Friday, December 5, 2014

Love Finds Its Way (Way of the Hearts Saga #2) by Wilhelmina Stolen

Lucas was adopted by the Sullivan clan at a young age, but as his years with his new family passed, he became more and more enamored of his adopted sister, Callie. When Callie is eighteen, it becomes clear to Lucas that if he remains in the Sullivan home, without having found out his true identity, his life may not be as it should. So with a heavy heart and deep feelings for Callie, he sets out for Texas in search of his name and legacy.

At first, Callie didn't understand what those feelings she was having for Lucas meant. After she and her sister were abducted and her mother killed, Callie found it difficult to trust anyone but Lucas and as her feelings for him grow, she yearns for more. As hard as it is for Callie to allow Lucas to leave, she knows in her heart he must find out who he is. Before he goes he elicits a promise from her to wait for him.

Eighteen months after Lucas left Virginia for Texas Callie still waits and pines after him, even though she hasn't had a letter from him in six months. Callie has now taken over management of the family business for her father and he has hired an accountant from New York to train her. When the accountant hits a nerve with Callie and hints that he would be a good choice for her, Callie is more determined than ever to hold onto Lucas. When a mysterious telegram arrives from Texas, Callie in the company of her father and the accountant set out to save Lucas from whatever he has gotten involved in. 

Love Finds Its Way by Wilhelmina Stolen has it all, murder, intrigue and romance. There is a lot going on around both Lucas and Callie, some of the goings on are determined to keep the two apart. Callie's sheer determination to bring her man back is truly a revelation for the reader as well as for the hero. This is the first title I have ever read by Ms. Stolen and I am very interested in reading more. This Western historical romance is well written and attention inspiring. Love Finds Its Way is the perfect example of the adage "where there's a will, there's a way", for both Callie and Lucas have a lot of will.


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