Friday, October 10, 2014

Tempted by Midnight (1001 Dark Nights, #10) (Midnight Breed #12.5) by Lara Adrian

Let me begin by saying that The Midnight Breed series, by the brilliant author, Lara Adrian, is hands down my favorite paranormal series of all time. It was this series and this author that began my journey into the realm of romance and who opened my eyes to a world I had not known existed before. Twelve and a half stories into the series and it's a comfortable old friend or one of the family. TEMPTED BY MIDNIGHT is no exception because it takes one of our old friends in the series, Lazaro Archer, who has suffered so much in the past and gives him a chance at a new life worth  living.

When Lazaro Archer lost his Breedmate and family to the evil Dragos, he blamed himself completely for not being there to save them. Now, twenty years later he is a hardened Breed enforcer keeping himself at arm's length from any kind of relationship with his own kind. He is dedicated to keeping the Order in check in Europe and nothing will sway him from his mission, until red headed trouble comes his way. 

Breedmate, Melena Walsh owes her life to Lazaro. Some twenty years ago, Melena was on the verge of drowning in a frigid lake when Lazaro Archer broke through the ice, went in and brought her to safety. She never forgot that. Now after the Breed have been made known to humans and a new fear being precipitated by the secret organization Opus Nostrum, Melena wishes to help her father broker peace. The goodwill abruptly ends when a missile takes out the yacht the talks were being held on and Lazaro once again saves the life of the former tomboy. 

Melena is a distraction for Lazaro, and the minute they set eyes on each other, the very air surrounding them promises to ignite with want and need. Very much a woman now, Melena will not deny the attraction to Lazaro, but he does everything he can to challenge that attraction. He never wants to be put in the same situation that took his family from him again, therefore he blocks whatever feelings he might have. Melena is no pushover though, once she sees that deep down, Lazaro feels just as strongly as she does, she will go after what she wants. Those glyphs don't lie.

When faced with this new danger possibly taking her life, one more time, will Lazaro stand up and take responsibility? Or will be run back to the safety net of the Order in Europe? Only by reading TEMPTED BY MIDNIGHT by Lara Adrian, will you find out.

What a difference twenty years makes. This novella is almost too hot to handle, a ticking time bomb of emotions that promises to explode. The more the sexy Gen One denies his feeling for Melena, the deeper he gets involved. I love Lazaro's evolution from when we first met him. He is quite the force to be reckoned with, and it takes the former tomboy to put him in his place. Melena is a great heroine who doesn't cower to all the Breed machismo. When Lazaro gets in her face, she gives it right back to him. Ms. Adrian has taken this story that begins  decades ago with a tragedy and morphed it into not only a tribute to the Breed of the past, but a perfect HEA. 


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