Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Giving in to requests to join the Christmas holidays at his cousin's home, after years of nixing the invite, Lucien Blakemore is pleasantly surprised to find that miss Winifred Nightingale has also been invited for the festivities along with her local school marm sister.  Lucien and Winifred are acquainted as neighbors. Lucien lives in the home next door to where Winnie is governess and the pair have always gotten on rather well.

As soon as Winnie, the governess and he sister, a teacher are introduced to the snooty guests who are all members of the ton, they suffer consistent snarky remarks and snubbing. Lucien will have none of it, and the man's attraction to Winnie finally comes to a head where he can no longer deny the spark that exists between them. 'Tis the season and Lucien and Winnie take full advantage of the mistletoe, so to speak, letting their feelings for one another come to light.

When an ill-bred acquaintance appears to cause trouble for both Winnie and Lucien, drastic measures must be taken to assure that Winnie remain safe. Lucien's protective side fully emerges and he gives in to his feelings for Winnie when he decides that she is all he needs to make his life complete. The only problem is, Winnie feels that she is too far below Lucien's social level for their relationship to work. Can someone please help this woman snap out of it?

ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS KISS by Manda Collins is a well written and fun novella with story. I adore when such a great tale is told in a novella but you come away completely fulfilled. This is definitely one of those stories. Grab ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS KISS by Manda Collins, you won't be disappointed. 



  1. I sure will be doing a lot of Christmas Romance reading this year, this story included.

  2. Looks like a cute story. Will have to check it out.