Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Virgin Huntress by Victoria Vane

                Vesta is in London for her coming out.  She is a very outspoken girl and according to her godmother, very spoiled.  She always finds a way to get what she wants, even if she has to bribe others to get it.  She has her eyes set on her godfather’s brother. According to her it was love at first sight. She will do anything to make sure she gets him.
                Hew is a Captain who fought in the army and just recently returned to London.  He thinks that Vesta is a spoiled child who should be sent back to her father for discipline before she should be allowed to find a husband.
                Throughout the whole book, Vesta was completely determined to get what she wanted. I found it funny sometimes that she tried to be sweet and innocent when everyone knew she wasn’t.  It did surprise me when she went to her godfather for help. The one person who she was warned against seeing, the one who helped her the most.
                The way that she convinced Hew that he was her love was completely priceless. I think that in today’s world, there would be a lot of laughter involved when it was all over. I completely enjoyed that part of the book. It definitely proved that a woman, no matter from what time she is in, can get what she wants as long as she fights for it.
                The problem that I had with this book was that it started out a little slow. It did not completely suck me in like I thought it would. Overall the book was an interesting read for me. I do recommend reading the rest of the author’s books that has to do with this just so that you can keep up with the characters. I will definitely see about getting other books by this author to read.
                As I first started reading this, I didn’t think I would enjoy it. It started out differently than other historical romances that I have read.  In the end I did enjoy it.

Margaret W.
3 Stars (Excellent Read)

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