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A little interview with Beth Williamson/Emma Lang

In honor of her latest book releasing tomorrow June 26, 2012, I wanted all the get a glimpse of the awesome Beth Williamson/ Emma Lang. I met her personally at last year's RAW in MD and LOVED her immediately.
Thank you Beth for being so open with me!!!

1. When did you know you wanted to write?
Third grade. Before that I spent so much time in my imagination, it likely hadn't occurred to me that I was a writer. Until my third grade teacher commented on my lovely poetry, and then the decision was made. Eight years old and I knew not only what I wanted to do, but who I was deep inside. A writer.

2.Did you find it difficult to get published?
I've written poems that were published, and worked as a newspaper reporter and technical writer. I guess that means I was published, but not really, y'know? I started to "write" romance novels back in 1995, although it took me about 8 years to write two books. The first one will never see the light of day. The second was THE BOUNTY, my first published romance novel. I've been lucky to have publishing contracts and I feel blessed to have all that I do. I'm not a NYT bestseller but I get to write what I love, and at the end of the day, that's worth more than anything.

3.Tell us a little about yourself and about Brody.
Ha! Well that's a tall order (no pun intended). I'm an average middle-aged mom, with two boys and a husband of more than 22 years. I live in North Carolina in a house I love and I work at a job I also enjoy. I love to write and read romances - they are my passion outside of my family.
Now for Brody, he is the Texas Ranger hero in my next release of the Circle Eight series. A big, brooding man with scars inside and out, a hard-ass who knows how to fight his way through anything. An alpha male that makes my heart flutter and get all goey inside.

4.What inspired you to write Matthew and Brody?
My editor asked me to create a new series based around a family and a ranch. I adore series romance and most of my books revolve around families, traditional and nontraditional. I picked the Republic of Texas as the backdrop to allow me to stretch my literary wings. From there I built the family of Grahams and then the ranger whose life would be intertwined with theirs.

5.Who was your favorite character to write and why?
Hm, this is a hard question but I'm going to have to say the best characters are the ones who evoke the biggest emotional reaction. I'd have to say Sarah from THE STRANGER'S SECRETS because she was my first disabled heroine. She'd endured an ocean of pain yet was stronger than anyone I'd ever written before.

6.What do your family and friends think about your choice of career?
Oh they're very proud of me. I have avid readers and supporters - even if they don't read the books, they buy them. LOL. I fly my flag proudly - never hiding the fact I write romance novels. Heck, my license plate reads RMNCWRTR. :)

7.On a personal note, what’s your favorite television show?
I'm torn between CASTLE and BONES. I totally *love* both of them but I am such a Nathan fan, I'm leaning toward CASTLE. He's fun, sexy and so damn entertaining. And yes, I'm a FIREFLY geek, too.

8.Who are your favorite authors? Favorite Book?
Some of my all-time favorite authors - Stephen King, Anne Rice (who was at RT and I missed her!), Elizabeth Lowell, Johanna Lindsey, Nora Roberts and Kathleen Woodiwiss (I'm so sad I never got to meet her). But then I have dozens of other authors I adore too. That question is really too hard to narrow down!
Favorite book? I'd have to say THE STAND by Stephen King for general fiction (I've read that 1200 page book 3 times) and for romance novels, it's a little HQ romance called TAMING THE WOLF by Deborah Simmons. That I've read at least ten times - it just speaks to me.

9.Do you have any role models? If so, who?
My dad is a role model. He is the person who taught me how to be a good, honorable person, to give up things for those you loved, and to do so without the need for accolades. He's my hero and my role model.

10.What’s your favorite holiday?
Christmas. I *love* to shop and I especially love to buy special gifts for people. Two of my favorite things - shopping and family.

11. Do you have any say in cover choice?
Depends on the publisher. For Samhain, definitely. Each author completes an art request form and we work through our editor to arrive at a cover we all love. I definitely had input into the style of CIRCLE EIGHT - a unique design that my editor and I thought up together and the talented art department at Kensington created. I think it's perfect!


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