, even if they continue to purchase print books.
It’s affecting every facet of our society making it easier and a little less expensive for college students with textbooks.  Many of the classic books we all read in school are now offered free at many sites, new authors are being discovered daily through self-publishing program sites like Amazon and all of these things  have encouraged a whole new generation to read again.
It’s a new dawn out there in the publishing industry. Very , very few authors, unless deeply established with a specific publisher, are likely to stay with the same publisher to build the 25-35 year careers that our predecessors have known.  It happens, but in my opinion, it’s rare. In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been advised by people in this industry, not to “put all your eggs in one basket.”  Diversity is a good thing. Even well-established authors are publishing their own backlists in e-book, as well as testing the waters with new pen names and different genres.  Places like Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble online-now offer a multitude of sumptuous reading material at the mere click of a button. Okay, now I’m climbing down off my soapbox….
Perhaps more important, insofar as writing, whether, small press, big press, or self-publishing, you have to be savvy, aware of the changes (as much as is possible) believe in your gift, and hone your craft. Never stop learning. A valuable lesson from the big players on down to us simple storytellers. ;)  Put simply-don’t write for the market. Write your story.

3. Who are your mentors? Too many to name. From every editor I’ve worked with. Every author, seasoned and aspiring that I’ve met, the authors whose books hold a special spot on my re-reads shelf, to the talented friends I have the pleasure of knowing as a result of my writing, to my family and close friends who encourage me daily and remind me of what’s really important.

4. What does your family think about you being an author?  They encourage and respect what I do. They certainly have a greater understanding of what is involved in the process of writing and publishing a book. All four of my kids have fabulous imaginations and bright, creative gifts and are avid readers. I like to think that maybe I had a little influence in that;)

5. Does your husband read your work? Not usually. But I can’t tell you the number of times he’s been asked if what I write is based on fact or fiction. Honestly, he’s a sci-fi kind of guy, but bless his heart, he will listen to my plot storming and sometimes offers advice—he’s great for research as well. This is a guy you don’t want to come up against in Trivial Pursuit, you know? But more often he patiently listens and then with a look somewhere between marvel and curiosity will say, “I don’t know how you come up with these ideas.”

7. Dream job?  Living the dream;)

8. Who are your favorite authors? Books? I’m seriously eclectic in books and music…my “keeper’ shelf is very limited, however. Christina Skyes’ “Christmas Knight,” Anne River Siddons, “Colony,” Robin T Popp’s, “Nightslayer series,” Jennifer Blake’s, “Roan,” Suzanne Forester’s “Morning After”,Stella Cameron’s “Guilty Pleasures” Stef Ann Holm’s Pink Moon, Donna Kauffman’s “Your Wish is My Command.”—these a but a skimming of the cream… I also read a number of books (In several genres and mixed genres) from my peers, but won’t list them all, lest I should forget one;)

9. I haven't watched TV in over 4 years but I am curious to know if you have a favorite show: Not really. I’m not much of a TV person. I do however get into the BBC when they run their fabulous series—I’ve just watched the Crimson Petal and White and really into Copper every Sunday night. I’m also catching up on Season one of Torchwood. I desperately want to see The Romantics (about the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood) and I loved (still love) The Tudors. (in cooperation I believe with the BBC) Does this make me an anglophile? I don’t know…

10. How do you have time to balance all that is being Amanda McIntyre? I have learned (still learning) to make time. You have to set goals, but you have to realize what matters, too.

11. Who are your favorite characters from your books? Interesting question and I’d have to say to some degree, all of them. Because truly there is a part of me--of what I was going through, dealing with at that time, or my ideal--that is engrained in them. I love Tess and Gabe from my first novel (Unfinished Dreams) both down to earth, ordinary people dealing with the left curve that life tossed to them. I loved Cozette (Diary of Cozette) for her tenacity and surviving amazing odds. Darcy Cunningham (Tides of Autumn) for her courage to follow her dream and the love for and of  her family. Thomas (Master & the Muses) and Grace-both twisted & torn who find out how powerful and real love really is.  Sheriff Jake and Miss Lillian( Wild & Unruly) for their loyalty to one another. Angel (Fallen Angel) for her old soul that while tarnished still believed in the magical power of love,--and that’s just a few…I really do love them all, with exception of a few secondary bad seeds tossed in to make life interesting for the main characters. But I’ve also written a number of secondary folks that I truly adore as well.

12. Do you attend author conferences? Which ones? Your favorites?  When time and finances afford it, sure! I abhor flying, let me say that upfront;) So if I can drive somewhere, all the better. My first Romantic Times Convention was in the Fall just after the tragedy of 9/11, which made this last spring’s convention my eleventh consecutive attendance. I’ve been to RWA once and Lora Leigh’s RAW weekend and attended Heather Graham’s Writer’s Workshop in New Orleans. More smaller conventions are popping up and next year I’ll be a featured author at August 2013, Authors After Dark in Savannah, Ga. Certainly there is no limit to the number of small and large conferences available. I like the smaller ones because that’s where I get to meet and get to know the readers!

13. What's the most difficult thing about being an author?  The actual business of writing—submitting, keeping up to snuff on the industry, marketing, budgeting and promoting on so many different levels—it’s time consuming and yet so necessary to your work.  I find it hard sometimes to find the balance between the creative and the business side.

14. Hobbies? Musical theater, concerts, (rock or classical) gardening, road trips, watching Iowa State football and the fabulous ISU marching band, researching for my next story. Oh, yes and I’m a taphopile, (gravestone enthusiast) with an avid top ten list of cemeteries I’d like to visit—the older the better.

15. Final thoughts, any message to readers? Thank you for how you inspire us as writers to tell our stories, take risks and think outside the box! I love hearing what you think about my books, what you’re like to see more of. True story, Masters & the Muses came about on an email I received from a reader who read Diary of Cozette and wanted to know Thomas’s story (a secondary character in that book)  Lots of readers have been my inspiration in one way or another!

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