Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Three Baers Book One: Baer Truth by Linda McMaken

Abby Clark is my kind of girl. Punk rocker (I used to be), purple hair (my favorite color) and a vegetarian ( Not for me). She is... or should I say WAS the back up singer in a Punk group until she was unceremoniously dumped off the tour bus in the sticks in Wyoming. Armed with only her orange colored stiletto pumps and a frown, she makes her way to a mom and pop diner where she is taken in and becomes the cook due to her wicked cooking skills. By the way, being a vegetarian in a cattle raising community has got to cause issues for Abby. 

Enter Joe Baer, super sexy rancher with a bad attitude. From minute one Abby rubs him the wrong way... or does she? Joe is about to lose his ranch to his nemesis and he is understandably angry about it. On top of that he does not trust a female as far as he can throw them due to his evil ex. Every single time Joe and Abby come into contact with each other leads to a mishap of epic proportions.

One evening at an open mic night that Abby attends with her new friends she is pushed to enter the contest to win some cash for her singing skills. When the all who hear her are enthralled another door opens with the possibility for Abby to make it big in  the world of country music. Does she really want to leave her new happier life and the budding relationship with Joe to become a country star? Will the gruff city girl with a potty mouth and the handsome cattle-rancher overcome their differences in time to realize that they are meant to be together? Oh come on... you didn't really think I was going to tell you did you? 

I really liked this story! Linda McMaken has a winner with the Baer Truth and I cannot wait to read the second book of this trilogy, the Baer Necessities which will be out this coming May. Linda knows how to pair humor and the seriousness of the story to make an awesome read.  This complete New York suburbanite went all out country girl for The Baer Truth! 


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4 Stars (Brilliant)


  1. This book sounds great, I love the fact that they are so different and are drawn together, they say opposites attract. Great review Kim.

  2. I love stories about the characters are so opposite of each other, it sounds like a funny romance book and who doesn't like a cowboy rancher story-a really good review! I don't have a kindle but hope its in paperback form so I can read it!

  3. Thanks for the review, Kim! Sounds great!