Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wanton Christmas Wishes (Self-Made Men #2) by Monica Burns, Eliza Lloyd, Madelynne Ellis, Jess Michaels, Samantha Kane, Kate Pearce

This collection of not only heartwarming holiday reads, but sizzling and sensual as well, leaves the reader fulfilled in more ways than one. Each and every tale in this well written anthology is unique and exciting. As a reader of both Monica Burns, Jess Michaels and Samantha Kane, it is a pleasure to continue to read works by them as well as find new go-to authors like Madelynne Ellis, Eliza Llyod, and Kate Pearce, who I have added to my must read lists as a result of reading Wanton Christmas Wishes by all of the above authors.

Each and every slice of life is a epic in itself.  Whether it be the finding of a new love or the reawakening of it, these masterful, erotic historical tales are a must-read for any discerning reader. I highly recommend Wanton Christmas Wishes to one and all.


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