Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Courage to Love by Samantha Kane


For Kate, being a social pariah seemed a small price to pay if she could keep her beloved niece safe. After her husband’s death left her in dire financial straits, she became one mans’ mistress after another. She went from being a member of the ton, to being that unsavory woman the genteel whispered about behind their gloved hands. Kate accepted her new life, even though she loathed herself. Until the last man to make her his mistress did so only for revenge, and he and his cronies did the unspeakable.
Jason and Tony have loved Kate for so long it killed them to watch her jump from one mans bed to another. When her husband Harry died, they thought she needed to sow her wild oats and stepped aside. Letting her experience what they thought she wanted, what she missed marrying so young.
But seeing her jump from one man to another, flitting from party to party always so happy and beautiful, knowing she would be going home with another man, sent them running to the continent.
When they finally got word she was free and had removed herself from the life as a rich man’s mistress they returned home, only to find a broken shell of the woman they loved.
Both men vowed to love her and marry her; however Kate wouldn’t allow them to sully their reputations by being seen with her. Even though their touch made her feel safe and alive again, she feared they’d change their minds when they found out what had happened that awful night.
With determination and a whole lot of seduction the two men set out to change her mind. In doing so they also found they were not only in love with Kate, but with each other and not in a brotherly way.

This story makes you fall hopelessly in love with the two heroes Jason and Tony and made you wish you were Kate. I found myself cheering for the love the trio makes inside the bedroom and out, and crying for the things poor Kate had to go through. Samantha Kane introduces so many wonderful characters it made me hope there were more stories to follow. Her writing gave a distinctive voice to each character she introduced making you impatient to read their stories, and you end up feeling like you know them personally.


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  1. Sounds like a very interesting story,and I'd like to see how the story ends.