Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet Deception by Heather Snow

One thing you must know before I begin is that Heather Snow's females are brilliant. Liliana Claremont from Sweet Enemy is a chemist, a total geek with an awesome personality. In Heather's second book in her Veiled Seduction series, we have Emma Wallingford, who is all around awesome. Since her brother's stroke, she has been the town of Derbyshire's acting magistrate but only the town knows of this, because if outside finds out a female is magistrate it would not be a good thing. Emma is a mathematics genius among being intrigued with crime and forensics. 

Enter Lord Derick Aveline,  hasn't been back to his ancestral home in nearly a decade, but when he enters his home to find a rather dominating Emma directing the staff in the search for a missing housemaid, he is taken aback. You see, his memories of the girl he called Pygmy were nothing compared to the attractive woman he now sees, and from minute one, she confounds the wits out of him

Derick had not even wanted to go home, but for his last hurrah as a spy, he has been sent to return to his hometown and find a traitor in the midst, someone who was working for France. Derick has not had an ideal life.  English father, French mother, he has felt like an outsider, somewhat of a failure. He left home, ended up in a French prison and has spent his subsequent years in the business of espionage.Now eager to put that behind him, he ends up in Derbyshire in the sights of Liliana, who is quite the enigma.

Emma has been in love with Derick for so long. Even though he was gone for all those years, he wasn't far from her thoughts. She was just beginning to become immune to his memory when he reappears.Emma tries not to be that little Pygmy that Derick dubbed her all those years ago and when he finds she is a budding criminal investigator, he is intrigued and more than a little attracted. Unfortunately, Derick doesn't plan on lingering in Derbyshire, for all of its bad memories, namely the apparent suicide of his mother. 

When Emma and Derick find themselves smack in the middle of multiple murders, feelings become stronger and confusion abounds. Who is the traitor? Who is the murderer? Are they one and the same person? Will Derick overcome the ghosts of his past and stop blaming himself for all that has gone wrong in his life. Will he accept that he can love and be loved? So many questions like these are answered in Sweet Deception.

 This book has so many pluses... murder, mystery, intrigue and romance. I love the fact that Emma at first tries to deny her feelings for Derick, then she goes full speed ahead to try to ensnare him in her mysterious web. There are occasions when I would like to take a stick to Derick, but that feeling quickly disappears when the light-bulb finally goes off in his head. Taking two seemingly different people from two seemingly different backgrounds and throwing them together doesn't always work out, but when all unravels and underneath these are two are more similar than dissimilar, the fun begins!

Heather Snow has yet another winner with Sweet Deception. This story has all the machinations to keep you coming back for more, to help solve the mysteries and to root for the Emma and Derick I have been a fan of Heather Snow since Sweet Enemy and can't wait for more from this utterly talented lady.


Heather Snow's Website: http://www.heathersnowbooks.com/
Heather on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeatherSnowRW

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

Sweet Deception releases on  August 7, 2012
ARC provided by Publisher

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