Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Other Duke (The Notorious Flynn's #1) by Jess Michaels

Just when she is resolved to marry the loathsome and abusive,  Cyril, Duke of Hartholm, the beauty, Serafina McPhee is saved by his untimely death in a carriage accident. Oh but wait! She is not truly saved from marriage to the duke, for the contract that was negotiated while she was still a child indicated marriage to THE Duke of Hartholm, who now is Cyril's cousin, self-proclaimed rogue, Raphael Flynn, of the Famous Flynn family. Alas, Serafina was not to have her wish of personal freedom afterall.... unless she can convince the strikingly handsome Rafe to toss aside convention and sign on for a very unusual form of marriage which would give her that freedom she thinks she craves.

Raphael Flynn did not want the dukedom. He loved his life. For his family, Rafe would do anything, including assuring his sister a future with a proper marriage by attempting to fulfill the bargain that Serafina has placed before him. When faced with the blinding beauty, Rafe almost loses his will to stay free with her sweet innocence and her charming personality, but Serafina doesn't want Rafe to lose his head over her. Quite the opposite. She wants them to remain virtual strangers aside from the occasional bedding to produce and heir and a spare. With some sly renegotiation, Rafe gets Serafina exactly where he wants her, beneath him in his bed.

Exploring passion with Rafe is a pleasure that Serafina could never imagine after her long and horrible betrothal to Cyril. When Rafe discovers how hurt Serafina was by his cousin, he goes on to prove that all men are not as crude and hurtful as the cad who left Rafe his title are and thus awakens Serafina to a world of intimacy she had no clue existed. The hard-headed Serafina is so blinded by her quest for independence that she is in the process of ruining the only relationship that is worthwhile, with a man who will truly respect and bestow on her all her heart desires if she only got her head out of her ignorance.

Well what can I say after that? I truly loved The Other Duke by Jess Michaels. It was exciting and engaging, sexy and sensual, all things I just love. There were times when I just wanted to knock some sense into Serafina, much like her friend, Emma, tried a few times. Rafe is a dream hero, handsome, understanding and honorable along with a good sense of humor and passionate. The Other Duke by Jess Michaels held my attention until the very end as I was so eager to see both Rafe and Serafina finally have the HEA that they both deserved. 


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  1. Rafe does sound like a dream hero! This sounds good! Thanks for the review!