Thursday, June 21, 2012

Because of You by Jessica Scott

 Newly divorced, Sergeant First Class Shane Garrison is eager for his deployment to Iraq. After all, he is the one that all his men look to and look up to. He is a good man who feels he doesn't have much going for him after he allows his unfaithful ex have everything. 

On the eve of the deployment he is goaded into taking time out with the men and some of their wives and girlfriends at a bar. He reluctantly goes along. The last thing he was thinking about was meeting a woman who would spur his interest, but that's exactly what happened.

Jen St. John has been through her own bit of anguish and has scars to prove it. After her own marriage fails, she feels somewhat unworthy of love and the daily reminder of her scars are proof enough for her to hide behind. A nurse in the military hospital, Jen deals on a daily basis with soldiers and their life threatening injuries unbeknownst to them, she is somewhat able to relate to them.

When Jen accompanies her friend out to a bar the night before the friend's husband leaves for his deployment, she finds herself attracted to the handsome but intense Sergeant When the evening ends in a kiss that neither soldier knew was coming, it changes them irrevocably. 

Shane goes off to war with the constant reminder of that kiss while Jen remains on the home-front with it lingering in her mind. When the unthinkable happens and Shane is badly injured and sent to the very hospital Jen works, both must overcome their heartache and the ills that could make or break them.

I was very impressed with Because of You by Jessica Scott. Her first book, Because of You is gritty and honest. The reality that Jessica Scott may have lived through situations like this by way of her own military experience is daunting. This book has given me a greater respect for those you fight to protect our freedom as well as feel a sadness due to the trials and tribulations they must deal with on their own turf. It's not an in your face love story, it's subtle and cautious. Shane and Jen have more against them than the average couple and watching them work through their issues while trying to be productive and needed individuals in their daily lives is so refreshing. There are several back-stories going on that only add to the story and make one think, what's coming next. I eagerly await the release of the Jessica Scott's second book and recommend Because of You to all. 

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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