Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Release Day Review & Blog Tour: SCANDALOUS SUMMER NIGHTS (A Honeycote Novel, Book 3) by ANNE BARTON

I am so happy to be participating in this blog tour for author Anne Barton. She is one of my very favorite authors in the short time she has been writing her fabulous Honeycote Series. Anne Barton has a fresh voice and simply adore her writing. I hope you will give her reads a try.

The vivacious Lady Olivia Sherbourne has been in love with her brother's friend, James Averill since she was a girl. For ten long years she has pined away for him and when she finds that he will be leaving England to set out on an archaeological expedition to Egypt, she realizes her time is running out to tell him her feelings.

It's not that James has never noticed Olivia, she was almost always underfoot when he was in her brother's company. He considered her a friend, much like he did her brother, but because of his friendship with her brother, the Duke of Huntford, he never gave Olivia too much thought for fear of invoking Owen's wrath.

Olivia just can't hold back. There is so little time for her to get James to realize that he, in fact, is in love with her too. When faced with Olivia spilling her heart out to him, James simply can't ignore it, and a kiss becomes much more than it should. When Owen discovers his sister in a state of undress, in his friend, James' arms, there is no other choice but to insist they marry. This is what Olivia wanted, right? Hmmm well not exactly, because her conscience is working in overdrive as well as her heart, and she realizes that she wants James' heart as well, not just his honor.

Olivia's and James' path to love is a long-coming journey that is so worth the wait. The impetuous but well-meaning Olivia finally matures enough to discern the difference between infatuation and true love. Olivia puts poor James through the proverbial wringer with her ever-changing emotions, but this is the beauty in the chase. James has had his mind set on this two year long trip to Egypt, but having Olivia's attentions clouds his mindset with her beauty and determination. Will giving in to Olivia's machinations  rally be all that bad? Can Olivia set aside the guilt that creeps its way in, making her want to let her true love get away? You will have to grab Anne Barton's thrilling, Scandalous Summer Nights to find out.

Reading Anne Barton's Scandalous Summer Nights makes me want to grab the Honeycote novels and read them all again. I just love how this author tells a story. I feel like these characters are my friends and I have an investment in their happiness. Sometimes I want to hit a character over the head with a stick, and other times I just want to embrace them so tight. Such is the wonder of a story by Anne Barton and such is the brilliance of Scandalous Summer Nights. I hope you grab it and enjoy it as much as I did.


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