Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whispers in the Dark: KGI Series Book 4 by~ Maya Banks~

Shea Peterson is on the run from people who want her for her unusual abilities. She and her sister have separated to stay safe from those who wish to capture and probably hurt them for just being who they are. While evading capture, Shea becomes ultimately connected through mind and feelings to Nathan Kelly,  a soldier in captivity thousands of miles from Shea.

Tortured on a daily basis and constantly in pain, Nathan struggles to hold onto his sanity as well as his dignity. Just when he is about to give in and give up, he hears Shea's voice and equates it to that of an angel. Through her unique ability of telepathy, Shea gives Nathan hope to survive through his lowest hours, she even takes away some of his pain and aids from afar in his escape. As soon as Nathan is safe, Shea voice and aid inexplicably disappears from his life, leaving him hurt and confused.

Once free of his imprisonment and home within comfort and safety of the Kelly fold, Nathan tries to come to terms with whether Shea was real or a figment of his imagination. Time goes by and he is almost resigned to the possibility he will never hear her voice again when out of the blue her frantic message explodes in his mind.
Shea is real and she's in trouble, having been captured herself and miraculously eluding that capture, she is on the run once again, but this time she needs help. Nathan will do anything for the woman that saved his life and will not rest until he has her within his sights and in his arms.

I am a complete fan of the KGI series. Each and every book brings out such emotion, it's hard to put the books down though laughter and tears. Maya Banks is such a talented storyteller. With the Kelly Group International and the Kelly family itself, you feel like you are right in there along with them with how Maya writes. Whispers in the Dark has a slight paranormal feel with Shea's telepathic abilities, but Maya brings that feel into the "real" world. Telepathy is only a minute part of what Shea is to Nathan. To him she is his savior and his sanity. This is my favorite book of the series to date and each just keeps getting better. Whispers in the Dark  is already in my top ten for 2012. Thank you Maya for such a fabulous story that actually makes one wonder if Shea's ability could actually exist. I am a believer!


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  1. I'm so excited to read the latest installment. I love the first three. Thanks for the review Kimberly.

  2. Thanks Dawn... it really is awesome!

  3. This sounds like my kind of read. Congrats, Maya!

  4. I cant wait to read this book i love this series thanks for all the great reviews they help feed my reading obsession