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Hi all! I am so excited today to have the pleasure of having Laura Wright with us on Book Obsessed Chicks. I had the fortune of meeting Laura at RT in New Orleans and I must tell you, I adore this lady! Book Obsessed Chicks Book Club was introduced to Laura's work back in 2010 with ETERNAL HUNGER from her Mark of the Vampire Series, which the all the book club ladies enjoyed immensely. Now she has  her Western Romantic Suspense trilogy, The Cavanaugh Brothers with BRANDED out NOW and BROKEN coming out this Fall. A very big welcome to LAURA WRIGHT!

Hi Laura,
Thanks so much for joining the Book Obsessed Chicks and answering my questions.
Thanks so much for having me! J
My book club has been fans of yours since our early days and loves the progression of your work!  So great to hear!!
It was so lovely to finally meet you in person at #RT14 in New Orleans.  Backatcha!
There are a couple of things we would love to know: Shoot!

1.       For those readers not familiar with you, would you please tell us a bit about yourself?
Oh, lawd. Well, there’s Laura BW (before writing) and Laura AW (after writing). Laura BW was a professional ballroom dancer and actress. Laura AW is this strange combo of angel and vixen. OY VEY. And she never knows which side she should listen to. It gets her in all kinds of trouble. J She think that’s how she got started writing vampires. Very sexy, very dark, very emotional vampires. The vixen side forced its way out and demanded to be heard. Now, the angel side has taken over with her cowboys. (I hear some of you snortingJ) They keep her tame and sane. Except, of course, when they bring out the ropes and spurs… J
**Clearly, Laura AW likes talking in the 3rd person. Super annoying. (Laura BW apologizes)

2.       How did you get from Vampires to Cowboys? I am so not complaining since that’s the direction I went with my reading tastes.
I have such a ho-hum answer for this, but here goes:  I’ve just always wanted to write a sweeping ranch story with hot, rugged, full-of-manners cowboys. Originally I was going to set it in Colorado, but then Texas called to me. And I LOVE writing brothers.

3.       What attracted you to take this route with these men who are so outwardly tough, but inwardly vulnerable?
It’s what I love to read. Emotionally damaged men, with hard exteriors, forced to see themselves by a woman who is equally tough, and most times, equally damaged.

4.       What do you have in store for the Cavanaugh bothers? Yes , I am blatantly attempting to get spoilers J
The Cavanaugh brothers series centers around a past tragedy. The abduction and murder of the brothers’ sister. It broke every member of the family. Each book will delve into that mystery, while forcing each of the brothers to deal with their emotional hang-ups and fears. BROKEN stars James, my damaged horse whisperer who believes his existence brings about pain to the women in his life. Then in BRASH, Cole (the twin of the murdered sister) must fight both in the ring for a title (he’s a street fighter turned pro) and out of the ring for the truth of what happened all those years ago.

It’s definitely a rollercoaster of emotion and pain and love and lust. Just how I like it. J

5.       Who are your favorite authors? What are you reading?
Oh, there’s a million!! From JK Rowling to Karen Marie Moning to Jude Deveraux. Right now I’m reading an old favorite: MISTRESS OF MELLYN by Victoria Holt. I’m sure many of you read like I do…what mood am I in tonight? Danger, dark historical, light, fun comedy, sexy paranormal…

6.       When you aren’t writing, what do you do in your free-time… Providing there ever is any free-time..
Hahahahahahhahahaaaaa J Sorry. Free time. No. None. I’m writing all the time. So many series – so damn thankful to be writing them. I want to give my readers everything they’re craving. From more Mark of the Vampire to Bayou Heat to my NA series, Wicked Ink Chronicles.

However, I do LOVE gardening, playing with my kids, listening to KMM books on CD in my car and swooning again and again over Barrons..

7.       What’s next for Laura Wright?
Alexandra Ivy and I have a Bayou Heat book coming out late September. BROKEN will be coming out in October. Then 2015…holy cats! A bevy of romantic delightsJ

8.       Where will your fans be able to meet you this year and in the coming year?
Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be traveling much in 2015. I have so much work to do, and it’s my daughter’s final year before middle school and I want to be here for her. But we’ll see. I might be able to squeeze in something smallJ

BRANDED by Laura Wright is a mesmerizing mystery with a sizzling romance, thrown together to make a roller coaster ride of epic proportions.

Mackenzie Byrd is the foreman of the Triple C Ranch. When all the Cavanaugh boys left the ranch after the death of their sister, Cassie, Mackenzie's best friend, was taken into the Cavanaugh fold as one of the family. Everett Cavanaugh and his wife blamed their sons for not protecting Cassie when she disappeared and was subsequently found murdered. The Cavanaugh men, Deacon, James and Cole, all left the Triple C with bad feelings after their family was torn apart with the crime. Now years later, she has become an important part of the Triple C and has a personal stake in seeing the ranch flourish. 

Swoon-worthy and powerful, Deacon Cavanaugh is a successful businessman with an agenda, to destroy the Triple C Ranch. When he left, he never looked back. Now the patriarch, Everett has passed away and Deacon plans to ruin the Triple C are set. he now has to return and bring his brothers, James and Cole on-board with his plans. When he returns to see Mackenzie, a whole load of emotions sprout and they could potentially cause a kink in his plans. Mac, who had a crush on Deacon growing up, will do all she can to sway him from his plans. Not only she will lose a livelihood, but all the employees could be out of work.

Mac idolized the Cavanaugh patriarch, Everett. He took her in and treated her like one of the family after Cassie was lost to them, but Everett was not the man that Mac thought he was and when Deacon shows her the truth of it, Mac also is left with a dilemma of her own. Does she allow Deacon to take down the Triple C, or will she show him there is more to life than the revenge he has so deep in his heart? The chemistry between Mac and Deacon can either help or hinder the Triple C's future. 

I was quickly and completely drawn into the Cavanaugh's trials and tribulations and the search for Cassie's murderer. Deacon's quest to destroy his and his brothers' legacy is a compelling read. BRANDED by Laura Wright is a gripping mystery and well as a riveting romance. Laura Wright's characters are strong-willed, interesting and determined. Sexy, alpha Deacon has the world at his fingertips, but he could ruin a bright future if he doesn't let go of his past. Mackenzie a flourished on the Triple C. She is attractive, headstrong and devoted. Her childhood crush for Deacon thrives when Deacon returns. but will she lose herself and her independence by giving herself to this man? That's a question best left answered by reading BRANDED by Laura Wright.  Ms. Wright has taken Western Romantic Suspense a step further with her astounding gift for intrigue and romance. I eagerly await, BROKEN, which hopefully will get closer to solving Cassie's murder as well as seeing James and Cole more settled in their lives.



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  1. I really love Branded!:) And great interview!:)

  2. I have Branded but I've not read it yet. Enjoyed this post.

  3. Lori, you need to read it before BROKEN comes out!!!! MUST MUST

  4. Fabulous interview! I became a fan of Laura's through her Bayou Heat books and have been wanting to try out her other written works. I just got a hold of Branded through my library and HOT DAM WOW Loved it! I can't wait to get my hands on Broken. ^_^

    1. Thanks so much Angel GP... So happy you stopped by!!!

  5. I have been a fan of Laura since 2010 when I read Eternal Hunger.:)She is one of my absolute favorite authors!I´m looking forward Broken!I´m sure it will be emotional!:)

    1. Awesome to know Marie!!! Thank you for coming on over!!!

  6. I have not read her books yet but would love to, I love the covers..

  7. I love the Mark of the Vampire series & the Bayou Heat series. I've read snippets of the Cowboys series & have added them to my TBR list. Laura Wright is one of many authors I really love reading.

  8. Great interview! Looking forward to reading the series! Love the covers!

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  13. Looking forward to getting my hands on Laura's cowboys!

  14. I read BRANDED and loved it. I'm anxious for BROKEN. Love the way you write about emotions and feelings, your stories are so captivating, arresting.

    Do you have any plans for after the Cavanaugh Series is finished? Will you spend more time writing the MOTV series?