Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Cowboy's Christmas Promise: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance by Maggie McGinnis

As I lay awake in my living room finishing up the last words written by Maggie McGinnis in her latest book, A Cowboy's Christmas Promise, I glance at the clock and realize that in a few hours the birds with be singing outside my bedroom window and a few hours is all the sleep I'm going to get. I'm not worried though, because A Cowboy's Christmas Promise is totally worth the puffy eyes and yawns this morning. 

Hayley Scampini is a veterinarian with a thriving practice in Boston. If it weren't for the constant cat patients, she actually might enjoy her practice. When she takes some much needed time off to be in her friend, Kyla's wedding in the beautiful state of Montana, she not only returns to the majestic countryside and her friends, but also meets handsome veterinarian, Daniel McKee. As much as she likes what she sees, she also wants to run the other way, because her history with men and relationships is a big zero. From her own mother's relationship with men, she has gained a total mistrust of the opposite sex, especially since her step-father ran off with Hayley's step-sisters fifteen years before, leaving her bereft and without family to hold on to.

Widower and single father, Daniel McKee could no longer stay in Denver with the constant memory of the wife he lost to cancer tow years before. Taking his beloved twins to Montana and setting up shop as the local vet is giving his lonely life a bit of meaning while catering to all the needs of his beautiful little girls. Daniel loved his wife so much, that he is sure he will never find anyone to come close to share a relationship like he shared with her. Hardworking Daniel spends a great deal of time taking care of his equine patients and not enough time for himself, but at least he is back in the fold with his own people, family and friends, instead of the bitter mother-in-law determined to wreak havoc on his life with his girls.

Once introduced by the bride and groom though, Hayley and Daniel can't keep their eyes off one another and as much as they attempt to deny it, the sparks begin to fly. Not only do they admire each other's looks and demeanor, but they each admire the other professionally. Hayley loves all the work Daniel does with the horses and she yearns to be able to do the same, instead of cater to the feline population of Boston, but she made a promise to her uncle that she would take over his practice and she feels beholden to that promise. Daniel doesn't ever want to feel the loss of another loved one again, but shutting himself off from Hayley is not really working out the way he thought and Hayley's insistence she can't have a long lasting relationship begins to crumble. Can these two people who so obviously to everyone around them care for one another get their lives together and begin again? Or are they going to let the losses they have suffered rule their lives forever? 

A Cowboy's Christmas Promise by the fresh-voiced author by the name of Maggie McGinnis is a fabulous read. Both Daniel and Hayley have suffered losses that  change their perceptions and their outlooks on their futures, but with the help of two spunky little twins who never lack energy and a group of friends determined to see them happy, Daniel and Hayley begin to see the light. I love the promise of hope, the silly wedding theme which I will not mention, and the bet that brings Hayley back to Montana for Christmas and the HEA they both deserve. Ms. McGinnis is a wonderful writer who I cannot wait to read more from and since this was the first book I happily did read, I have grabbed her first book, The Accidental Cowgirl off the shelf, where it has been sitting since I received a copy of it at RT and am about to crack the spine ( I NEVER crack the spine, I gently open). I urge you to grab anything this author writes because she may make you cry, but you will end up with a smile when all is said and done.



  1. Looking forward to reading this book. Have to read Accidental Cowgirl first though.

  2. Look forward to reading this story.