Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Laura Foster left the desolation of her life and moved to Alder Gulch, where she finally felt a glimmer of hope that she had people that cared for her. She and her toddler son have wormed their way into the hearts and lives of her adoptive townspeople and she even has a protector in the form of Josiah McClintock, who has his own secrets and crosses to bear. Laura has not had it easy. Her young life has so much tragedy it's amazing how this woman can take it and not want to just lie down and cease living.

Josiah McClintock has been watching out for Laura since she came to Alder Gulch.There's just  something about her that make him constantly have her in mind. Laura cannot understand they whys of Josiah's interest. She's nobody, broken and alone but for her precious boy. Josiah has never told the occupants of Alder Gulch and it's surroundings the true facts of his life. He wonders if they knew, would they still accept him. He thrives on the day to day. He isn't afraid of hard work and there's just a peaceful quality about him that is attractive. Josiah watches his friends marry and have children and is torn about whether he wants the same for himself. Josiah knows that Laura still has nightmares of her life with Frank, who she is sure is dead. What if he isn't dead? What if Laura's leaving his home and seeking refuge with her sister and her family leads to more anguish? These things are never far from either Laura's, or Josiah's mind for that matter. 

When her nightmares become reality how will Laura survive losing all that she holds precious? It takes Josiah's staunch determination and his willingness to open his heart for Laura to realize she is better in this world instead of the next.

BLUE HORIZON by Hildie McQueen in the fourth novella in the Shades of Blue series or Western Romantic stories and it not for the faint of heart. BLUE HORIZON is a tear-jerker with so much feeling. There is tragedy and there is hope and understanding. Josiah and Laura are fabulous additions to the cast of characters in the Shades of Blue series. They stand on their own and are as unforgettable as is BLUE HORIZON.  I truly enjoyed this story and highly recommend it to all. Be prepared for some tears or sadness and then some of joy, something Hildie McQueen is so great at writing.


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