Tuesday, October 7, 2014

THE BOC'S REVIEW OF ~~BROKEN ( The Cavanaugh Brothers #2) by LAURA WRIGHT

Reunited  after so much tragedy, the Cavanaugh brothers have returned to River Bend, Texas and the Triple C Ranch to for Deacon and Mac's wedding. They also, after new clues come to light, go forward in the attempt to catch a killer, their sister Cass' killer.All three of the Cavanaugh boys were blamed by their parents for their beloved daughter's death. They weren't there to protect her when she went missing. Deacon, James and Cole's lived were turned upside down that awful day and years later, they still bear the sting of their parent's actions and the pain of never knowing who made their sister suffer.

James Cavanaugh has been penned the Horse Whisperer and he even has a Hollywood producer trying to get him on board for a reality show, but the handsome lover of Shakespeare wants no part of it. He instead wants a piece of Deacon's assistant, Sheridan O'Neil who, like him is relationship shy. 

Cool and elegant, Sheridan O'Neil, at first out of her element in River Bend, is quickly becoming comfortable in the small town where everyone knows each other. Well, she's comfortable until James is around. When Deacon leaves her in charge of business and at Mac's mercy for wedding planning, Sheridan soon realizes she can neither Mac, nor James at arm's length. The closer she gets to these two, the faster the carefully constructed wall of ice begins to thaw until she becomes caught in web of the Triple C and it's inhabitants.

When Sheridan is threatened and lands in the hospital due to a scheming contractor's attempt to cover his crimes, James is devastated that once again, he is unable to keep safe a woman he cares about. Seeing that Sheridan is skittish after her attack, James agrees that she move in with him. This is where everything comes to a head as Sheridan tries to break through James rough exterior while trying to keep herself in check. After all, she plans on leaving River Bend after Mac and Deacon's wedding. Ultimately, their close proximity to one another is something that can't hide the desire they have for one another. Once they throw caution to the wind and get naked, all bets on both sides are off.

Here we have a definite winner in the romantic suspense category. I simply loved BROKEN (The Cavanaugh Brothers #2) by the impressive Laura Wright. Her characters are all startling individuals who each add to the nuance of the tale. James is multi-faceted with his love for Shakespeare and his innate ability to sense what a horse is feeling, but be totally oblivious to Sheridan's feelings at the same time. Sheer writing brilliance on Ms. Wright's part. I love Sheridan, with her own set of rules and her going around Miss'ing and Mr'ing everyone to keep them from getting too close. The new rapport that the brothers have for each other and for those around them is both refreshing and  engaging.  Of course, I am waiting impatiently to find out who took Cass from the Cavanaugh clan and changed the dynamics of it forever. Read both BRANDED and BROKEN by Laura Wright today, you will not be sorry, in fact, you will fall quickly in love with these emotionally scarred men and the women who do what they can to heal them.