Monday, May 5, 2014

The Scoundrel's Seduction (House of Trent Book 3) by Jennifer Haymore 5/27/2014

Once again, I am floored by Jennifer Haymore's intrinsic ability to mesh, murder, intrigue and steamy romance into a little package called a novel. The House of Trent series is on the very top of my list as one of the best series I have ever read and I am so eager to see each and every Hawkins sibling have their day in the sun.

Sam Hawkins has been secretly working for years for the English government to protect the Regent and the crown against any harm foreign or domestic. His mission this time, is to eliminate the Earl of Duthorpe, who has been in league with the French against the English crown for many years. Upon the Earl's demise, Sam realizes there is a witness to his crime in the form of Lady Elise Dunthorpe, who had been hiding under a table while Sam did the deed. Discombobulated and angry with himself, Sam grabs the lady and takes her to await further instructions from his superiors.

The French born Elise has adopted England as her homeland and protective shelter. France was not good to her as she lost all she loved and cared for before fleeing with the friend Marie. Married in her tender years to the older Earl, the marriage was a fiasco. Elise was unable to bear the Earl an heir and she was treated poorly for it as well as being harangued for being French. Elise knew deep down that her husband was in league against his own country, but she couldn't prove it and when her husband finally meets his end, she is hardly the mourning widow.

Sam knows she must hate him for what she saw, she may even be involved in his nefarious plots against the crown. Then why is he so damn attracted to her? Sam has had a tumultuous life. Raised as a Hawkins, in the House of Trent, all bets are off when his mother disappeared over a year ago and the siblings find out that most are illegitimate. They scramble to discover the Duchess of Trent's whereabouts and even now, Sam and his brothers and sister are close to answers, but first Sam needs to take care of the issue of Elise. That becomes the most difficult of tasks, when he finds himself falling hard for the beauty who insists she is innocent of any wrongdoing other than not being sad the Earl is gone.

When order from high places make Sam choose a side he never thought he would, he and Pippa end up both on the run from both sides of the coin and almost on top of  the Duchess of Trent. Sam's hard choices and new discoveries change his life forever, will that life continue with Lady Elise or not?

So many questions answered and new beginnings! THE SCOUNDREL'S SEDUCTION by the impressive Jennifer Haymore is yet another notch in her belt of winners as far as I am concerned. Her unconventional take on romance attracts like a moth to a flame. Such an intriguing character, Sam gets to show the reader there is more to his illegitimacy and the heart this man has only draw one in deeper. Elise is refreshing as the woman finally free of her awful marriage and once she gets to taste what true passion is she grabs it by the horns and never lets go. Even when faced with the undeniable fact that her life could be forfeit at any time, she holds her head up and continues on with dignity.You never know what your going to get with Ms. Haymore, but you know it's going to shine. I happily recommend THE SCOUNDREL'S SEDUCTION and all of the previous reads in the House of Trent series by Jennifer Haymore. Disappointment is not a possibility.


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